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Complete XenoAlien CodexFleet Ship

Author: Franken Kesey (talk)
Contributors: Eiji-kun
Date Created: 03/26/2011
Status: Fin
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Bot Subtype[edit]

Invented by Octoxeno to help compensate for there frail bodies. Bots are mindless aberrations and constructs, that have been built for a specific task, and have multiple modes of servitude.


A bot possesses the following traits (unless otherwise noted in a creature’s entry).

Bot Traits: Bots, even organic and aberrant bots, have an amount of resistance to normally organic threats, and share many construct traits.

Manual Operation (Ex): You can "push" a bot to perform actions it does not know by assuming direct control of its functions. This acts like operating a bot normally, but you must succeed on a DC 25 Knowledge Xeno or Program check to perform the unknown task as a full round action. The functionality of the bot may prevent it from being capable of performing certain tasks.

Mindless (Ex): Bots have no Intelligence scores of their own. However, if run in manual operation they are considered to have the mental scores, initiative, and skills of their operator (if better).

Operate Bot (Ex): Every bot comes with a series of pre-programmed commands it can follow, not unlike tricks for animals. To operate a bot, you must give the appropriate command in a way the bot is capable of accepting (sometimes a vocal command, but it can also be a keyboard command or connection to another device), and succeed on a DC 10 Knowledge Xeno or Program check to start the system as a move action. Once active, it remains active until you disconnect or shut down the bot.

Alter Programming: You can use the Program skill to add, subtract, or change what pre-programmed commands a bot knows. How many programs a bot can use is specified in the creature entry, but by default it is 3 programs, plus an additional program for every point of Wisdom bonus the bot normally possesses.

The following are common programmed commands, though not an exclusive list.

Attack: The bot is capable of using what means it has available to it to attack. It will attack all living creatures or objects without difference unless also paired with the identify creature or identify object commands, or commanded to specifically focus on a single creature or object.

Calculate: The bot is capable of calculating large numbers and logical puzzles, displaying the results on whatever output methods it possesses.

Collect: The bot is capable of following and collecting a specific creature or object, moving it to a pre-determined location. If equipped with identify creature or identify object, it can collect a class of creatures or objects such as "all halflings" or "all gold objects" rather than a specific instance of a creature or object.

Communication: The bot is capable of complex communication, understanding text or speech like a person rather than specific command phrases. This can be taken twice; the first time results in a stilted and obviously robotic communication. The second is more humanoid in its conversation, able to understand things such as "metaphors" and intention.

Identify Creature: The bot is capable of using its sensory organs to identify the difference between different living creatures, allowing you to give commands to include or exclude different creatures from another command (such as attack, communicate, or search). It does not include non-living or undead creatures, which are ignored.

Identify Object: The bot is capable of using its sensory organs to identify the difference between different objects and nonliving or undead creatures, allowing you to give commands to include or exclude different objects from another command (such as attack, communicate, or search). This allows you to attack other nonliving or undead creatures, or attack specific objects.

Job Function: The bot receives a +10 racial bonus to a specific Profession skill, and can perform all tasks required for that Profession. However, it does not know tasks outside of this profession. This can allow a bot to perform something complex, such as building a car, but be completely befuddled by having the same bot attempt to cook.

Mimic: The bot can observe a creature perform an identical task at least 20 times and can then duplicate said task effortlessly, using the same skill bonus and abilities as the creature it observed. It follows the routine perfectly, making it suitable for skill checks but not so for attacking, because while one can mimic an expert sword fighter, any major variance in the situation will cause it to be unable to mimic correctly. Mimic can duplicate extraordinary abilities but not supernatural or spell-like, and mimic base attack bonus but not ability scores or damage. A bot can store up to it's Wisdom modifier (minimum 1) in mimicked actions in reserve and duplicate them on command, provided it is in the correct situation to perform them. This is sometimes used in place of the Work command as you can have them mimic an expert, but requires very specific environment. Mimic only functions if the bot is duplicating something of similar overall body structure as it.

Protect: The bot is assigned to the protection of a specific creature of object, and will do whatever actions it is capable of to ensure the preservation and safety of said creature or object. With identify creature or identify object, this can apply to an entire class of creatures or objects such as "all members of this company" or "all of the spare parts".

Reposition: The bot is capable of repositioning itself on command, either following orders to relocate to another area, to follow a creature, or to hold position. It also gives them the ability to follow pre-programmed routes, even complex routes.

Search: The bot is capable of using its sensory abilities to look out for a specific creature, object, or event, and react with another programmed response, such as activating an alarm or attacking.

Self-Preservation: Most bots have no sense of self-preservation. With this command the bot will make attempts to preserve itself. It usually comes with the caveat of self-preservation up to the point of where humanoids come to harm, though it can also be set to self-preserve itself at all costs.

Sort: The bot is capable of sorting through large piles of materials or creatures, creating inventory, and sorting them. This is often paired with collect command to be able to search for and then sort materials. It is also able to keep records of materials in cause of audit.

The following creatures have the bot subtype:

Creature Entry CR Type and Subtypes Description
Accel XLV-5 Autocycle 6 Construct [Bot, Vehicle]
Amarok AL-04a Attack Hound 12 Construct [Bot]
Aran-388 Hunter Starship 15 Construct [Bot, Vehicle]
Arup TA-2 Drone Transport 8 Construct [Bot, Vehicle]
Asclepius-1928 Medibot 9 Construct [Bot]
Athanas-1923 Autonomous Bulldozer 5, 11 Construct [Bot, Vehicle]
BigDog-2005 Robotic Mule 1, 2 Construct [Bot]
Binesi AL-05a Drone Fighter 8 Construct [Bot]
Boubaball 1/4 Construct [Bot, Psionic]
Buster MW-10 Ride Armor 4 Construct [Bot, Vehicle]
Centipede-99 All-Terrain Miner 7, 3, 8 Construct [Bot]
Crescendo 2, 3, 1 Construct [Bot]
Crimping Crawler 6 Aberration [Bot]
Digger-360 Autonomous Backhoe 5 Construct [Bot, Vehicle]
Djadokhta AL-06c Anti-Personnel Hunter 7 Construct [Bot]
Drebbel-1562 Submarine Hunter 13 Construct [Bot]
Eyes of Orz 12 Construct [Bot, Extraplanar]
Falcon 9 10 Construct [Bot, Vehicle]
Fenrir AL-04c Attack Hound 6 Construct [Bot]
Gebhardt-1916 Autonomous Mixer 3 Construct [Bot]
Heine-1830 Autonomous Chain Trencher 9 Construct [Bot]
Hellbore-25 Autonomous Tank 13 Construct [Bot, Vehicle]
Heracles-216 Heavy Loader 4 Construct [Bot]
Hooligan-19 Automated Laser League Football Player 5 Construct [Bot]
Ironman-163 Heavy Combat Android 15 Construct [Bot]
Ivan-T70 Combat Droid 4 Construct [Bot]
Juno-15 Unarmed Combat Android 6 Construct [Bot]
Jupiter-9 Autonomous Railgun 26 Construct [Bot]
Kayespi-2 Aero Bike 4 Construct [Bot, Vehicle]
Lizbot 5 Aberration [Bot, Shapechanger]
Locusta MX-7 Drone Fighter 5 Construct [Bot]
Longbow-64 Autonomous Attack Chopper 15 Construct [Bot, Vehicle]
Martina TBM-130 Tunnel Bore 13 Construct [Bot]
MowBot-1969 Lawnmower 2 Construct [Bot]
Murphy-3 Robotic Law Enforcer 9 Construct [Bot]
Myobite-6 Microbot Swarm 11 Construct [Bot, Swarm]
N-19 Combat Robot 8 Construct [Bot]
Nixie-1080 Cam Drone 1/4 Construct [Bot]
Noh-15 Assassin 4 Construct [Bot]
Percy TD-20 Skycrane 7 Construct [Bot]
Proteus MX-440 Modular Exo-Suit 4 Construct [Bot, Vehicle]
Quint-1901 Autonomous Fire Engine 7 Construct [Bot, Vehicle]
Reaper-1826 Autonomous Combine 11 Construct [Bot, Vehicle]
Replicant Human 3, 1/2 Humanoid [Bot, Human, Psionic]
Rex AL-06a Mobile Launcher 19, 23 with pilot Construct [Bot, Vehicle]
RinLen-1910 Autonomous Steamroller 5 Construct [Bot, Vehicle]
Scara-1981 Welding Arm 3 Construct [Bot]
Scarab Monarch 4, 6, 8 Construct [Bot, Siege]
Schaft-6006 General Purpose Robot 1 Construct [Bot]
Schaft-93 Toy Robot 1/4 Construct [Bot]

... further results

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Invented by Octoxeno to help compensate for there frail bodies. Bots are mindless aberrations and constructs, that have been built for a specific task, and have multiple modes of servitude.
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