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Author: Spanambula (talk)
Date Created: 27 June 2015
Status: done
Editing: no
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Made by some less-than-reputable crafter and sold for lower prices, knock-offs can be either sought out purposefully by the adventurer on a budget or purposefully sold by crafty merchants attempting to pass them off as the real deal. They appear to be identical to a normal item, requiring a DC 20 Appraise check to spot the minute differences.


The creator must have 4 ranks in the appropriate craft skill.


Knock-offs cost 25% less than their normal versions for both base and market prices, and enhancing them with non-numeric bonuses costs 25% less than normal as well. However, all knock-offs have a 20% chance of not functioning every time they are used. If such a malfunction occurs, the action used to activate the item is wasted and any charge that would have been expended is still expended (such as a wand of cure light wounds, or a belt of healing). If the item's use is automatic (such as extra fire damage from a flaming weapon), the flaming quality simply is not added for that attack, and any other effect that would depend on the flaming enhancement (such as flaming burst) is likewise not added.

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