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Lizardfolk Overview

Lizardfolk are a species in 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons.
For full description see Monster Manual (5e)

Unofficial Description[edit]

Lizardfolk are a sentient, humanoid, reptilian species. In 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons, they are both a race and monster.Lizard-like humanoids.

Lizardfolk Articles[edit]

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Lizardfolk as Monsters[edit]

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LizardfolkOverviewHumanoid, Lizardfolkvaried
Lizardfolk CommonerHumanoidLizardfolk151/450NeutralMediumGhosts of Saltmarsh
Lizardfolk King/QueenHumanoidLizardfolk7841,100Chaotic EvilMediumMonster Manual (5e)
Lizardfolk LiberatorHumanoidLizardfolk10551,800NeutralMediumRlyehable
Lizardfolk RenderHumanoidLizardfolk523700NeutralLargeGhosts of Saltmarsh
Lizardfolk ScaleshieldHumanoidLizardfolk321200NeutralMediumGhosts of Saltmarsh
Lizardfolk ShamanHumanoidLizardfolk272450NeutralMediumMonster Manual (5e)
Lizardfolk SubchiefHumanoidLizardfolk523700NeutralMediumGhosts of Saltmarsh


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