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Phoenix Ash
Campaign Setting
Author: Rlyehable (talk)
Date Created: 2017-07-10
Status: In progress
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Rules Dependency
The Phoenix Ash rules are dependant on the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition System Reference Document (SRD-OGL v5.1), or SRD5. The following rules will parallel these rules and note differences between them.

Determine Ability Scores[edit]

Ability scores represent the untrained potential of various aspects of a creature. From physical strength to mental acuity. There are seven ability scores. Strength (Str), Dexterity (Dex), Constitution (Con), Intelligence (Int), Wisdom (Wis), and Charisma (Cha). There are also two gestalt ability scores; Physical Gestalt (PG) and Mental Strength (MS) These are each represented by a number that ranges from 1 to 30. Most characters will have a range between 8-20.


Main article: SRD5:Strength

Str is a measure of muscular might. An abstraction of how much you can lift, push, or pull. PS contributes to how well you do in melee. The skill associated with Str is Athletics


Main article: SRD5:Dexterity

Dex is a measure of agility and reflexes. An abstraction of how well you can dodge and manipulate objects. Dex contributes to how well you do when attacking at range with weapons. The skills associated with Dex are Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand, and Stealth.


Main article: SRD5:Constitution

Con is a measure of your fitness at full health and your endurance. An abstraction of how much damage you can take, how quickly you heal, how long you can run, or hold your breath. There are no skills associated with Con. Your constitution score (and by extension, modifier) will affect your hit point maximum and hit points. It also affects recovering hit points when you rest.


Main article: SRD5:Intelligence

Int is a measure of your ability to learn and retain information as well as your ability to reason. The skills associated with Int are History, Investigation, Nature, and Technology


Main article: SRD5:Wisdom

Wis is a measure of your insight, intuition, and determination. The skills associated with Wis are Animal Handling, Insight, Medicine, Perception, Survival


Main article: SRD5:Charisma

Cha is a measure of persuasiveness and power to inspire. The skills associated with Cha are Deception, Intimidation, Performance, Persuasion

Gestalt Abilities[edit]

Physical Gestalt[edit]

PG is a measure of your overall physical condition.

Mental Gestalt[edit]

MG is a measure of your willpower and psychic power (if you have mental mutations).

Ability Score Generation[edit]

There are several ways to generate ability scores. Your Game Master (GM) will let you know which way(s) is appropriate for his game.

Standard Matrix[edit]

Using the standard matrix, your ability scores (before any adjustment) is 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, & 8. You may choose which score to put into which ability score (Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha).

Point Buy[edit]

This section is not finished. Some values are placeholders.

Each character starts with 27 points and purchases a score for each ability (Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha). Minimum ability scores for Humanoids is 8. Maximum ability score for a Humanoid is 22, and other classes 25. Although common sense should be used; i.e. a sentient mouse (tiny) should not have a 20 strength; etc.

Ability Score Point Cost Ability Score Point Cost Ability Score Point Cost
1 -7 11 3 21 +5
2 -6 12 4 22* +6
3 -5 13 5 23 +6
4 -4 14 7 24 +7
5 -3 15 9 25* +7
6 -2 16 11 26 +8
7 -1 17 13 27 +8
8 0 18 16 28 +9
9 1 19 19 29 +9
10 2 20* 21 30 +10

Roll for Ability Scores[edit]

For each ability score roll 3 six sided dice (d6). Add the dice together to get the ability score. Once you have all 6 ability scores, arrange the scores as desired (Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha).

Gestalt Ability Scores[edit]

Physical Gestalt is the average of Str, Dex and Con ability scores (rounded up).
Mental Strength is the average of Int, Wis, and Cha ability scores (rounded up).

Species and Mutation Modifiers[edit]

Species and mutations may change these ability scores.

Ability Modifiers[edit]

Each ability score has an associated modifier. The ability modifier, as its name implies, is added to or subtracted from the result of other dice rolls in the game. The modifiers are as follows:

Ability Score Ability Modifier Ability Score Ability Modifier Ability Score Ability Modifier
1 -5 11 +0 21 +5
2 -4 12 +1 22 +6
3 -4 13 +1 23 +6
4 -3 14 +2 24 +7
5 -3 15 +2 25 +7
6 -2 16 +3 26 +8
7 -2 17 +3 27 +8
8 -2 18 +4 28 +9
9 -1 19 +4 29 +9
10 +0 20 +5 30 +10

Building Kalor

Sue decides to take the standard matrix. Sue states that Quim lean more toward the physical than mental side of the balance. So she assigns 15 (+2) Str, 13 (+1) Dex, and 14 (+2) Con, resulting in a Physical Gestalt of 14 (+2). She assigns 8 (-1) Int, 10 (+0) Wis, and 12 (+1) Cha, resulting in a Mental Strenght of 10 (+0). The 14 Con will add 2 hit points to Kalor’s hit point maximum, giving her 10 starting hit points (8+2=10). These ability scores may change when the Quim species is further defined and as the character progresses.

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