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Author: Foxwarrior (talk)
Date Created: 11/27/11
Status: Armadillo
Editing: If the edit is good, don't hesitate.
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Pictorial Mirror[edit]

Pictorial Mirror
Price: 20000 gp
Caster Level: 16
Aura: Strong Conjuration
Weight: 40 or more pounds

This mirror looks perfectly normal, until someone enters it from inside, or reinterprets it.

This is a mirror, at least 4 feet wide and 6 feet tall. However, unlike a normal mirror, this mirror also counts as a picture, so every visible thing on the real side has an illustrated version on the other side. The illustrated versions appear to act like the real versions until reinterpreted or otherwise affected. Thus, a creepy scene where the viewer turns into some horrible monster may be easily created by an invisible demon inside or outside the mirror, reinterpreting all the reflections as doppelgangers.

Any divergence from the real side is reset as soon as there are no non-illustrated creatures observing the mirror scene from either side, although non-illustrated objects or non-illustrated creatures (who are somehow incapable of observation) still existing within the mirror scene may cause it to diverge again as soon as it resumes being observed.

The Pictorial Mirror can be fit into a frame, and gain the properties thereof.

Prerequisites: Craft DC 40, Autohypnosis DC 50. Failure results in half of the materials (but not XP) being lost. Tome of Prowess Version: DC 35, rank 10 Concentration check.
Cost to Create: 10000 gp, 800 EXP, 20 days.

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