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Author: Spazalicious Chaos (talk)
Date Created: 1/6/2012
Status: filing returns
Editing: is now your job
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Prepared Scribe [General] You are so good at your job, you are the Chuck Norris of accountants!Prerequisites: Sleight of Hand 4 ranksBenefit: The benefits of this feat scale with your Sleight of Hand ranks.

  • 4 ranks: At any given moment in time you have ink and an ink pen on your person. Even a full search and stripping cannot rid you of these items. You also count as having the Quick Draw feat when equipping an ink pen, spellbook or scroll.
  • 8 ranks: You gain proficiency with the ink pen, spellbook and scroll. An ink pen functions as a dagger with ink poisoning (Fort DC 11, Primary/Secondary sickened 1d4 rounds), a spellbook deals 1d8 bludgeoning damage with a x3 critical, and a scroll deals 1d6 bludgeoning or slashing damage with a 19-20/x2 critical. In addition, you count as having a full base attack bonus progression when using these weapons.
  • 12 ranks: You may write up to 500 words as a swift action. If you have the materials on hand and meet the prerequisites, you may use Scribe Scroll as a full round action.
  • 16 ranks: Any pen you have counts as adamantine for purposes of hardness and defeating damage reduction. As a move action, you may produce a silver or cold iron pen.
  • 20 ranks: You pen's ink poisoning now has a Fortitude DC equal to 10+ your ranks in Sleight of Hand, and lasts an equal number of rounds.

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