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Heroes of Steel
System: SAGA 
Abbreviation: — 
Author: Skip Williams 
Publisher: TSR 
Item Code: 1150 
Publication Date: 1996 
ISBN-10: 0786905395 
ISBN-13: 978-0786905393
Product Blurb

In the perilious dawn of the Fifth Age, power - and survival - often depends on a hero's sharp sword and stout shield, wielded with determination and skill.

Heroes of Steel introduces you to these figures of strength and courage, offering hints for playing warriors on an adventure that pits against a horrifying new menace. Inside this box, the warrior's handbook Night and Day presents information for the fighting men and woman of Ansalon, including:
Roles for warriors, such as mercenary, the rogue knight, and more!
Histories and descriptions of the Knights of Solamnia and the Knights of Takhisis, plus an introduction to the new Legion of Steel.
Expanded rules for conducting battles, as well as plenty of new weapons.
Also in Heroes of Steel the Rising Storm, an adventure that sets in motion an epic struggle for the dominance of Krynn: Dragons of a New Age. The heroes's journey to uncover the new threat facing Ansalon can link with events in the DRAGONLANCE: FIFTH AGE novel The Dawning of a New Age, by Jean Rabe. A beautifully illustrated full-color poster map details western Ansalon, which the heroes explore in their quest.
Whether Knight or mercenary, war-sorcerers or yeoman, Krynn needs the strength of its warriors to conquer the Evil abroad in the Fifth Age.
Heroes of Steel uses the SAGA dramatic adventure rules introduced in the DRAGONLANCE: FIFTH AGE boxed set.

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