Pushback (3.5e Feat)

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Author: Sulacu (talk)
Date Created: September 18, 2010
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Pushback [General] "My power will not be denied!"Prerequisites: Combat Casting, Concentration 10 ranks, Psicraft or Spellcraft 10 ranks.Benefit: Whenever you fail a Concentration check to maintain a spell or power currently being cast due to damage or adverse conditions, you may attempt to hold onto it by extending its casting time to one round. Such a spell or power is effectively 'pushed back'; the spell will take effect at the start of your next turn.

Creatures that successfully identify a pushed back spell or power are better prepared to deal with its effects, gaining a +2 circumstance bonus to any saves against it.

This feat can only be used with spells or powers that take a standard action to cast and can be invoked only once per casting, applying to a single failed Concentration check. Any subsequent failed checks still cause the spell or power to be lost.

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AuthorSulacu +
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PrerequisiteCombat Casting +, Concentration 10 ranks + and Psicraft or Spellcraft 10 ranks. +
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SummaryAllows a disrupted spell or power to be retained by lengthening its casting time. +
TitlePushback +
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