Quick Poison (3.5e Maneuver)

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Author: Luigifan18 (talk)
Date Created: November 21, 2012
Status: Needs review
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Quick Poison
Organic Repast (Boost)
Level: 1
Initiation Action: Swift
Range: Personal
Target: Your weapon
Duration: Instantaneous
You quickly dip your weapon in your poison vial. The poison sticks to the weapon as though you'd spent an hour carefully slathering it on.

As part of this maneuver, you apply a poison to your weapon. You must have the poison to be applied on hand when you initiate this maneuver, or the maneuver fails and is wasted.

If you are xenotheric, you can take 1 point of bio-energy drain to generate a poison within your own body and instantaneously apply it to the weapon. If your body would actually be capable of generating the poison in question (for example, you are some sort of spider or poison-dart frog... okay, actually, that your creature description indicates that you can use the poison in some sort of creature-intrinsic attack), you only pay a bio-energy charge (it is not drained). Either way, this maneuver is a supernatural ability when used in this fashion.

You cannot use this maneuver to generate a poison that you cannot otherwise naturally produce unless its save DC is equal to or less than your initiator level plus 10. If using the Better Poison Implementation rules, use the poison's base DC (not the creature DC) to determine whether or not you can generate it with this maneuver.

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