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Author: Luigifan18 (talk)
Date Created: November 12, 2015
Status: In progress
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Rhiannon Ventus

CR 16

Female Human wind mage 16
CN Medium Humanoid
Init/Senses +4/Listen +3, Spot +3
Aura Wind Aura (SR 26 vs. [Air] effects and gas-related spells (ex. stinking cloud))
Languages Common, Elven, Sylvan, Minish, Auran
AC 14, touch 14, flat-footed 10; Tornado Cloak (+32 deflection AC while active)
(+4 Dex)
hp 62 (16d6−16 HD)
Immune sleep, poison, stunning, paralysis, does not need to breathe, does not need to sleep, does not need to eat
SR/Resist 26 (only applies to [Air] effects and gas-related spells (ex. stinking cloud))/critical hits (50% fortification)
Fort/Ref/Will +4/+14/+13
Speed 80 ft.; fell flight (fly 80 ft. (good))
Ranged auran high-frequency Wind Bullet +16 touch (16d4 damage plus 15 feet pushback w/forced AoO provocation)
Space/Reach 5 ft./5 ft.
Base Atk/Grp +12/+12
Special Actions Wind Bullet, Invocations, Wind Catapult
Invocations Known (CL 18th ([Air] effects), 16th (non-[Air] effects)):
Least—bane of balance (DC 23), eldritch spear[1], 2 more
Lesser—fell flight[1], repulsor gale, wind blast (DC 23)
Greater—eldritch cone[1] (DC 23), 1 more
Abilities Str 11, Dex 18, Con 9, Int 16, Wis 17, Cha 20
SQ Air Focus, Tornado Cloak, Greater Air Power, Fast Movement (+50 ft.), Wind Without Air, Wind Aura, Elemental Body
Greater Wind Bullet As a wind mage, Rhiannon's primary means of attack is her wind bullet, which is a ranged touch attack with a range of 60 feet. Her wind bullet does 16d4 damage and pushes the foe back 15 feet if it connects. The forced movement from Rhiannon's wind bullet causes the victim to provoke attacks of opportunity from all of its enemies whose threatened spaces it passes through, other than Rhiannon herself. The wind bullet is a spell-like ability, caster level 18th (including the +2 increase from Air Power), spell level 8th. Spell resistance applies to each bullet separately.
Air Focus Rhiannon adds her wind mage class levels (16) to the caster level, initiator level, manifester level, or meldshaper level of any [Air] spells, maneuvers, powers, and soulmelds she knows. Or, rather, she would, if she actually knew any spells, maneuvers, powers, or soulmelds; as a mono-classed wind mage, she doesn't actually have any such abilities. However, all [Air] spells and powers are considered to be on her class list for the purpose of creating and activating magic items, such as wands and scrolls.
Tornado Cloak As a wind mage, Rhiannon can call upon the wind itself to protect her. As an immediate action, Rhiannon can conjure up a shroud of high-speed winds to cover her like a cloak. This shroud acts like a full-body suit of armor (but without an armor check penalty), granting Rhiannon a +32 deflection bonus to AC by literally blowing incoming attacks off-course. However, this attack interference goes both ways; the tornado cloak blows Rhiannon's attacks off-course, too, causing her to take a −6 penalty to attack rolls, and it's also rather loud, causing her to take a −6 penalty to Move Silently checks. Most wind mages would also find it impossible to make precise attacks with a tornado cloak active, but Rhiannon is skilled enough to work around it... somewhat. If Rhiannon threatens a critical hit with her tornado cloak active, there is a 50% chance that the critical hit will not actually be a critical hit (rolled after and separately from fortification). Other precision-based attacks, such as sneak attacks, also suffer from a 50% failure chance while the tornado cloak is active (though Rhiannon is not actually capable of making sneak attacks, making this a moot point). This applies regardless of whether the attack in question is physical or magical. The tornado cloak can be deactivated as an immediate action.

While the tornado cloak does offer a massive deflection bonus to AC, that is literally all it does. It offers no protection from attacks that don't require attack rolls, such as a dragon's breath weapon.

Invocations As a wind mage, Rhiannon is capable of learning and using wind mage invocations. Invocations are spell-like abilities that can be used at will (though Rhiannon must still pay any gold and XP costs), and they are affected by arcane spell failure in medium and heavy armor and with shields. Invocations do not provoke attacks of opportunity unless otherwise noted. Invocations come in three types: shapes, which alter the shape and spread of the wind bullet class feature; essences, which augment the wind bullet class feature with a rider effect; and invocations, which duplicate spells or have other, sometimes longstanding effects. All saving throws against invocations are Charisma-based, and even if Rhiannon hits a creature with the same invocation two or more times in a single round, it only needs to make saves as though it had been hit once. Rhiannon's invocations are listed within her stat block.
Elemental Summoning As a full-round action usable once per day, Rhiannon Ventus can summon a creature with the [Air] subtype with a CR of 8 or less. This behaves like a summon monster spell, except that the duration is 16 hours.
Fast Movement Rhiannon Ventus moves with the quickness of the wind itself. Compared to most humans, she can move 50 feet further with a single move action.
Windy Weapon All weapons Rhiannon wields, including her wind bullet, are bestowed with the auran[2] and high frequency enhancements.
Greater Air Power Rhiannon Ventus's caster level and save DCs are increased by +2 for all [Air] effects she generates, including her wind bullet, invocations, and wind catapult. (Air Power's caster level and save DC boost also affects spells, powers, maneuvers, and soulmelds, but Rhiannon doesn't have any of those.)
Wind Without Air Generally, it's not possible to manipulate the wind when there's no air around to begin with. For Rhiannon, however, this isn't a problem. As an experienced wind mage, she can produce enough air for not only herself (not that she needs to breathe), but up to sixteen other Medium-sized creatures to survive indefinitely (if a bit uncomfortably). This also enables her to use [Air] effects even in environments that would otherwise suppress them, such as a strongly earth-dominant area or a total vacuum. However, this ability only provides protection from hazards relating to a lack of air, such as suffocation and decompression. It provides no protection against other hazards of compressed spaces or vacuums, such as being crushed or low temperatures. It also doesn't prevent a creature from suffocating due to air not being able to enter its lungs in the first place (such as being strangled) or its respiratory system shutting down (such as cadence of the last breath).
Elemental Body Rhiannon is so in-tune with the wind that she bears several of the traits of an air elemental. She is immune to sleep, poison, stunning, and paralysis, and has 50% fortification. She also does not need to eat, breathe, or sleep.
Wind Aura Rhiannon can manipulate winds regardless of their source. She effectively grants spell resistance 26 to herself and all allies within 30 feet, but only against [Air] effects or effects that involve the manipulation of gas or wind (such as stinking cloud, scalding wind, etc.). If an opponent fails to breach this spell resistance, Rhiannon takes control and can shape the wind/gas as she sees fit, placing holes, channels, and other parts of safety and suppressing winds and harmful gases completely while in the aura. Winds and gases so suppressed return once out of range of her aura if their duration has not expired.

Mundane winds and harmful gases can be manipulated this way, automatically failing against the spell resistance as they have no caster level. (Note that an area that's completely filled with some non-oxygen, non-noxious gas, such as carbon dioxide, doesn't count as "harmful gas" for this purpose; while it may be harmful to creatures in the area, that's not the fault of the gases themselves. The real issue is the lack of oxygen. Wind Without Air already solves lack-of-oxygen issues, though, and Rhiannon doesn't need to breathe anyways. Gases that actually do harm in and of themselves, such as carbon monoxide, can be negated by Wind Aura.)

Wind Catapult Rhiannon can generate a massive buildup of air to attempt to get a creature or group of creatures out of her hair in one fell swoop. As a full-round action, Rhiannon may select a point in space within Medium range and generate a buildup of kinetic energy near it, in any direction that she desires. Without warning, she then causes the built-up energy to erupt in a geyser of roaring wind (which happens roughly at the end of her turn), forcing all creatures within a 50-foot, cube-shaped burst centered on the selected point in space to make a Reflex save (DC = 25) or else be launched 900 feet in a direction of Rhiannon's choice, including straight up, straight down, a direct horizontal line parallel to the ground, or... well, in any orientation, really. The victim is not affected by gravity until its forced movement ends (this is not an arc of effect). If a victim collides with an obstacle during its forced movement, both the creature and the obstacle take 1d6 damage per 20 feet remaining in the victim's forced movement; if this destroys the obstacle, the victim continues traveling outwards, but if it doesn't, the victim's movement is interrupted, and it drops to the ground (taking the appropriate fall damage) and falls prone. A creature that is in midair at the end of its forced movement is entitled to a second Reflex save to stabilize itself if it is capable of flight, hovering, or otherwise modifying its momentum in midair; this secondary Reflex save is made at a +2 bonus per step above average maneuverability, a −2 penalty per step below average maneuverability, or a −6 penalty if the creature has a means of modifying its midair momentum other than flight or hovering, such as double jumping, as such methods are clumsier than even clumsy flying or hovering. If the secondary Reflex save succeeds, the creature can begin flying, hovering, or otherwise modifying its midair momentum at any point before hitting the ground; if the secondary Reflex save fails, or the creature has no way to modify its momentum in midair, it falls down to the ground, taking the appropriate falling damage and falling prone. A creature in midair that is blown to the ground is able to make a Reflex save to stabilize itself as above if it is capable of doing so and its forced movement ends before it hits the ground; if it hits the ground during its forced movement, it takes 32d6 points of falling damage and lands prone, as the force of Rhiannon's downdraft can propel creatures to speeds well above terminal velocity. Note that a downdraft does next to nothing to a creature that's already on the ground; the only noteworthy effect is knocking the victim prone, though this happens forcefully enough to inflict 9d6 damage. Wind Catapult counts as an 8th-level spell with the [Air] descriptor, and can be used once per minute. Rhiannon's Wind Catapult has a caster level of 18th.

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