Shoes of Elvenkinds (3.5e Equipment)

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Author: Ganteka Future (talk)
Date Created: 29 December 2015
Status: Cobbler Elves
Editing: Clarity if necessary.
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Shoes of Elvenkinds[edit]

Shoes of Elvenkinds
Price: 600
Body Slot: Feet
Caster Level: 3rd
Aura: Faint Transmutation
Activation: --
Weight: 1

These comfortable shoes are made from finely stitched fabrics. The toe of the shoes comes to a point.

Often available in a variety of colors, these magical shoes are quite comfortable and size themselves to fit the feet of the wearer. They're good for adventuring or simply lounging around the guild hall. Unfortunately, they have a few notable "drawbacks", which may be intentionally purposeful features. It's said that while wearing the shoes, the wearer takes on an "elven attitude", for whatever that's worth, though such an effect may just be hearsay.

When worn by a non-elven humanoid for at least 10 minutes, the shoes can't be removed without the application of a remove curse spell or after 24 hours pass. After the 1st hour, the wearer takes on minor elven physical traits, such as pointed ears, and is treated as having the elven subtype. At the 2-hour mark, the wearer changes race (adjusting and replacing their racial features as necessary) into a random kind of elf as noted on the table below. A Disguise check happens immediately using the wearer's skill modifier with a +10 bonus from the shoes, disguising the wearer against being recognized as their former form. If the shoes are removed, the wearer returns to normal. The wearer's gear changes shape to accommodate the curse.

Additionally, for anyone that wears them, the shoes function as a masterwork tool for Balance checks and reduce non-lethal damage gained from enduring hard travel by half.

Some pairs of these shoes are made to turn the wearer into a specific kind of elf only.

Table: Random Elves
d% Elfkinds
01–08 Aquatic Elf1
09–16 Drow Elf
17–24 Frost Elf
23–32 Gray Elf
33–40 High Elf
41–42 Planarblood Ashen Elf
43–44 Planarblood Bog Elf
45–46 Planarblood Brine Elf
47–48 Planarblood Diamond Elf
49–50 Planarblood Featherlight Elf
51–52 Planarblood Firetongue Elf
53–54 Planarblood Frostrime Elf
55–56 Planarblood Forge Elf
57–58 Planarblood Marble Elf
59–60 Planarblood Minus Elf
61–62 Planarblood Nimbus Elf
63–64 Planarblood Noise Elf
65–66 Planarblood Pearl Elf
67–68 Planarblood Plus Elf
69–70 Planarblood Prismatic Elf
71–72 Planarblood Stormchild Elf
73–74 Planarblood Void Elf
75–76 Planarblood Wasteland Elf
77–84 Wild Elf
85–92 Wood Elf
93–99 Make a Variant Elf
100 DM chooses an elf.
  1. Amphibious: Can breathe both air and water.

Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, alter self, crafter is an elf, 1 rank Profession (cobbler) or Craft (clothing).
Cost to Create: 300 gp, 24 EXP, 1 day.

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