Smuggler's Pouch (3.5e Equipment)

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Author: Spanambula (talk)
Date Created: 2 November 2016
Status: Complete
Editing: No
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Smuggler's Pouch[edit]

Useful for thieves and spies, but also for anyone who doesn't want the wrong person taking their stuff. A smuggler's pouch adds a magical enhancement to any bag or container. The base item functions normally until the command word is uttered, at which point an item placed into the bag is stored instead in the smuggler's pouch, an undetectable extradimensional space within the bag or container. By uttering a second command word, the smuggler's pouch opens and allows stored items to be retrieved.


To craft a smuggler's pouch the crafter must have at least 9 ranks in both Craft (Trap) and Use Magic Device. Creating the pouch requires a scroll of dimension door, which usually costs 700 gp and is factored into the price below. The crafter need not be able to cast the spell from the scroll, but the scroll itself is destroyed in the crafting process.

Smuggler's Pouch[edit]

This hidden space of the smuggler's pouch is subject to the same size and weight restrictions as the item to which it is applied. For non-magical containers, the smuggler's pouch effectively doubles the capacity of the base container. Non-magical containers with smuggler's pouches detect as magic items with a faint aura of conjuration. Items or effects which would destroy or ruin the bag or container do the same to the hidden space. Items stored inside the smuggler's pouch do not add to the weight of the bag.

For bags and containers that already utilize extradimensional spaces (such as Handy Haversacks and Bags of Holding), the contents of the smuggler's pouch count against the maximum capacity of the bag. For example, if a Type I bag of Holding had a Smuggler's Pouch with 200 lbs of goods inside the hidden space, only 50 more lbs of material could be stored in the normal area of the bag of holding.

Cost: Smuggler's Pouch increases the price of the bag or container by 1,200 gp or 25% of the market price, whichever is more.

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