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RatedLike.png Leziad likes this article and rated it 3 of 4.
I love alternate subtype, the only reason it not 4/4 is that there no creatures that use it.

RatedNeutral.png ThunderGod Cid is neutral on this article and rated it 2 of 4.
Don't get me wrong, I'm down with the abilities presented here, but I don't believe this should be a subtype. I feel as though given that this doesn't have any abilities that fundamentally change the way oozes function, it could instead be a line of creatures of the Ooze type. And then Leziad's concern would be mitigated.

RatedDislike.png Franken Kesey dislikes this article and rated it 1 of 4.
Like some of the special abilities of this subtype. However, with not creature entries and limited difference from a normal ooze, do not see a reason this should be a subtype. This would be better as creature abilities (that an ooze can have) or a template.
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