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TG Cid here. On behalf of the Wiki, I would like to say welcome to anyone browsing around for the first time. I don't always have the best grasp of mechanics and gameplay (there are much better people on this site to ask about such things), but I fancy myself to be a pretty good writer. So if anyone ever wants help with their written work, don't hesitate to ask.

I'm a pretty frequent visitor to both the IRC chat for this Wiki and Giants in the Playground (in both cases under the usernames Cidolfas or Cid). If you want to talk to me, I recommend looking for me on the chat first.

I'm constantly making changes to material even if (and sometimes partly because) people like them. I'm sorry if this inconveniences anyone because they liked a previous version. I'm just fickle like that.

For Dire Reverend[edit]

According to this link, one of our fellow wiki users and previously a frequent contributor to DnD-Wiki, has passed. I can only say my condolences go out to him and his family and I am deeply saddened by his loss.

Memorable Chat Moments[edit]

  • <Koneko >But Stryker, this is your future.
23:41<StrykerAtCollege >No, Eiji you are the future.
23:41Koneko becomes the essence of the Big Rip.
23:42<StrykerAtCollege >And then Eiji was a clock.
23:42<KonekoCid >Really? I just thought he farted
23:43<Koneko >Thats a beautiful way of defining the end of the world. It ends not with a bang, nor a whimper, but with a greasy taco fart.
  • 23:49<KonekoCid >Damn, I need to preserve this quote, but it's really pretentious to quote myself
23:50<KonekoCid >eh, fuck it
23:50<KonekoCid >I'll be that guy
  • <Ganteka >the guy playing the paladin was not happy... then again, the guy who plays a paladin is usually never happy

Sinister & Cid[edit]

  • Liber Demonica: The new Fiendish Codex, containing revised versions of almost every demon ever published. My big collaborative project with MisterSinister.

Tarkis & Cid[edit]

  • Templar: A collaborative project between Tarkisflux and myself with the aim of creating a choice-filled paladin/blackguard.

My Contributions[edit]

Base Classes[edit]

  • Mystic Blade: Binding sorcery and steel, a mystic blade boasts high spells per day and the ability to cast effectively in armor.
  • Hivemaster: A warrior who brings swarms of insects to her side to aid her in both attack and defense.
  • Halberdier: A prototypical zone controller and expert at tripping opponents.
  • Bard, Tome: A modified version of Frank Trollman's bard, with contributions from MisterSinister and Virgil of the Gaming Den.

Prestige Classes[edit]

  • Wild Mage: An arcane caster who taps into the power of chance through wild magic.
  • Blood Mage: An arcane caster that uses its own blood as a power source.
  • Devourer: A short bonus PrC for the Tome Ranger, revolving around eating and transforming into favored enemies.

Racial Paragon Classes[edit]

NPC Classes[edit]

  • Runt: A member of the endless hordes of unthinking fodder.


Martial Disciplines[edit]

  • Amaranth Eclipse: For martial adepts looking for a little more bang for their buck in melee combat.


Archdevil Minion Feats

Tome Combat Feats

Hivemaster Feats

Amaranth Eclipse Feats


Creature Types

Creature Subtypes

Creature Entries

Cleric Domains[edit]

Spells (Things Not Used in an Above Domain)[edit]

Variant Rules[edit]

  • Construct Subtypes: Giving the same treatment to constructs that the Tome of Necromancy gave to undead, forming the basis for any construct monsters I create.



Mundane Items


Weapon Enhancements

Magical Items


  • Big Book of Monsters: My grandiose goal of revising the most maligned or coolest creatures in D&D, and setting them up to the standards of Rogue-level and Wizard-level characters. May likely never be created in an official capacity, but consider just about any monster I make to be part of it.
  • Fixing Fumbles: If people don't want to eliminate fumbles altogether, make fumbles possible if you are not proficient in the weapon you are wielding. That way, games that have even a mixture of those who like wacky fumble rules and those who do not can coexist.
  • NavBox: My navbox, which more indiscriminately links to all the things I have linked to above.
  • A Drizzt Do'Urden prestige class (a la Elothar Warrior of Bladereach)
  • Binder: A Tome-level binder (lots of work because of vestiges, hard to say if it will ever be finished)
  • Chameleon: A base class remake of the eponymous prestige class.
  • Hybrid Theory: Mystic theurge, eldritch knight, rage mage, arcane archer, and arcane trickster.
  • Incorporeal Dragon: More of a placeholder for my customizeable dragon template than anything else, may be finished if I ever have a surge of inspiration.
  • Sage: A fix of the Archmage prestige class intended to be a viable alternative in the face of the incantatrix and initiate of the Sevenfold Veil.
  • Shaman: Part of the splitting of the druid, a full spontaneous divine caster.
  • Cleric Stuff: Possible revisions for a cleric, has gone nowhere.
  • Dragons: Because not enough people are already in love with dragons.