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These feats were introduced in Races of War and grant extra characters of lower CR as followers and/or cohorts. Each Leadership feat is also a Combat, Skill, or Spellcasting feat and scales with the appropriate value. In games without scaling feats, the SRD Leadership feat can be substituted for the purpose of class features.

Skill Feats
Name Prerequisite(s) Summary
Army of Demons None You have an army of planar crazy crap.
Bureaucrat None You have a functioning guild that makes stuff for you and gives you money.
Clockwork Centurion None You are served by an array of mechanical and magically-animated servants.
Command None You lead tiny men.
Gundam Fight Participant Sponsored by an organization, nation, or plane participating in the Gundam Fight. You have the support and backing as an organization's, nation's, or plane's Gundam Fighter.
Leadership None You convince people that obeying you is a good career move.
Lord of Death None A whole bunch of skeletons and crap show up to fight under your tattered banner.
Master of Terror None You scare people so bad they follow you around hoping you won't hurt them.
Monster Rancher None You can breed and train a large number of crazy beasts.
Summon the Legion None You can summon astounding numbers of creatures. This is a magical feat that scales with the highest level Conjuration (Summoning) or Conjuration (Calling) spell you can cast.
Tyrant None You push people around and get larger and larger groups trapped in the iron gauntlet of your brutal rule.