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Author: Zhenra-Khal (talk)
Date Created: 12-14-2019
Status: In Progress
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Twilight Child Dvati[edit]

Where most Dvati are identical in all ways, bonded on a deep level, some Dvati - Maybe one pair in a hundred - Are born of a higher contrast, opposing each other in every way. Known as the Twilight Children, these rare fraternal twins have silver hair, green eyes and ashen skin, except when accessing their innate abilities over dark and light. ' is a subrace of Dvatis

Ability Score Increase: Dexterity +1, Charisma +1
Age. Dvati are considered to reach maturity at about 30 years of age, and can expect to live up to 150 years.
Alignment. Neutral. While they still share the peacemaking skills of their kin, Twilight Children are entities of change, opposition and contrast even more than other Dvati, and this tumultuous life tends to leave them less good-hearted than their fellows.
Size. Twilight Children are taller and more lithe than most Dvati, standing at about 6ft tall and weighing around 190 pounds. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet. 
Darkvision: Creatures of a twilight state between light and dark, Dvati can see where others cannot. You can see in dim light within 30 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray. 
Fraternal Twins. While most Dvati are identical twins, Twilight Children are always fraternal twins - One male, one female, every time. Each twin may possess a different alignment from the other, and while their alignments may be anything, typically their alignments are exactly opposite to each other - LN and CN, CG and LE, and so forth, as they mirror each other. Likewise, each sibling rolls their ability scores separately, one twin typically being strong where the other is weak, and additionally, whenever they gain an ability score increase from gaining a level, each sibling can choose to apply it to a different ability score rather than the same score. Otherwise, Twilight Children share the same traits as other Dvati. 
Children of Night and Day. Twilight Children have the unique ability to attune themselves to dark and light. As a bonus action, a Twilight Child can activate this ability. When they do, one twin (Chosen by the player at the time of activation) is attuned to Dusk, and the other to Dawn.
The twin attuned to Dawn changes in appearance, their skin turning pearly white, their hair going iridescent black, and their eyes turning blue; On the center of their forehead and the center of their chest, a perfect, circular patch of skin turns inky black. They gain Resistance to Radiant damage, and Vulnerability to Necrotic damage. While in an area of bright light, they gain advantage on Insight, Persuasion, and Perception checks, and attacks of opportunity made against them have disadvantage.
The twin attuned to Dusk changes in appearance, their skin turning inky black, their hair going bone white, and their eyes turning gold; On the center of their forehead and the center of their chest, a perfect, circular patch of skin turns pearly white. They gain Resistance to Necrotic damage, and Vulnerability to Radiant damage. While in an area of dim light or darkness, they gain advantage on Stealth, Intimidation, and Deception checks, and attacks of opportunity made against them have disadvantage.
At any time, either twin may use their Bonus Action to trade attunements, or end the attunement altogether. 
Switcheroo. As a Bonus Action, or as in Reaction to being attacked or being targeted by a spell, the twins may trade places instantly, so long as the twins are on the same plane. As part of the action, they may choose to trade attunements, or cease attunement altogether. This can be done once; The twins regain the ability to use this ability when they finish a short or long rest. 
Mists of Twilight. While attuned to Dusk or Dawn, the Twilight Child can cast a unique cantrip. As an Action, make a ranged spell attack against a target within 60ft; That target takes 1d8 damage. The damage increases to 2d8 when the dvati reaches 5th level, to 3d8 when they reach 11th level, and finally to 4d8 when they reach 17th level.
If the Dvati is attuned to Dawn, the cantrip is called Rising Dawn. This is an Evocation cantrip, deals Radiant damage, and on a critical hit, Blinds the target until the start of your next turn.
If the Dvati is attuned to Dusk, the cantrip is called Falling Dusk. This is a Necromancy cantrip, deals Necrotic damage, and on a critical hit, prevents the target from regaining hit points until the start of your next turn.
Charisma is the spellcasting ability for these cantrips. You use your Charisma for when making your attack roll with these cantrips.
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SummaryDivided opposites, Twilight Dvati are the yin and yang of the Dvati, fraternal twins that mirror each other in almost all ways. +
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