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Author: Zhenra-Khal (talk)
Date Created: 12-14-2019
Status: In Progress
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Dvati are a strange race of humanoid creatures found in small enclaves scattered throughout the world and across the planes. All Dvati are born identical twins, with the pair sharing a single soul between them. Dvati lore holds that their souls are so powerful that a single, mortal vessel is too weak to contain them. Thus, their minds occupy two bodies.

The Dvati are a race, scattered throughout the realms, completely comprised of identical twins. The soul of a Dvati is said to have been so powerful that a single mortal coil could not contain it, and thus the gods split them in twain so they could exist properly, and thus, their minds and souls occupy two bodies.

Black and White[edit]

Dvati share about the same general posture as humans, though more slight in build, but their forms are otherwise that of contrast. Their skin is almost snow white, and their hair is raven black. Their eyes are solid orbs of color (Typically a vibrant blue), utterly lacking a pupil or iris, while their noses are little more than slits, barely protruding from their faces. They have three fingers - Rather than a human's four - And an opposable thumb.

Though each set of twins varies in appearance, all twins are utterly identical, sharing the same voice, facial features, exact hair and skin tone, accent, and so forth; four-fifths of all sets of Dvati twins are born with matching birthmarks.

A Balanced Approach[edit]

Dvati have a strong sense of duality in all things. They excel at seeing both sides of an argument. When faced with a problem, a Dvati is likely to spend time considering multiple approaches from different angles. A Dvati who must move a boulder that blocks a cave stands in front of it and surveys the scene. Meanwhile, the other twin climbs above the stone, looks at the stone from above, and considers the same problem. To Dvati, one perspective is never enough.

Typically peaceful folk, Dvati are concerned more with philosophy and art than material pleasures. Much of their culture centers on the close link between a Dvati pair. A pair of twins might paint a mural together, with each twin starting from one end and meeting at the middle to finish the creation. Dvati twins debate philosophy with each other with an eye toward not only uncovering higher truths but also questioning and exploring their own beliefs, attitudes, and preconceptions.

Unnerving Duality

Dvati get along well with most other races, as their ability to understand and appreciate different perspectives leads them to accept the differences in others with open minds. However, this is not always returned. Most humanoids find a Dvati's appearance — Particularly their unwavering eyes — slightly unnerving; Dvati are acutely aware of this, and many of them wear hooded cloaks around strangers. Outcast half-orcs and half-elves sometimes find homes in Dvati communities. Of all the races, elves mingle best with Dvati. Dvati respect the elves' long-term view of history, their art, and their culture. Elves see Dvati as fascinating creatures with a welcome appreciation of intellectual and artistic concerns.

Scattered Colonies[edit]

Dvati are too few in number to claim their own sprawling kingdoms and empires. Instead, they build small settlements in out-of-the-way areas where few trouble them. In rare cases, a small Dvati colony arises in a city controlled by another race. These colonies are usually separated from the rest of the city by walls or carefully arranged buildings that leave only one or two entrances to a Dvati neighborhood. While Dvati appreciate other folk, they prefer peace, quiet, and solitude when they attend to their works.

Dvati artisans fetch high prices for their works, owing to the unique style of design they use. Dvati colonies are most common in realms that place a high value on philosophy, learning, and the arts. When left to their own devices, Dvati create small, orderly communities divided into four groups called rings. Each ring is ruled by a council of four Dvati twins (two sets of twins), who in turn report to a smaller council of four more Dvati. Dvati use a democratic system of elections, with each pair of twins allowed one vote. The rings are responsible for growing their own food, maintaining their section of the settlement, and so forth. When faced with an important decision, The ruling councils call a gathering of the entire community. The twins separate into two groups, with one member of each pair in each meeting, to allow as many speakers as possible to present their views. The Dvati as a whole then vote on a decision.

Wanderlust and Curiosity[edit]

Dvati adventurers are rare, as most of them prefer simple lives of contemplation, honest work, and fellowship. Sometimes a Dvati feels a deep sense of wanderlust. Bored with the often repetitive existence of their colonies and settlements, young Dvati strike out in search of new adventures. Some of these Dvati are fascinated by other folk and wish to learn more about them. Others study philosophies that require the Dvati to seek out new experiences. Dvati rarely adventure for material wealth or accolades, as such things have little value to a Dvati aside from their pragmatic uses.

Dvati Names[edit]

A Dvati's name in its native tongue is almost impossible for a non-Dvati to speak or clearly understand, as both twins in the pair must speak at the same time to properly pronounce it. Thus, most Dvati that work with other folk adopt names that they either make up or take from other languages. The Dvati usually takes two names, one for each twin, although sometimes the Dvati forgets which twin has which name. A Dvati sees himself as an undivided pair, but he understands that other races might find him confusing. Dvati twins tend to prefer similar names with distinct sounds.

Male Names: Olon and Alax, Targren and Talon, Xephon and Xephar.

Female Names: Esmerra and Esandra, Lia and Kira, Poldra and Eldra.

Dvati Traits[edit]


Creature Type. Humanoid
Ability Score Increase. The strength of a Dvati's mind is legendary, and as such, they gain their choice of: Intelligence +1, Wisdom +1
Age. Dvati are considered to reach maturity at about 30 years of age, and can expect to live up to 150 years.
Alignment. Neutral Good. Dvati are natural peacemakers, able to understand both sides of every story, and they tend to use this skill to help opposing sides understand each other, working toward a common good.
Size. Dvati stand slighter than most humans, at about 5ft tall and around 150 pounds. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base speed is 30 feet.  
Darkvision: Creatures of a twilight state between light and dark, Dvati can see where others cannot. You can see in dim light within 30ft feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray. 
Identical Twins. Each Dvati character is a pair of twins. They function exactly as a single character, sharing actions, class abilities and the like, but having two bodies allows them to function separately yet in tandem, granting them the following differences from a normal character:
  • Dvati divide their hit points between them, giving them two separate, smaller pools. Each twin gains half the normal number of hit points from each hit die (Rounded up), but applies their Constitution modifier separately - Thus a level 1 Dvati Fighter character, with Constitution 14, would consist of each twin having 7 hit points - 10 from the Fighter hit dice, divided by 2 for 5 each, plus their Constitutions, added separately.
  • A pair of Dvati twins moves independently from each other, and each Twin makes Bonus Actions and Reactions separately, thus meaning a Dvati character effectively has twice the number of Bonus Actions and Reactions as a normal character; However, only one twin may perform an Action each round.
  • Additionally, a Dvati twin can use their Bonus Action to Help their twin (And only their twin), and they can use their Reaction to protect their twin (And only their twin) as if they possessed the the Protection fighting style. If they later gain that fighting style, a shield is no longer required to Protect their twin (But is still required to Protect anyone else).
  • Wounds and physical ailments affect them separately. If one is poisoned, the other is fine; If both are in the radius of a Fireball, each twin saves separately and takes damage separately. This is not true for mental and spiritual ailments; Attacks that deal psychic damage harm both twins, dealing full damage to both twins. Likewise, effects that trigger an Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma saving throw affects both twins - They make one single save against the effect, and if it fails, both are affected equally.
  • Temporary ability score adjustments to Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma, as well as other magical items and effects that improve or affect the mind, are likewise applied to both twins. Thus, if one twin is wearing a Ring of Mind Shielding, both twins benefit from it.
  • Like all creatures, a Dvati can only attune to up to three magical items at once, even though each twin is technically a separate person. However, both twins can attune to copies of the same item if they desire; If they do, both twins gain the full effects of the item, unless the item already affected both twins (Such as the Ring of Mind Shielding used as an example above), in which case attuning to a copy would be pointless.
Otherwise, all things are shared - XP, levels, class abilities, feats, ability scores, save bonuses, proficiencies, languages, and anything else not already covered in the description of this ability, as they are one character, merely possessing two bodies. 
Sibling Bond. A pair of Dvati twins can communicate with each other telepathically, across an unlimited distance, including across planes; However, a twin cannot perceive what their other sees, hears, or otherwise perceives. As a bonus action, one Dvati twin can focus on their other, gleaning their current hit points and mental state. If they are on the same plane, they also learn the relative distance and direction to their other. 
Dual Action. As a bonus action, a Dvati twin can make their own Action on the same turn their twin takes an Action; When doing so, all d20 rolls made as part of this secondary Action are made at Disadvantage; However, the other Twin can, of course, use their bonus action to Help with this action, removing the Disadvantage. This feature can be used once, regaining the ability to do so when they finish a long rest.
At 5th level, this ability improves; The second Action is no longer made at Disadvantage, and the ability is regained when they finish a short or long rest. 
Soul of One. The Dvati twins are linked inextricably, and neither of their twin bodies can contain their soul on its own. When one Dvati twin is slain, the other sickens and dies soon afterwards, unless aid is acquired. Each day that passes after a Dvati twin dies, the surviving twin's Constitution and Wisdom are reduced by 1d4 each, and they suffer Disadvantage on all attack rolls, saving throws and ability checks. The ability damage and disadvantage remain (And cannot be healed or removed) until the living twin dies, or his soulmate returns to life (At which time the penalties immediately disappear). Most Dvati prefer to commit ritual suicide if one twin dies without hope of return, as the pain of losing the close bond drives a Dvati to the brink of madness. 
Twin Magic. Dvati interact with magical spells and items in very unique ways, as listed below.
  • When a Dvati casts spells, only one twin may cast spells that round; Thus, only one twin could cast an second spell as a bonus action (Such as a Healing Word spell or a Quickened spell) in any given round. However, their twin can spend their can use their Bonus Action to participate in casting the spell, gaining advantage on any Constitution checks made to maintain concentration, and imposing disadvantage on the saving throw if the spell deals Thunder damage and has a Verbal component, as their voices create a devastating resonant effect when they speak in unison.
  • When one Dvati twin casts a spell with a range of Touch, they may have the other twin use their Reaction to deliver the spell as if they had cast it. If the spell requires an attack roll, it uses the attack modifiers of the twin who delivered it.
  • Whenever a Dvati twin casts a spell that can only affect themselves, they may cast it on their twin instead. If the spell has a duration, whichever twin the spell is present on may transfer the spell to their other twin; Either as a Reaction in response to their twin being attacked or targeted by a spell, or otherwise as a bonus action on their turn.
  • A pair of Dvati twins may also have two familiars at any given time, but the familiars must be identical. If the Dvati is a Beastmaster Ranger, they may still only possess one animal companion; However, the animal companion may have some unique aesthetic trait, such as two heads, or their fur coat being split down the middle, each half being a different,opposing color (Such as black and orange, or brown and white). 
No, I'm Tommy!. When a Dvati twin attempts a Deception check to impersonate their other, they are considered proficient even if they don't possess proficiency in the Deception skill, and they gain advantage on the check.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and Dvati. Dvati requires two creatures speaking simultaneously. One twin provides a description of actions, while the other supplies words and descriptions of things. The two weave together to communicate in a uniquely Dvati manner. Other creatures can speak this tongue, but two Dvati-speaking creatures must work together. Otherwise, communication via this language is impossible. In most cases, Dvati use Common to speak with other races.


SubraceAbility ModsFeaturesSummarySource
Bloodbond DvatiCha +1Blood Bond, Empathic Healing, Gift of Agony, Psychic Vulnerability, Frail FleshThe default Dvati subrace, Bloodbonded Dvati can share their life essence - And their pain - Between themselves, and even with others.Zhenra-Khal
Lonely DvatiStr +1, Con +1Lonely Twin, Dual Mind, Mind Link, Divided Agony, Powerful Build, Minor PsionicsThe rarest of the Dvati, Lonely Dvati are a form of conjoined twins, two minds occupying a single, stronger body.Zhenra-Khal
Twilight Child DvatiDex +1, Cha +1Fraternal Twins, Children of Night and Day, Switcheroo, Mists of TwilightDivided opposites, Twilight Dvati are the yin and yang of the Dvati, fraternal twins that mirror each other in almost all ways.Zhenra-Khal


Unofficial conversion of the 3.5e Dragon Magazine's Dvati race.

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