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Multiclass Feats
Name Prerequisite(s) Summary
Adept of the Horological Mysteries Time Mage 1st, Temporal Adept 1st Combine temporal adepts with time mages for doubletime action.
Always Learning Expanded Learning While those of your profession generally have a thirst for the knowledge of other spells, when they turn away from this profession, they generally lose this interest; you, on the other hand keep researching these new and interesting uses for your magic.
Arcanist Warlock Spellcraft 8 Ranks, ability to use least invocations, ability to cast arcane spells of 2nd level or higher, and either 1): Spell Mastery and Signature Spell (Prepared Arcane Caster), OR 2): Still Spell and Silent Spell (Spontaneous Arcane Caster) Innate Spell, but for Warlock/Casters.
Ascetic Artist Scaling unarmed strike progression, Inspire Courage +1 Combine your monk and bard levels into a seamless whole.
Ascetic Initiator Improved Unarmed Strike and one of the following class features: Steely Resolve, Discipline Focus, Battle Clarity Monk and Tome of Battle base classes stack for Unarmed Strike and one ToB ability
Ascetic Priest Monk level 1st, Turn Undead Level your unarmed strike damage and turn undead level at the same time.
Ascetic Sage 1st level monk, 1st level swordsageToB (unarmed variant) Combine monk and unarmed swordsage levels for a stronger, more skillful whole.
Ascetic Savant Improved Unarmed Strike, ability to add your Wisdom bonus to AC in light armor. Monk and SwordsageToB levels stack for unarmed strike, speed bonus, quick to act.
Beshadowed Gate Gate Knight 1st, Shadowknife 1st When you multiclass between Gate Knight and Shadowknife certain abilities keep advancing.
Black Lotus Monk Effective monk level 2nd, must be able to use 1st level Kuji-in Seals You are a monk trained for killing, combine your shonibi and monk level class for the purpose of getting many scaling class feature.
Bloodcloud Prodigy Clouds of Blood, Eye Bleed You have learned to mesh the twin paths of the Bloodcloud.
Bloodspiller Bloodcloud Bleeder, Bleeding Cut, Clouds of Blood Oh how pretty that shade of red is...
Bloodspiller, Greater Bloodspiller, Bloodcloud Bleeder, Character Level 8th
Busy Multiclasser Must have at least 3 levels in one base class and 1 level in another. You can multiclass a lot without making you horrible at everything.
Caster Training Caster level 5. Choose a prestige class which does not give full spellcasting progression (or none at all), it now gives full or partial progression.
Charismatic Blood Must be able to spontaneously cast arcane spells. You always thought your ancestors were different, you just didn't realize it involved dragons.
Chivilrous Knight Paladin level 3, Knight level 3 Your Knight levels and Paladin levels stack for the purposes of Knight's Challenge DCs, Lay on Hands, and special mount. You can use your lay on hands when protecting allies.
Chivilrous Mage Sorcerer level 3, Knight's Challenge class feature Your Knight levels and Sorcerer levels stack for the purposes of Knight's Challenge DCs. You can sacrifice spell slots to improve some Knight class features. Your HP from sorcerer levels also increases.
Chivilrous Performer Bardic Music (Inspire Competence), Knight's Challenge class feature Your Knight levels and Bard levels stack for the purposes of Bardic music progression and Knight's Challenge DCs
Chivilrous Rogue Sneak Attack +2d6, Knight's Challenge class feature Your Knight levels and Rogue levels stack for the purposes of Sneak Attack damage and Knight's Challenge DCs
Classical Progression Must have 3 levels in a base class. You keep advancing the abilities of one of your base class using your character level instead of class level.
Congregate Monk Effective Monk level 1, Verse of Valor +1 Your monk and chorister levels stack for a bunch of stuff.
Continued Mind Enhancement Mind Enhancement +1 Soulblade weapon enhancement continues to increase at half of normal rate while taking other classes.
Continued Mind Enhancement, Rogue Balance Mind Enhancement +1 Soulblade weapon enhancement continues to increase at normal rate while taking other classes.
Continued Training None You continue training with one of your classes, even after you multiclass.
Cross-Style Training None An exchange student, studier of more eclectic martial arts, or simply someone who feels a special bond with a specific weapon, you can use a non-traditional weapon at the same level of mastery as your peers.
Daring Exile Grace +1, Cheap Shot +2d6 Ronin and SwashbucklerCW levels stack for Grace, dodge bonus, and Cheap Shot dice.
Daring Minstrel Grace +1, Must be able to cast 1st level bard spells Your bard and swashbujkcler level stack for grace and spellcasting.
Daring Swordsman Battle clarity, grace +1. Swashbuckler and warblade levels stack for initiator level and grace.
Dedicated Steed Special mount Multiclassing paladins and other classes which provide special mounts, they can now have their other classes now count to determining the power of the mount.
Devoted Extremist Smite (any one alignment), Smite Opposition Paladin and Soulborn level stack for Smite damage and Special mount progression
Devoted Paladin 1st level paladin, 1st level crusaderToB Combine paladin and crusader levels for a stronger, devoted whole.
Devoted Templar Divine grace, steely resolve. Crusader and paladin levels stack for initiator level and smite damage.
Divine Stalker Sneak Attack +2d6, Turn Undead You have learned to meld together your sacred skills with those of the hidden blade to make yourself a truly terrible opponent.
Dragonblessed Commander 2 draconic auras, 1 minor marshal aura, 1 major marshal aura You are able to project your dragon shaman and marshal auras at a full strength despite your varied studies.
Dragonblood Prodigy Sorcerer 1st You can multiclass with sorcerer without completely boning yourself.
Dual Classing Two different base classes. A universally applicable multiclass feat.
Dualist Mage Must able to cast 2nd level arcane spells and 2nd level divine spell You can combine different divine and arcane when going into a prestige class.
Eldritch Binder Eldritch Blast 1d6, Soul Binding Combine binder and warlock for the purposes of eldritch blast damage and binding level.
Eldritch Dragon Dragonfire Adept breath weapon 1d6, Eldritch Blast 1d6 Combine your dragonfire adept and warlock levels for breath weapon and eldritch blast.
Eldritch Fist Monk level 2nd and Warlock level 1st, or Monk level 1st and Warlock level 2nd Combine monk and warlock levels to become the ultimate punchlock!
Eldritch Thief Eldritch Blast 1d6, Sneak Attack 1d6 Your sneak attack and eldritch blast stack together. Sneaky Blasts!
Esoteric Multiclasser None You multiclass between classes like a lunatic.
Eternal Inheritor Legacy Apparition class feature, Blade Guide class feature, Elf You, young elf, have inherited the weapon of a great elven warrior of an order known as the Eternal Blades.
Euphoric Blade Psychic Strike, Surging Euphoria Learning to meld the blade from within your soul with the tempestuous emotions of your mind, you learn to ride the high that comes from wielding your blade in order to manifest ever-greater powers.
Extraordinary Mage At least three levels in a "mage" class (Fire, Electric, Acid, Knowledge, Bloodcloud, Green) You share your levels in your "mage" classes
Extremist Ambusher Sneak Attack +2d6, Incarnum Defense Rogue and SoulbornMoI levels stack for Smite Opposition, Share Incarnum Defense, and Sneak Attack dice.
Faithful Templar Ability to turn or rebuke undead, steely resolve. Cleric and crusader levels stack for turn undead, domain abilities, steely resolve.
Fell Artisan Eldritch Blast 2d6, Craft Reserve 60, Knowledge (Arcana) 6 ranks You combine your knowledge of the Artificer's art with your dark magic.
Fighting Caster Fighter Level 1 You stack your caster level and fighter level together for stuff.
Fist of the Forest 2nd level monk, 2nd level ranger Combine ranger and monk levels to make a pugilist protector of the forest.
Ghostwalker Baleful Rift +1 [W], Unraveling Strike +1, Knowledge (The Planes) 7 ranks, Knowledge (Psionics) 7 ranks. You've combined your Riftwalker and Cryptic training.
Grimspirited Hairs Hairbinder 1st and Grim 1st, either Ghost or Vestige Bound Spirit You bound a grim spirit in your hairs, this allow you to channel the power of both worlds.
Hero Of Legend Bardic Music (Inspire Competence), Inspire Courage +1, Lay On Hands, Aura of Courage, Smite Alignment 1/day, Perform 6 Ranks, Heal 6 Ranks, Diplomacy 9 Ranks, Concentration 9 Ranks You've chosen to write your own legends - Autobiography of a Hero.
Hexing Binder Hexblade's curse, soul binding You can tap into the power of the mysterious entities that are bound within you to strengthen your curses.
Hexing Knight Hexblade's curse, smite good You are a special breed of dark paladins who have learned to use their smiting attacks to amplify the curses you have placed upon your foes for a brief time.
Hexing Mage Hexblade's curse, ability to cast 2nd-level arcane spells Your hexblade and wizard levels stack for the purposes of hexblade's curse and familiar benefits
Hexing Musician Bardis Music, Hexblade's Curse A multiclass feat for bard and hexblade.
Holy Hunter Either Paladin 1st and Ranger 2nd, or Paladin 2nd and Ranger 1st. Combine your paladin and ranger levels for the purposes of smite evil and favored enemy, and combine your animal companion with your paladin mount benefits.
Honorable Extremist Knight’s Challenge, Smite Opposition Knight and Soulborn level stack for Knight’s Challenge DC and Smite damage.
Initiator of the Gate Four martial maneuvers, 2 sacrifices known Combine Gate Knight and an initiator class, gaining benefits from both.
Jade Phoenix Inheritor Legacy Apparition class feature, Mystic Phoenix Stance You have inherited the weapon of an arcane warrior, one of the thirteen Jade Phoenix Magi, because you are the current incarnation of that Mage.
LA Progression Must have one or more level adjustment dice and one class level Your level adjustment dice stack with one of your base class for the purpose of determining level-dependent abilities.
Martial Extremist Incarnum Defense, Weapon Specialization (Any). Fighter and Soulborn level stack for Smite damage and for fighter feat qualification.
Martial Rogue Fighter level 3, 2d6 Sneak Attack Mix Fighter and Rogue for the purpose of sneak attack, fighter level, and bonus feats.
Maximum Gär Forsaker Level 6th, Way of the Walker Level 1st Go full badass, and do things that should be magical just by bitch-whipping physics.
Monastic Adept At least 3 level in the monk class or variant. You are best monk.
Monastic Focus Stunning Fist Another class advances stunning fist as if monk. Counts as Monastic Training for pre-reqs.
Monastic Gestalt Monk 1st Add your monk levels and another class together to determine level-dependent benefits.
Monastic Knife Form Mind Blade, Shape Mind Blade, Stunning Fist, Improved Unarmed Strike Use a mind blade in conjunction with monk fighting techniques
Moral Extremist Incarnum defenseMoI, incarnum radianceMoI Incarnate and Soulborn level stack for Incarnum radiance use and Smite use.
Moral Outlaw Incarnum radiance, Sneak Attack +1d6. Incarnate and Rogue level stack Incarnum radiance and Trap sense. Gain new class skill for Incarnate and Rogue level.
Moral Performer Bardic Music, Incarnum radiance. Bard and Incarnate level stack for Inspire courage and Incarnum Radiance bonus.
Multi-Caster Two classes with different class spell lists, caster level 3rd You can cast from another spell list, at a reduced rate of growth.
Multiclass Progression Must have at least one level in two classes. Stack two classes together for the purpose of determining class features with some limitations.
Multiclasser None You multiclass like a madman.
Outlaw Druggist Discovery class feature, Sneak Attack +2d6 You combine Chemist and Rogue for the determining some class features.
Outlaw Hunter Favored Enemy, Sneak Attack +2d6 Rogue and Ranger levels stack for Favored Enemy bonuses and Sneak Attack damage dice
Paragon Multiclassing None You multiclassing with racial paragon classes extremely well.
Practiced Barbarian Rage 2/day Practiced caster for barbarian.
Practiced Combatant None You are able to keep up with your martial training even when you diversify your studies.
Practiced Initiator Must have at least 1 level in a class that grants Maneuvers or have taken the Martial Study feat. Your Initiator Level rises by 4, up to the limit of your HD
Practiced Invoker Least invocations, Spellcraft 4 ranks Choose an invoking class that you possess. Your invocations from that class are more powerful.
Practiced Multiclasser At least two levels in two base classes, 15+ in two ability scores Two of your class features stack with your levels in another class.
Practiced Psionics Ability to manifest powers, power point reserve After learning a few new tricks, you've redoubled your efforts to master your manifesting.
Practiced Spellcasting Ability to cast spells. Increase your spellcasting level by 1.
Practiced Transmogrify Transmogrify (least shape) You practiced your ability to turn into stuff.
Practiced Turner Turn or Rebuke level. Turn/Rebuke level increases by four, to maximum of Hit Die.
Prestigious Progression None Choose a base class, then a prestige class. You count half of your levels (rounded down) in the prestige class as level in the base class for the purpose of getting new class features, and full class for the purpose of determining the power of class features.
Psi-Ki Fist Stunning Fist, must have a psionic power point pool
Psionic Brute Rage 2/day, a power point reserve. You have learned to control your anger, harnessing the psychic potential of your rage, and manipulating the flow of adrenaline in your body, at your choosing.
Psyblade Psychic Strike, Psychic Warrior 3 While most soulknives are psionic in nature, you have learned to delve more deeply into the psychic powers within your mind when compared to most soulknives.
Psychic Swordsman Weapon Aptitude Psychic warrior and warblade levels stack for initiator and manifester level.
Rage Warrior Rage 2/day. You may have multiclassed but you are still damn angry.
Raging Hunter Favored Enemy, Rage 1/day Combine barbarian with ranger for a furious defender of the wild!
Redistribution of Features at least 3 levels in one base class and 3 levels in another You can use class features to gain access to forces that lie beyond your capabilities as a multiclasser.
Sage Stalker Discipline Focus (Weapon Focus) in Shadow Hand discipline, Sudden Strike 1d6 Ninja and Swordsage levels stack for some purposes
Shadow Pact Ability to use 2nd-level Mysteries; Eldritch Blast 2d6; Ability to use Least invocations; Knowledge (The Planes) 9 ranks. You have learned to combine your two dark and insidious methods of power into a whole.
Shapeshifter Extraordinaire One level in Transmogrifier, one level in Shape Eater. Transmogrifier and Shape Eater become one class.
Soulsage 1st level soulknife, 1st level swordsageToB Combine soulknife and swordsage levels for a stronger, more versitile whole.
Stalking Ambusher Outlaw Hunter, Trap sense +1 and Combat style. Rogue and Ranger levels stack to determine your Trap Sense and to increase your effective druid level as well as your spellcasting ability.
Sublime Practice BAB +3, One Maneuver Multiclass Initiator level increase.
Sublime Progression Must have at least two levels in an initiator class Stack two classes together for the purpose of determining maneuvers and stances.
Sublime Soulknife Blade meditation (any), mind blade. Mind blade is discipline weapon, soulknife levels increase initiator level.
Swift Fencer Grace +1, Skirmish (+1d6, +1 AC) ScoutCAdv and SwashbucklerCW levels stack for Grace, dodge bonus, and skirmish.
Swift Outlaw Battle Fortitude +1, Sneak Attack +2d6 Rogue and ScoutCAdv levels stack for Battle Fortitude, Fast Movement and Sneak Attack damage dice
Swift Warrior Weapon Specialization, Skirmish +1d6 ScoutCAdv and Fighter levels stack for skirmish bonuses and feats.
Talented Artist Perform 9 ranks You make bardic music or a similar ability scale with your ranks in Perform and character level instead of class level.
Thieving Sage Discipline focus, steal spell Spellthief and swordsage levels stack for sneak attack and steal spell.
Thieving Warden Outlaw Hunter, Stalking Ambusher, ability to cast 1st-level ranger spells, Sneak attack +3d6. Rogue and Ranger levels stack to determine your Rogue Special abilities and your spellcasting ability as a ranger.
Timevoid Temporal Strike +1, Dark Blow, Endurance You've spent hours in nontime training yourself to react even in heavy armor, and utilizing your control over time to warp your hungry Gate.
Tormentor Of Souls Summon Ba, Voodoo Curse, Spellcraft 9 Ranks You have learned to store copies of souls in trinkets, and how to stab voodoo dolls. Time to combine the two.
Wandering Tinker Inspire Competence, Crafting Reserve 60, Knowledge (Arcana) 9 ranks, Use Magic Device 9 ranks. One feat for all your Bardtificer needs.
Witch Knight Training Concentration 9 Ranks, BAB +3, Ability to shape a Mind Blade, Ability to cast Least invocations. You're a master at pulling sharp, pointy things, lasers and eldritch nightmares out of seemingly nowhere.
Witch-Paladin Aura of Resolve (or Debilating Aura or Aura of Despair), Eldritch Blast, capable of using least invocations. || You stack your paladin and warlock level together, it fun.
Wrath of the Bloody Mist Seeing Red, Rage 2/day, Violent Mist +1d6 Your rage demands the whole world be painted red.