Arcanist Warlock (3.5e Feat)

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Author: Zhenra-Khal (talk)
Date Created: 12/6/2016
Status: Complete; Open to suggestions
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Arcanist Warlock [Multiclass] Prerequisites: Spellcraft 8 Ranks, ability to use least invocations, ability to cast arcane spells of 2nd level or higher, and either 1): Spell Mastery and Signature Spell (Prepared Arcane Caster), OR 2): Still Spell and Silent Spell (Spontaneous Arcane Caster)Benefit: When you take this feat, you choose either one of your Signature spells (If you're a Prepared Caster) or one spell you know (If you're a Spontaneous Caster). You immediately learn this spell as a bonus invocation of appropriate grade and level.

You can attach metamagic feats you know to a spell, thus increasing the grade required to learn it as an invocation, but you cannot learn an invocation of a grade you do not already have access to, nor can you increase the spell with metamagic feats beyond your ability to use them normally; Thus if you can cast 2nd-level spells and you choose this feat, you cannot choose an Empowered Magic Missile, for example, because that would require a 3rd-level spell slot, which you do not have access to. Effects such as Arcane Thesis or Improved Metamagic can be applied to this spell invocation.

The spell cannot have an XP component, nor a material component costing more than 1 GP.

Once chosen, the spell cannot be changed unless you choose to change it via replacing it with another spell (Or an improved version of the same spell) via a level in your invoking class which allows you to switch out an invocation you know for another of the same grade. However, you may switch out the spell invocation for a spell invocation of any grade, as if you had just obtained this feat for the first time.

If you have the Spell Secret class feature (Of the Wu Jen, from Complete Arcane, p. 15) and select a spell to which you have a Spell Secret attached for this feat, then the Spell Secret remains attached to that spell in addition to whatever other metamagic feats you may apply to the spell. However, you cannot apply the same metamagic feat to a spell twice. Special: A Wizard can select this feat as one of her bonus feats.

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AuthorZhenra-Khal +
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PrerequisiteSpellcraft 8 Ranks +, ability to use least invocations +, ability to cast arcane spells of 2nd level or higher +, and either 1): Spell Mastery and Signature Spell (Prepared Arcane Caster) + and OR 2): Still Spell and Silent Spell (Spontaneous Arcane Caster) +
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