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Author: Tarkisflux (talk)
Date Created: 08 July 2011
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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MultiFeat [Fighter] Prerequisites: Character level 4Benefit: Instead of selecting a single feat, you may select two feats for which you exceed the prerequisites by three attribute points, skill ranks, base attack or save bonuses, or levels. If a feat has no prerequisites, it is considered to have a prerequisite of "Character Level 1" for the purposes of this feat.

You may select this feat again, and again, and again, as part of your multi-feat package, but each additional selection increases the amount you need to exceed the prerequisites by 3 more than the MultiFeat slot you used to acquire the additional multifeat. If you select MultiFeat, for example, and then use both of those choices for to acquire additional MultiFeats, the feats gained with those slots could only be used for feats that you exceeded the prerequisites by 6 or more. If you used one of those to select an additional MultiFeat, you could only use those slots to acquire feats that you exceeded the prerequisites by 9 or more. And so on. Example: Filbert, a 12th level wizard, feels like getting in on the item crafting game but has previously ignored the feats. He selects MultiFeat as his feat at 12th level, which allows him to select two feats for which he exceeds the prerequisites by 3. He selects Craft Rod and another MultiFeat, which allows him to select two feats for which he exceeds the prerequisites by 6. He selects Craft Magic Arms and Armor and yet another MultiFeat, which allows him to select two feats for which he exceeds the prerequisites by 9. He selects Craft Wondrous Item and Brew Potion as his feats. He then sits down to turn large piles of GP and XP into magic loot.Normal: Each feat slot you gain provides a singular feat, regardless of the prerequisites (and arguably, power), of the feat.Special: You may gain this feat multiple times.

A fighter may select Multifeat as one of his fighter bonus feats. If this feat is selected as a bonus feat, all feats acquired with it are subject to the same restrictions as the original bonus feat would have been.

Any feat that grants multiple abilities based on your current level, base attack bonus, skill ranks, or other numeric value is ineligible to gain as part of a MultiFeat.

If retraining rules are in use and you retrain the feat slot that contains a MultiFeat, you must retrain every feat gained through the use of MultiFeat. You may retrain individual feats within the MultiFeat array, but may only replace them with another feat which would also be available under the MultiFeat limitations.

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