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Table Row Version[edit]

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Creature Entry CR Type and Subtypes Size
"Holy Shit is that a Mosquito?" 2 Vermin Medium
Abaddon 23 Outsider Large
Aberrant Troll Cavestalker 12 Aberration Large
Absol {{{cr}}} Magical beast, Augmented Medium
Abyssal Marauder 9 Outsider Medium
Accel XLV-5 Autocycle 6 Construct Medium
Adamantine Devil 12 Outsider Huge
Adamantoise 18 Magical Beast Huge
Adiporba 11 Aberration Large
Admin, Inevitable 20 Outsider Large
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Broadtable Version[edit]

NameSummaryArticle Balance
Abstruse CardsharkA versatile caster with a casting system much like the Crusader's. This one uses actual suits.High
Adversary of FaithThe un-cleric, they oppose the gods yet they themselves draw upon the "power of mortals" in opposition to the gods.Very High
AgentA versatile specialist dispatched to protect law and order on the behest of authority or government.High
AlchemistTome of Element Alchemist
Alchemists use magic by mixing rare and magical components. They make potions, oils, grenades, and all manner of other items, providing invaluable services to other adventurers. When drawn to adventure, they apply their unique talents, a combination of esoteric knowledge of magical components and a strong throwing arm, to solve problems, whether with subtle poisons or with a loud bang.
Very High
Alchemist, VariantThis Alchemist wields the immense power of concept-combining magic (based heavily on) to achieve the world-transmuting powers you might know and love.High
AmbusherCombat Styles with Skirmish Bonuses. Made for Melee Hit and Run.Moderate
Andellion WarriorMelee warriors who share in the power of a goddess known as Eden.Very High
Animal EvolutionistYou get two animal companions that evolve into some bad-ass monsters!Moderate
Animist VariantVery High
ApexAn Apex is at the top of the food-chain. Able to shapechange into a wild beast and dominate the battlefield. An apex melds rage with a select few empowered beast forms.High
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