ZK-23 Energy Shield (3.5e Equipment)

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Author: YX33A (talk)
Date Created: January 19th, 2011
Status: Just Started
Editing: Spelling and Grammar OK, mechanics on Talk Page first
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ZK-23 Energy Shield[edit]

The ZK-23 Solid Energy Shield Array. One of the most effective troop shielding systems.

Crafted by Zherihnghil Teknolojia, this seemingly simple armband emits a field of gravatic energy which absorbs incoming energy, including kinetic energy. The upshot if this is that the user gains a 35 HP shield, regaining 5 HP a minute, which can be tuned to both tactical and perimeter shielding (up to 20 feet), though in the latter setting, prevents changes in movement (no moving on ground, keep moving in low gravity if flying at same speed and bearing). It can also emit a strong enough gravatic field as to allow the user to hover about 3 feet off the ground, or propel themselves at their normal ground speed in a low gravity area, both with perfect maneuverability.

However, the shield is not perfect, despite(or according to some claims, because of) years of research and testing. The shield requires a partial Z cell (PZ, TZ, XZ), which depletes the cell when the shield is knocked down. PZ cells can be knocked down once before going dry, TZ cells twice, and XZ five times.

All shields come with a PZ power cell when bought.

ZK-23 Energy shields also accept user Bio-Energy, assuming they posses weaponize bio-energy feat to charge it. Three Bio-Energy per full recharge of shields when running off user Bio-Energy.

Market Price: 5,000 gp

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