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Magical Shield Enhancements[edit]

Name Base Price Modifier Summary
3.5e Enhancement Preload +n bonus or static cost here Put a one-sentence summary of your enhancement here. This will appear on the page and in the navigation page.
3.5e Magic Item Preload
Aegis +2 bonus Your shield can project a barrier of energy that moves with you.
Aeon Nix +1 An enhancement which protect the item it is applied to from corrosion and the wear of ages.
Antifreeze 500 gp An antifreeze weapon, armor, or shield has double its hardness against the effects of cold damage and protects its wielder from extreme cold damage when used.
Antistrain +1 Gain protection against spellstrained levels.
Autorepair 6000 gp Autorepair weapons and armor recover hit points with time, and can even be restored if destroyed or sundered.
Blur Shield +1,000 A Blur Shield grants 20% cover to its wielder, against all attacks.
Bullseye +2 A bullseye shield naturally draws attacks towards it, becoming more pronounced every time you're injured and throwing off the aim of opponents.
Compression +1,000 A compression item can well compress itself into a small item such as a ring or a belt.
Compression Matrix +1 A compression matrix armor you to store your entire inventory in a single item.
Coolant 500 gp A coolant weapon, armor, or shield has double its hardness against the effects of heat damage and protect its wielder from extreme heat damage when used.
Defiant +2 An enchantment that evens the odds.
Elegant +3,000 GP An Elegant weapon seem more refined than weapon of the same kind are especially useful for agile wielders.
Energy Battery +2 You are struck with burning flame, but you endure and then return the favor with a blast of fire of your own!
Floating +1 A weapon or shield with this enhancement will float in your space until sheathed or gripped.
Forceplate +5 Your armor or shield improved max dexterity by +5, decreases armor check penalty by 5, and has no weight.
Forcewall +4 With a move action you deploy the shield in mid air, and it forms an unbreakable barrier.
Form Fitting 500 gp per bonus Form fitting armor and shields have their armor check penalty lowered, flexing perfectly in time with your own body.
Full Speed +1 Full speed equipment doesn't slow you down.
Gravity Resistant +1 Gravity Resistant armor seems to be unusually lightweight for its build, and is easier to carry. Wearing it makes you seem to resist the pull of gravity easier.
Graze +1 When an attack misses your AC by 5 or less, you may make a 5 foot step as a non-action action.
Hyper +1 Weapons and shields that are bigger on the inside than they are on the out.
Indomitable +7 An indomitable shield blocks attacks without fail, as long as you're focused on your target.
Insulated 500 gp An insulated weapon, armor, or shield has double its hardness against the effects of electrical damage and is treated as non-magnetic and non-metallic for the purposes of spells and other effects (but not against rust).
Material Composite +1 plus appropriate material cost A piece of armor, shield or weapon enhanced with material composite effectively gains benefits as if it were made from an additional material.
Nimble +1, +2, +1,000 per +1 Max Dex, +3 Nimble equipment increases maximum Dexterity bonus.
Nullstrain +3 Gain protection against spellstrained.
Phalanx +2 Phalanx shields support and defense your teammates nearby.
Phantom Weight +1 A phantom weight armor or shield count as heavier or lighter when appropriate.
Reflecting Carapace, Tarrasque +10 Those wielding this shield deflect all rays, lines, cones, and even magic missile spells.
Reflective Carapace, Greater +5 Those wielding this shield have a 50% chance to deflect any rays or ranged touch attacks, as well as magic missile spells, away from them, as long as they benefit from their shield bonus and are not flatfooted.
Reflective Carapace, Lesser +3 Those wielding this shield have a 20% chance to deflect any rays or ranged touch attacks away from them, as long as they benefit from their shield bonus and are not flatfooted.
Sanctified +2 A sanctified armor turn exotic from of damage into regular damage and sanctified shield grant you a resistance to those damage type.
Secure 2000 gp, 8000 (punitive), or 62,000 gp (unlimited punitive) Secure items deny their use to all but specific users. Advanced secure items can even deal punitive measures to ensure compliance.
Shield of Elements +1
Spellshield +3 Spellshield armor and shields grant its user spell resistance equal to their character level + 6, or SR 13, whichever is greater.
Spellshield, Greater +5 Greater spellshield armor and shields grant its user spell resistance equal to their character level + 11, or SR 17, whichever is greater..
Spellshield, Lesser +1 Lesser spellshield armor and shields grant its user spell resistance equal to their character level +1, or SR 9, whichever is greater.
Steelwood 1500 gp For some reason the ironwood spell isn't permanent. Then someone figured out how to do it.
Strikeback +1 A shield with this enhancement does damage to those who hit it.
Superior Deflection +4 An superior deflection shield can deflect nearly anything, even rays and boulders.
Swapmetal 5000 gp Swapmetal armors, shields, or weapons can switch a normal item to adamantine, silver, or other materials... provided you've spent the funds for the material itself.
Tower Slam +1 Shields with this enhancement can be used for shield bashes, lose the -2 penalty to attack rolls, and gain a special staggering attack.
Untouchable +1 A wielder with an untouchable shield applies their shield bonus to their touch AC.
Weightless +1 or 1000gp Your item has no weight.

Magical Shield Prestige Enhancements[edit]

A piece of equipment may have only a single prestige enhancements placed upon it but may have other enhancements as normal.

Name Cost Summary
Buoyant 1500 gp A buoyant item always floats in liquids when not held or wielded.
Corrosion Nix 500 gp The protected object resists all rust and acid damage.
Lifeseek 7500 gp Your weapon or shield detects the presence of life, and you can track those who you possess a fragment of.
Soothe Bell 2700 gp Once activated, your weapon, armor, or shield calms animals and vermins around you that can hear your mystic chime.
Soulsight 3000 gp Able to be applied to almost any item, this enhancement lets you see the recently deceased and haunted places.
Yellowward +2 A yellowward shield often gets weapons stuck in it.

Shield Crystals[edit]

Shield crystals were introduced in the Magic Item Compendium. They can be attached to masterwork or magic shields to grant them additional properties.

Name Cost Summary
Crystal of Spellwarding 3,000 gp (Least), 12,000 gp (Lesser), 30,000 gp (Greater) For those who fight mages and other spellcasters, this crystal can be an invaluable addition.
Expanded Crystal of Energy Protection 500 gp (Least), 1,500 gp (Lesser), 3,000 gp (Greater) A greater selection for the Crystal of Energy Protection found in the Magic Item Compendium.
Flying Shield Crystal 2,500 gp (Least), 5,000 gp (Lesser), 12,500 gp (Greater) Animate your shield and have it defend you vigorously.
Truecenter Crystal 1,000 gp (Least), 4,000 gp (Lesser), 10,000 gp (Greater) Gives balance to yourself, preventing common mishaps and honing your skills.

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