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This page contains the homebrew class spell list for the Paladette class.

Paladette Spells

1st-Level Paladette Spells

Cure Friendly Fire: Heal the target of friendly fire damage incurred since the previous round.

Tazer Beam: Zap a creature with an electrical pulse that overloads their muscles, robbing them of the ability to do anything but feebly convulse for a short time.

2nd-Level Paladette Spells

Contract: You write up a contract, and anyone who breaks it feels very guilty.

Fool's Gold: You can trick people into accepting your trash as gold.

Increase Susceptibility: You make your hapless victim more susceptible to diseases.

Temper Curse: Convert hard-to-handle conditions into easier-to-manage counterparts.

Unseen Medic: An unseen servant that goes around healing people indiscriminately.

3rd-Level Paladette Spells

Curse of the Annoying Speech Impediment: You doom someone to speak in an annoying way.

Detect Survivors: You hunt down those pesky little survivors that try to hide from you.

Last Rites: Choose the afterlife the dead character goes to.

Lie Detection: The long-overdue counter to glibness, this spell grants a +30 bonus to Sense Motive checks.

Look Out Below!: Create a false bridge that is perfectly real and able to support weight — until you decide that it isn't.

Quasi-Eternal Rest: The target falls into an unapproachable sleep until the specified event occurs.

Reverse Cure: Effects that would cure the target wound them instead.

4th-Level Paladette Spells

Greater Contract: You write up a contract, and anyone who breaks it feels very dead.

Morality Test: The target will die unless they do something you specify. Or maybe they'll only die if they do that thing. It's hard to know.

Plant of Madness: You enchant a plant with the ability to bestow confusion on all who sleep near it.

Vengeance Plague: You cause a deadly contagion to spread rampantly through the population until someone comes up to you and apologizes.

5th-Level Paladette Spells

Holy Hold: Create a large ring of light that shrinks into a singularity over the course of 5 rounds, perfectly binding any who fail to escape.

Obsession: Target becomes obsessed with subject.

Right the Wrongs: The Paladin raises the dead

Summon Stalkers: Summon a pack of creepy perverts, cannibals, sadists, and other undesirable characters to follow somebody around and make their life utter hell.

6th-Level Paladette Spells

Contagion, Greater: Like contagion, but more spells to choose from.

Wall of Ironize: The targeted object cannot be sold or used as crafting ingredients.

7th-Level Paladette Spells

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