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This page contains the homebrew class spell list for the Patron Witch class. For the full spell list, including SRD and other entries, please see the class description.

Patron Witch Spells

0th-Level Patron Witch Spells

Belladone's Curse of Inconvenience: Minor curses which are really annoying, and mostly temporary.

1st-Level Patron Witch Spells

Thought Seed: You insert a thought in the mind of the target, who may believe it her own.

2nd-Level Patron Witch Spells

Cone of Searing Wax: Fire a cone of searing wax to damage your opponents and immobilize them.

Dyfen's Violent Flashback: You cause a creature to experience extremely realistic flashbacks, possibly wasting his or her action.

Sudden Weakness: You cause a creature to take a large penalty to strength and possibly fall prone.

3rd-Level Patron Witch Spells

Belladone's Curse of Stolen Boons: You curse a creature so that the next beneficial spell that is cast upon them affects you instead.

Belladone's Fiendish Defender: Summon a fiendish warrior, though they are contained to an area.

Dyfen's Mind Corrosion: You cause the mind a creature to quickly deteriorate based on the action they take.

Ectoplasmic Strangulation: You create hand, claws and other appendages from ectoplasm and send them out to attack and harass your foes.

Hypnotism, Greater: A more powerful version of hypnotism.

Icicle Spears: You summon spears made of ice from the ground, impaling foes with great prejudice.

4th-Level Patron Witch Spells

Belladone's Spore Wind: Release a wind which spreads a cloud of spores that carry random baneful effects.

Kiden's Miniaturized Entrapment: A long term spell that allow you to imprison your target, or at least inconvenience them for a round.

Kiden's Polymorph Peons: You turn weak humanoids into small animals or object permanently.

Shared Affliction: Gain a protective ward. If you are struck with a status effect, the opponent is also afflicted.

Shrinking Curse: You curse a creature to shrink and shrink until they no longer exist.

Stormclouds of Dark Omens: Alter the weather to be dark, gloomy, and ripe for storms.

5th-Level Patron Witch Spells

Belladone's Shared Fortune/Misfortune: If you have bad luck on your rolls, you can share it with others. Or share your good luck instead.

Dyfen's Self Erasure: You erase yourself from the memories of others.

Skeletal Overgrowth: The target's skeleton grows and grows until their skin rips and they die.

Suicidal Command: You force a creature to follow a suicidal command.

Witch's Broom: Create a flying broom for easy transportation.

6th-Level Patron Witch Spells

Anti-Technology Field: This spell create a field which cause technological equipment to fail.

Belladone's Death Curse of Snakes: A bolt of killing green light reduces the target to snakes.

Liliane's Stabbing Cloudkill: An improved cloudkill, which stab and drag people.

7th-Level Patron Witch Spells

Brand of Sacrifice: Use a powerful necromancy spell to slay a creature and summon a fiend under you control.

Liliane's Ray of Death: A ray which deal 100 damage and maim the body of those it kill.

8th-Level Patron Witch Spells

Unmaking: A spell that unmake a creature, utterly obliterating it without trace.

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