Analgesia (3.5e Trait)

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Author: Sulacu (talk)
Date Created: December 1, 2016
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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You are completely insensitive to pain. This has benefits, but more often than not it can be a major hassle.

Benefit: You are immune to all pain-based effects. If conditions such as sickening or nausea or any others are expressly stated to be the byproduct of the extreme pain caused by some spell or effect, they don't affect you. This does not negate any damage or other harmful consequence that the effect causes.

You cannot be staggered unless you are at 0 hit points or below.

Most of your actions cannot be interrupted by dealing damage to you; you never have to make Concentration checks to cast or maintain a spell or other effect while taking damage, and neither can attacks of opportunity prevent your action, such as when you try to trip someone without the benefit of the Improved Trip feat.

Drawback: Your immunity to pain means that you never developed a proper appreciation of danger, or any of the withdrawal reflexes that protect a normal person from injury or harm. You take a -2 penalty to AC and Reflex saves.

You cannot sense your own physical condition. Since you cannot perceive your injuries, the damage you take and the amount of remaining hit points you have at any time is to be kept secret from you, handled by the DM or otherwise kept track of by a third party. You are also unaware of any injury-based conditions currently active on your body, such as bleed.

You can take some time to precisely ascertain your current hit points and status by self-examining. This involves no skills but functions as taking 20, requiring at least 1 minute of time out of combat.

Special: This trait is not compatible with any character options that grant effects that require you to be able to sense pain, such as Painzerker.

Roleplaying Ideas: You are an implacable, fearless combatant, but you never know when your body will give out on you. Also, stop chewing on your tongue. That coppery taste in your mouth is damage and bleeding.

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