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This table lists all 3.5e homebrew traits on the wiki.

Trait Summary
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Acclimated to Cold You are well acclimated to intense cold, allowing you to persist even in glacial nights..
Acclimated to Heat You are well acclimated to intense heat, allowing you to resist the hottest of weather.
Active Immune System You don't get sick often, but when you do, it's unpleasant.
Adorable You are so cute, so squishy and cute.
Advantageous Poise You can count as one size category off from what you are.
Adventuring Intern You count as having one level in a class you don't actually have, thanks to being trained by adventurers during your NPC days.
Alien Blood There's something off about you. You're not a natural part of this biosphere...
Aligned Blood Count as an alignment you aren't.
Ambidextrous You favor neither hand, and are strongest when you use each one equally.
Ambiguous Features For some reason no one gets your race and/or sex right.
Analgesia You are completely insensitive to pain. This has benefits, but more often than not it can be a major hassle.
Animal Hatred Maybe you are cursed, or perhaps you just don't have a way with critters, but animals really have a distaste for you.
Antsy You simply cannot relax and rest. You always want to be doing something. This means you tend to have better reaction times, but you have a hard time taking a break to rejuvenate yourself.
Armorless Warforged Some warforged lack composite plating. This allows them to wear armor or magic robes.
Artificial Being You were not born like typical creatures of your kind, instead you were made in an arcane lab. While on the surface you appear as a normal creature of your kind, deep down you are unaging and artificial.
Artificial Eye You were blind from birth (or by accident early on in your life), but your caretakers managed to craft, buy, steal, or otherwise procure some kind of device that allowed you to "see" more or less like normal people. Whether it's a pair of enchanted glasses, a magic cloth you wrap around your eyes, or a floating mystic-looking eye orbiting your head like an ioun stone, the description is up to you, but the mechanical function remains the same.
Asperger's Syndrome You do not get social interactions. At all. As a result, you are outrageously incompetent at socializing. On the other hand, you're a genius in academic pursuits.
Assistant You're better at helping someone else out in some way, such as when lifting something heavy or recalling a piece of knowledge, than doing it yourself.
Avenger Within you lies a terrible need for vengeance, which allows you to hurt specific enemies for more ruthlessly. However, this single-mindedness can be your downfall as you ignore other targets.
Bad Attitude You're difficult to motivate and manipulate and others generally don't get along well with you.
Bad Breath You have bad breath. It is bad for speaking, and an insulting weapon.
Bald You're bald, likely prematurely so, and highly conscious of it. Your baldness is so bald, it goes beyond ordinary baldness.
Barbarian Irritation Don't get me irritated. You wouldn't like me when I'm irritated.
Beloved Trader You're loved by your people, so prices are cheaper for you.
Big Eyes My, what big eyes you have.
Blind In exchange for your eyes, you gain a different type of "eyesight".
Blood Frenzied When your life is in danger, the feel of your blood being shed drives you into a berserk rage.
Blowhard You've been stabbed, poisoned, shot, dragged through the dirt and left in the freezing night, but you still won't shut up!
Bones of the Basset Hound You are big-boned with such high bone density that you are stronger than your size suggests, but can't swim and are shorter than most members of your race
Bonus Language Barrier Gain other skills instead of bonus languages.
Born Cursed You were cursed by some kind of creature, a curse that never wears off.
Born Under A Bad Sign You've been scarred by dark powers, but those old wounds pulse with black strength just beneath the skin.
Brickhouse You're built like a brick house. You don't let anything past you.
Celebrity You are a celebrity! A Star! You know how to draw attention to yourself and your fan always appreciate your presence. However people who don't know who you are just see you as a very self-important person.
Colorblind Which wire do you cut? Red or green? Shoot, they're the same color to you!
Compensating Training Use one ability score for another, provided you keep the replaced score somewhat decent as well.
Completely Nuts You are so nuts your head is full of squirrels.
Crafting Talents You are a dedicated craftman, you may not be the smartest of the bunch. But you know how to make stuff like the smartest wizard.
Creepy Erratic Movement You move with an unsteady, arrhythmic, unnatural motion, and most people find it unsettling.
Curious This trait symbolizes how curious about learning and investigating the person is.
Curse of Random Teleportation Sometimes you just aren't there.
Cursed Armor You know how to use armor, because you're stuck in it all the time.
Cybernetics You've gotten upgraded! Be it a metal eye, plugs in your body, or cell phone on your wrist, you have an unusually large amount of metal in your frame.
Deceptive Strength Your are lean and maybe even scrawny but possess incredible strength for your size.
Defensive You fight using a defensive style which allows for better parries and dodge, but make your less likely to act first.
Deformed You were either born a hunchback, a defaced mutant, maybe just ugly or even perhaps with hidden deformities that greatly undermine your self confidence.
Determined You are better able to fight off attacks on your mind at the cost of your ability get out of the way of danger.
Disciple of Peace You greatly dislike violence; it makes you sick.
Discipline Dabbler You've dabbled in one of the psion's disciplines, and picked up a power. Unfortunately, the mental stress of reaching out across disciplines taxes your mind.
Discipline Dabbler, Variant You gain access to a discipline list, at the cost of being much worse at other disciplines.
Distant Hybrid Despite being human you have a distant ancestor from another race, this cause you to be gifted in unusual ways.
Divine Conduit You are infused with positive energy. This allows you to ward off undead and augments your magical healing, but makes you more susceptible to necromancy.
Double Personality You have a dual personality, both very different and both with their hold on your psyche.
Dragon Blood You have the blood of a dragon, this grant you the dragonblooded subtype but also make you weaker to either cold or fire.
Drop Item When you die, you drop unrelated treasures.
Druggie You consume or consumed quite a bit of illicit substance, though unlike other similar trait you might be be addicted. It did however leave your mind slightly damage by the abuses.
Dubious Fortune When you roll well, you beget misfortune. When you roll poorly, you beget fortune.
Dull Surprise You have the ultimate poker face, or you're not very expressive...
Eek! Flee in terror from the crawling masses.
Electric Sheep Is that warforged... snoring?
Elemental Gem You were born with a magical gemstone implanted in your forehead. this stone is attuned to one of the four elements. Mephits and elementals of your element love you!... albeit in... different ways.
Emo Vampire You aren't harmed by the sun, but you sparkle.
Exceptional Luck When your luck is good, it's great. But when it's bad, it's terrible.
Exotic Training You can qualify as having stats higher than you do, at a loss elsewhere.
Experimental Graft You received an experimental graft in your youth, while it has plenty of upsides it left you bodily damaged.
Extra Credit Skill Gain a single skill as a class skill with a minor penalty.
Extra Immune If you have redundant immunity, your immunity applies even against things which would bypass it.
Extraordinarily Short You are very very short for your race.
Extraordinary Dominance Some achieve greatness through the supernatural. You achieve greatness through your willpower to be extraordinary.
Extremely Moderate Luck Everything falls sort of into place.
Fallen Celestial You have fallen from the upper planes, your planar essence is reversed but you still share the traits of your angelic kin.
Family Curse You have a terrible family curse which cut the life of it member's short, however some are capable to draw upon this curse for additional power.
Fashionista You always want to look fashionable and your look is never stale.
Favored Weapon All your life you trained with the longsword, and you're really good at it. Too bad you swing all other weapons like they were longswords...
Fear of Owlbear You were deathly affected by a fateful encounter with this majestic and terrifying creature. You dare not approach or disturb them.
Feat of Minor Achievement For High and higher level games: gain a Low level feat for a minor cost in skill points, as you achieve minor and unremarkable feats and abilities.
Feeling of Invincibility You think you are unbeatable, this lead you to make tactically poor decision but make using fear tactic downright impossible on you.
Feral You have either gotten lost in the wilds and remained there for so long that you have reverted to more wild state or you are descended from someone who did. You have no desire to return to civilization, if you have ever even lived in it. In fact, you shun it, even more so than most druids, and actively fear it.
Feyblooded The powers granted by your Magic-Blooded template are based on a remote fey heritage. This trait require Spanambula's Magic-Blooded template.
Finesse Focus You gain Weapon Finesse, but lose proficiency in non-finesse melee weapons.
Flavorful Skill You gain max ranks in a skill that doesn't really matter.
Forced Omens An enlarged widened prestidigitation effect follows you wherever you go. For the most part you can't control it.
Genetic Black Sheep Switch your ability scores around, resulting in charismatic dwarves or unusually strong gnomes.
Glasses You have glasses.
Great Swamp Caster The Great Swamp was renowned for it powerful fire mage, through the use powerful alchemical rituals, drug uses and esoteric lore they were able to develop a unique kind of magic that do not depend on the caster's mind.
Hairless Some creatures are naturally hairless. Among the Canin, there are four known hairless breeds: the Chinese Crested, Peruvian Inca Orchid, American Hairless Terrier, and Xoloitzcuintli. Other Canin, canines, Gnolls, dog-like monstrous humanoids, Cat-Folk, or any other humanoid, monstrous humanoid, animal, magical beast, etc that is normally naturally covered in fur or hair (not, humans, dwarves, elves and the like) could be born hairless due to either a natural mutation or being a new hairless breed.
Half-Blind You have poor eyesight, which reduce your ability to fight with ranged weapon and make seeing far away objects much harder. However you got used to your bad eyesight, allowing you to move faster in situation of poor visibility.
Hard of Hearing You may be half deaf, have listened to music too loudly or are constantly wearing headphones pumping music in your ears. That make you resistant to sonic effects but make it difficult to hear incoming threats or pretty much anything.
Heavy Drinker You have a drinking habit which is hard to contain, it can lead to awkward situations.
Hermaphroditic You bear both sexes.
High Energy You have a lot of energy. You get excited very easily, are moving almost constantly, and can keep going for hours after most others have gotten tired and need to rest.
Highlander Syndrome You suffer from a mysterious illness that prevents you from aging.
Hipster Crafter You make items out of unusual material, with sub-optimal or weird spells and of strange and uncomfortable shapes.
Holmesian Intuition Reading people and your environment is a science, not an art.
Honorable Bow Your battle tradition teach you that you must bow before your opponents and place an emphasis on challenge.
Host of Nightmare You are bombarded by the thoughts of Dark Gods and Eldricth Abominations from beyond.
Hot-Blooded You prefer action over thought.
Hulking Brute You are adept at using your size or strength to scare people, but lack experience in other forms of social interaction.
Hungry Hungry Construct Constructs usually cannot eat. Now they can.
I Am Not Left Handed Surprise your opponent by switching from your weak hand to your dominant hand.
Idiotic You are a stupid person, this has SOME edge advantages. It mostly an hindrance though.
Immortality Stripped Asunder While you were once a member of another plane, you might have even been an immortal. With your immortality stripped you appear as nothing more than a mere human.
Incantation Caster You say words of power while casting spells, requiring almost no somatic components at all. However, your incantations are long and very necessary to your spell's success.
Incantation Warlock Your are a warlock that rely vocal component rather than somatic components.
Inconveniently Horse Occasionally, you are a horse.
Inevitable Petrification Due to an unshakable curse you are slowly becoming petrified. There is small benefit in it, though...
Inherently Skilled Your skills don't come from your smarts; you have basic training that comes inherently from you.
Joyful Casting You imbue your casting with joy and fun, jumping around and and having all the fun.
Killing Touch Skin to skin contact with you is hazardous at best, slowly draining other of their life force.
Leather Tough You trade natural armor for more hit points.
Liar's Nose The tip of your nose grows a little every time you lie.
Linked Companion You are linked with your companion in spirit, but also share a powerful soul link.
Linked Mind Very rarely some people possess innate link with each others, they are able to communicate with thoughts and always inherently each other's status. This trait is often found in twin or at least siblings but is sometime found in other pairs with a strange link, sometime even strangers from very far away.
Long Hair You have long luscious locks, and while they get in the way sometimes, they can be deadly.
Lost Tradition You are a spellcaster with odd and strange tradition, who are sadly not as effective as the real thing.
Love of X Fuck yeah, mollusks rock!
Machine Affinity You have an affinity with machines over people, knowing how to assemble, disable and rebuild them. However you have difficulties with your social skills.
Mad Doctor You use your brain for healing.
Magical Blood Count as a spellcaster, even though you aren't.
Magical Depths Your spellcasting potential is as deep as the sea, but its size makes your available energy not very dense.
Magical Potency Your spellcasting potential is rich and powerful, but its dense state doesn't give you much to work with.
Masochistic Hit me again! Yes...YES
Metaphors Go Over Your Head You don't get metaphors.
Mime Apotheosis You are the exemplar of mimosity.
Minor Family Curse One of your ancestor was cursed by an ancient being, this causes strange effects to manifest within your bloodline.
Missing Hand Replacement You have lost one of your hands (or possibly your whole arm), and you have replaced it with a weapon of your choice.
Mixed Blood You carry the blood of another race, by a mystic ritual, a strange mixture of genes, or simply someone in your ancestry having been of another race.
Monstrous You're not quite humanoid.
Mood Swing You are predisposed to intense mood swings, your emotions are just that extreme.
Muted Emotion You have muted emotions, or at least a muted response to them.
Mystery Hat You have a privacy hat. Always.
Natural Specialist You are highly acclimated to a certain biome, and are attuned to it so well that surviving there is literally second nature to you. However, you're a fish out of water anywhere else.
Nature-Minded Animals love you, but you have no people skills.
Nervous Constantly alert, you're better at dodging physical threats at the expense of fighting mental ones.
Night Sighted You lived all your life in an area of darkness. This grant you the ability to see in the dark for some extend but make you vulnerable to sudden bright light.
No Reflection You do not cast a reflection in mirrors, anything you wear or wield still does but you do not. For good or ill.
Noisy Decloak You can re-apply invisibility if you broke it, but when you stop being invisible, you are very obvious. Your invisibility can be partly broken on a successful hit.
Nonlethal Training Deal nonlethal by default instead of lethal damage.
Obnoxious You are bloody obnoxious, you have the ability to taunt your foes and make them want to kill you. On the other hand, you are really obnoxious.
One-Dimensional Tyranny Whenever you're on the move, everyone else better get out of the way, for their own safety. Fortunately for the enemy, you get confused by corners.
Opportunist You're able to hit moving targets quickly, making accurate strike after strike against foes that others would find harder to hit.
Opportunistic Defender You are defensive and dodgy until it the time to strike, you are quick and furious at exploiting weaknesses in your opponent's defense.
Outlaw Reputation You are well known for your outlawish past (or present). You may also just look like an outlaw...
Pain Tolerance Training Thanks to special training your received you are nigh immune to pain, but also less resilient because of it.
Painzerker You're sluggish when you're healthy, but injury makes you a force to be reckoned with.
Paranoia You are paranoiac, everyone isn't out to get you. Everyone is out to get you.
Planetouched Embodiment Aasimars, tieflings, and genasi count as members of their origin creature.
Poison in the Blood Gain Poison Use, but you don't recover quite as well...
Preacher Having learned the ins and outs of religious ceremony, you can easily lead a congregation in the major rituals of their faith.
Primitive Living You live in conditions which make using modern technology difficult, you prefer to fight with clubs and stone.
Proof of Royal Heritage You possess a magical scroll that shows your family history as proof of your royal heritage.
Pseudologia Fantastica You are a pathological liar.
Psicrystal Popsi Fanatic You can't get enough of Psicrystal Popsi, but you have trouble ingesting anything else.
Psychic Potential You were born with the seed of psionic potential within you. However, this has caused you to take longer to grow, leaving you less skillful than some of your counterparts.
Quiet Type You don't say much...
Racial Mutation You are a weird little mutant, exceeding where your race typically does not. Maybe it the start of a new subrace?
Racist You find your race to be immensely superior to one or more other races.
Radical Upbringing Your childhood and basic training has been radically different from that of your peers, causing you to focus on different subjects.
Raised by Wolves Raised in the wild, you have a natural tongue with the beasts of nature, though your literate upbringing is a little lacking.
Raised on Mythology You were raised on tales of great heroes and deadly monsters.
Rapid Metaspecialist Spontaneous casters do not have casting time increased using metamagic, but they can only apply one at a time.
Raspy Whisper You have a raspy whisper. It's creepy but makes it hard to talk to people.
Resilient Recieve a penalty to Spot, Listen, and Sense Motive checks for additional hit points.
Resonant Senses If I can't see you, then you cannot possibly see ME!
Resourceful You've picked up a thing or two beyond your normal training.
Reverse Dodge You have reverse dodge, like dodge but worse!
Rod of Wonder Victim You are the personal victim of one the most most unpredictable forces in the world: a rod of wonder.
Rumormonger You're good at picking up not entirely accurate information.
Run in Place You have a habit of running in place for a few seconds before you take off, leaving a cloud of dust in your wake.
Savantism You are exceptional at one thing, but terrible at all others.
Save Swapper You can switch one save for another save.
Save the Villain Deal nonlethal without penalty, but you cannot finish off the helpless.
Scholarly Background You were raised by scholars and masters, allowing to expand your learning horizon, but it made you rather frail compared to other children of your age.
Self Destruct When you die, you'll take others with you. But you'll lose your body...
Self-Destruct System You have bomb inside of you, which can be primed to explode and deal heavy damage to enemies and yourself. However it leave a strong structural weakness in your system, which may be easily exploited by those of canny mind and able hands.
Self-Indulgent Your constant use of alcohol and various recreational drugs has given you a tolerance to ingested and inhaled poisons.
Self-Taught All your fellow dwarves in dwarf school were lined up, swinging their practice axes under the watchful eye of the instructor. You, however, crept off into the corner with that sweet-looking trident...
Sexist Your character has something against the opposite sex and believes that the character's sex is the superior sex.
Sight Without Sight While you are blind, either from birth or from some accident, your lack of sight has never impaired your ability to kick ass.
Singular Crafting Talent Good at making one thing. Not so good at making anything else.
Sinister Laugh You have a creepy sinister laugh, it doesn't help you always laugh at the wrong time.
Sisyphus's Burden You can carry more… but you have to carry more.
Skill Before Grit You have a lot of skill points at the cost of combat effectiveness.
Skill Trick Monkey You have a roguish demeanor and like playing dirty, however you are less likely to survive straight up fights.
Skilled You've spent more time broadening your mind than broadening your pecs. Or whatever you use to take hits.
Skilled Beyond Measures You have an extreme array of skills, but you are less effective at applying them. If there a skill you are not trained in, you just suck at it.
Slasher Movie Character You are like the character from a slasher movie, you may or may not be the real killer or maybe you are the opening kill.
Slight Body You have a small body, you are not quite one size category smaller but you are getting there.
Spaz You react in the extreme.
Speaking in Tongues You speak in a strange language and seem unable to use another language.
Spellcasting Specialist You can specialize like a wizard.
Spicy Food Fanatic You love spicy food of all kind, especially the one that could melt a fire giant's tongue.
Stable Time You are immune to the afflictions and benefits of time alteration.
Stance of the Wibble You wobble, but you get back up.
Steel Horse-Infused You have handlebars and rumble loudly when you move around. Vroom vroom!
Studied Specialization You took time to train a skill, granting you the ability to use an alternative ability score when making skill check with the chosen skill.
Style Shtick You have an almost supernatural style that surrounds you, making you look that much cooler.
Super Brother Physics You ate a strange mushroom. Now you have two lives, kinda...
Synesthesia Your body mixes up your senses, generally a person with synesthesia is able to see sounds, hear with their eyes.
Tactile Telepathy Your telepathic powers are more powerful and easy to use but they are limited to your touch.
Taking the Scenic Route You take longer than normal to get to your destination. Sometimes this is a good thing.
Telekinetic You can move things with your mind, but use of the ability has lead to the weakening of your actual muscles.
Terrifying Reputation You have a terrifying reputation around you, regardless if the rumors are true or not.
The Olde Tongue You were raised with ye olde tongue, great for Shakespeare, but annoying for normal speech.
Time Traveler You are a time traveler from the far future, sadly however the means of going back to your time has been lost and you are now trapped with a bunch of cavemen in the far past.
Tiny Terror You remain scary even though you are small.
Too Hot You are really attractive, or at least you have very desirable features. This works mostly against you, though — not even talking about the back problems or the scratches all over your body.
Translator Required You live life subbed. Or is it dubbed?
Trap You look and act like a member of the opposite gender.
Trapspringer You are incredibly able at finding and disarming traps.
Trivia Hound Wait, you heard something about this once...
Twitchy You have quicker reflexes than the average person, but at the cost of a bit of your fortitude.
Unique Perform Style You have a unique style of performance, allowing you to use another ability score for one of your perform skill instead of charisma. However your performance style is more likely to fall apart when things just doesn't work.
Universal Caster Your spells count as arcane and divine, but that only helps for pre-requisites.
Unmemorable Nobody remembers you and it suits you just fine.
Unnatural Aura Your growth has been tainted by a strange creepiness that scares others.
Unorthodox Tutelage The monastery where you received your training chose to emphasize the training of some weapons over others.
Versatile You have a greater variety of talents than your peers, but this talent comes at a price as your other skills diminish.
Victim of the Weird You found an eldritch manuscript and studied it, finding terrible dark lore inside and linking your spirit to the vestige Whitechapel, the Blinded Truth. However when you looked in the abyss something starred back.
Void Born You are a hole in the weave. Magic cannot see you, touch you, or hear you.
Wild Abilities Your ability scores vary a lot, for good or ill.
Wild Magic You can't control which spells you cast.
Witch-Born Your mom may have been a witch or your dad a warlock.
Worst Direction Sense You would have trouble finding your own backyard.
Yearling Gene The Yearling Gene causes you to live in the moment, as your lifespan is a single year.

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