Aspect of the Dragonfly (3.5e Feat)

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Author: Homebrewed Wizard (talk)
Date Created: October 31, 2013
Status: Complete
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Aspect of the Dragonfly [Hivemaster] Prerequisites: Aspect of the Vermin class featureBenefit: You gain benefits based on your hivemaster level.

3: Dragonflies are masters of aerial precision and power. Hivemasters can take on this attribute by sprouting to scale perfect dragonfly wings, it will take some time to get acclimated, however you can use your wings to glide effortlessly, and increase your movement speed by 10.

7: Your wings are now fully developed and override any other wings granted by other aspects, they have exceptional maneuverability. You can fly up, down, side to side, and even diagonally with expert precision. Your flight speed is your walking speed plus 5+ per Hivemaster level. Your legs and arms can now bend unnaturally to form the "basket" that dragonflies use to scoop up their prey, you can lift anything one size class bigger than you or lower, this is considered a grappling check with advantage. Your flight speed is halved if you are carrying something, however you can drop them and they will take half the damage of the 10 foot increments they fell. If they succeed an acrobatics check they pass with no harm.

11: You have achieved pure aerial superiority, increase your flight speed bonus by 30.

15: The dragonflies living within you have reverted to their primal forms, and so you take on the same aspect. You are considered one size class larger and your wings are now able to whip up powerful gusts beneath you, creatures must compete in a constitution saving throw of DC 8 + your con mod + your dex mod or they are knocked prone as you fly overhead.

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