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Author: Aarnott (talk)
Date Created: 23:49, 17 March 2014 (UTC)
Status: 'Tis what it is
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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This monster is balanced to fit in a high level of balance game. I have taken the liberty of not using the standard D&D rules for determining various statistics for this monster. As a result, it may seem a bit stronger (or weaker) than some SRD monsters of the same CR and that is fine. I think it will pose an appropriate challenge for characters of its CR.


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CR 21

LE Large Outsider (Devil, Extraplanar, Evil, Lawful)
Init/Senses +14/Telepathy 1000 ft., See Everything 200ft.; Listen +38, Spot +38
Aura Aura of Teleportation 10 ft.
AC 52, touch 32, flat-footed 50
hp 440 (21 HD); DR 15/epic, fast healing 10
Immune polymorphing, petrification, and other form-altering attacks; energy drain, ability drain, ability damage, death-effects, or death from massive damage; mind-affecting effects; cold, poison, sleep, or paralysis; any effects that would cause loss of movement or actions
Fort/Ref/Will +24/+24/+24
Speed 40 ft. (8 squares); teleport 200 ft. (40 squares)
Melee +45/+43/+43/+43/+43/+43/+43/+43 Claws (2d6 + 10, pierces all damage reduction)
Space/Reach 10ft./10ft.
Base Atk/Grp +21/+44
Atk Options 8-Sided Strike, Slow Burst, Offensive Teleport
Abilities Str 40, Dex 44, Con 32, Int 30, Wis 30, Cha 30
Skills Balance +38, Bluff +38, Climb +38, Concentration +38, Diplomacy +38, Disguise +38 (+2 acting), Hide +38, Intimidate +38, Jump +44 (never needed), Knowledge (any) +38, Listen +38, Move Silently +38, Search +38, Spellcraft +38, Spot +38, Survival +30 (+10 on other planes, +10 when tracking), Tumble +38
See Everything (Su) Azazel can see everything within 200 ft., regardless of illusions or barriers. He can see with such perfect clarity that he can read a note at the edge of this radius, regardless of what direction it is facing. He can basically see from every direction everywhere within the range.
Aura of Teleportation (Su) If Azazel begins or ends his turn within 10 ft. of a creature, that creature is teleported 1d6x50 ft. in a random direction (horizontally).
Master of Teleportation (Su) Azazel can teleport 200 ft. each round as a move action, breaking each part of the distance into 5ft. increments if he wants and intermixing other actions. He can also use Greater Teleport as a spell-like ability at will if he ever wants to.
8-Sided Strike (Su) When Azazel makes a full-round attack, he can teleport between each attack, for a total of up to 200 ft., to strike at his opponent from multiple angles. Make note of each location he teleports to. Whenever he is in a new position and would flank if he were in any of his previous positions this round, and he teleported at least 10 ft., he counts as flanking and deals +2 damage for each attack that has successfully hit this turn.

For example: if he attacks from in front of a character and hits, then teleports behind the character and attacks, the attack would have +2 to hit (flanking) and +2 damage (from the previous attack).

Defensive Teleport (Su) Once every 3 rounds as an immediate action, Azazel can teleport up to 200 ft. When he does, a mirror image of himself appears in his place, making his teleportation possibly go unnoticed.
Slow Burst (Su) As a swift action, Azazel can force each creature in a 50 ft. radius around him to take a Will save DC 33 or become slowed.
Offensive Teleport (Su) As a standard action, Azazel can force each creature in a 30 ft. radius to make a Fortitude save DC 33 or else be teleported 200 ft. into the air. They also become paralyzed until they hit the ground (or the end of their next turn, whichever comes first), and also have the effects of an antimagic ray (disabling all their magic items) until the end of their next turn.
Break Magic (Ex) As a swift action usable every 2 rounds, Azazel can make a targeted dispel attempt with a +30 bonus against any spell or magical effect affecting him. He can pick and choose which effects.
Cursed Azazel is currently cursed and confined to 10,000 ft. x 10,000 ft. region in the Nine Hells. He can use all of his teleportation magic freely in this area, but he can't use any of his planar abilities without special circumstances (see description below). If the curse is broken his CR increases by 2.
Tear Planar Fabric (Su) Azazel can tear the fabric between planes creating an effect similar to the planar travel option of a Gate spell. Instead, the gate does not require concentration, is 1 mile in diameter, and is permanent unless repaired by an epic level spell with a spellcraft DC of 45 that is specifically designed to repair it. This ability takes 1 hour to activate.
Planar Reinforcements (Su) As a full-round action, usable once per day, Azazel can create a gate 100 ft in diameter which has devil reinforcements on the other side containing 1 pit fiend, 10 horned devils, 100 ice devils, 250 barbed devils, 500 bone devils, 500 erinyes, 1000 chain devils, 2000 bearded devils, 20,000 imps, and 50,000 lemures. The gate stays open for 1 hour.

Azazel only has one pit fiend loyal to him right now, so he can only use this ability once. However, should the curse be broken, he could rally many more armies giving him more uses of this ability.

Plane Shift (Sp) Azazel can use Plane Shift as a spell-like ability at will.

A very long time ago, Azazel, a powerful Archdevil at the time, fell in love with a mortal woman. She was slated to marry the emperor of a great empire despite her hatred of the man. Azazel offered her power, riches, and most importantly escape from the emperor in exchange for her love. What he offered was everything she ever wanted and she readily agreed.

Unfortunately for her, the emperor was one step ahead. His magicians, masters of powerful curses, created a spell to tether her to the material plane. Despite Azazel's power, he could not take her away from the plane. His only option was to make a place for them to live in the material plane itself.

Azazel created a rift to the Nine Hells and conquered a small nation to rule. He and the mortal woman had many children together over the course of a few decades before the emperor took his revenge. In this time, the emperor's magicians had researched a curse to place on Azazel to send him back to the Nine Hells and bind him there forever. The emperor began a war with Azazel, waiting for the right opportunity to unleash the curse. When the moment was right, the curse was laid and the powerful devil was sent back to hell, bound forever.

Although there is certainly much more to the tale of Azazel, most of it has been forgotten. His legacy is the race called by his name: the Azazel. But he still exists waiting for the right opportunity to break the curse.


Like any other powerful devil, Azazel understands existence as a long-term game. Being immortal, he knows to carefully coordinate plans far enough in advance that waiting a few centuries to get what he wants isn't really a big deal. At least, he'd act like this if he hadn't been stuck basically powerless for millennia.

As far as he is concerned, something needs to be done now. He's become impatient. The powerful forces of the Nine Hells barely have any foothold in the material plane anymore. Clearly the Archdevils just aren't competent.

The Curse[edit]

On the eve of his banishment, every hundred thousand years, the curse on Azazel is weakened enough that he can break free for one week. Dark omens will appear approaching this day and seers will forsee a terrible darkness coming to the material plane.

In order to break the curse, Azazel must find a woman to agree, without any coercion and with full knowledge of the implications, to take his place in his prison in the Nine Hells.

Despite the complications built into breaking the curse, Azazel does have a plan to break it. He knows the woman that he loved (and who loved him) had her soul trapped in a gemstone. If he can find the gemstone and free her soul, he will be able to ressurect her and he knows she will take his place. Her desire was to live with him in the Nine Hells in the first place, after all.

Military Tactics[edit]

Azazel generally leaves his military tactics to his pit fiend general. All of his intelligence about the goings on in the multiverse come from this pit fiend and he trusts the pit fiend to wage a war far better than he could.

This being said, Azazel is still very impatient, which leads to recklessness. Although his general may lead the war in the best way he can, Azazel may still make some rash demands that may lead him into unwinnable battles. His requests will always be aggressive, which leads to a predictable weakness that could be exploited. Of course, he still has a devil army at his side, so even with predictability, he may be an overwhelming force.

Combat Tactics[edit]

When it comes to fighting heroes, Azazel is a master of hit-and-run assaults. He prefers to lure enemies into areas with lots of walls and twisted passageways. Since he can see through walls, he can easily gain an advantage by teleporting in for quick strikes and then retreating.

His aura of teleportation allows him to split a party up, so that he can engage a single target at a time. When surrounded or fighting large groups, he will teleport into the center of the group and use his offensive teleportation to disable their magic items and cause some fall damage.

He saves his break magic ability for dimensional anchors, but for a serious enough spell, he will use it as soon as possible.

When below 1/4 his max hitpoints, he will try to escape and wait until his fast healing gets him healthy enough for another attack.

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