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Author: Zhenra-Khal (talk)
Date Created: 12-14-2019
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Bloodbond Dvati[edit]

Most Dvati twins born are Bloodbonded to each other, having a strong empathic link with each other that allows them to share pain and rejuvenation with one another. They can even extend this gift, in order to share their life essence - And their pain - With others they don't share a bond with.

Bloodbonded Dvati don't vary in appearance from the default race, as this is their default subrace. ' is a subrace of Dvatis

Ability Score Increase: Charisma +1
Age. Dvati are considered to reach maturity at about 30 years of age, and can expect to live up to 150 years.
Alignment. Neutral Good. Dvati are natural peacemakers, able to understand both sides of every story, and they tend to use this skill to help opposing sides understand each other, working toward a common good.
Size. Dvati stand slighter than most humans, at about 5ft tall and around 150 pounds. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet. 
Darkvision: Creatures of a twilight state between light and dark, Dvati can see where others cannot. You can see in dim light within 30 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray. 
Frail Flesh. A Bloodbonded Dvati's sensitivity to each other and the outside world means their outreaching soul wears their bodies even more thinly than other Dvati subraces. When calculating hit points for Bloodbonded Dvati, each twin does not apply their Constitution modifier separately - Rather, the highest Constitution modifier between the twins is added to the overall hit points, then divided.
As an example, a normal level 1 Dvati Fighter, possessing a Constitution of 14, would have 7 hit points each, (10 from the Fighter dice, halved for each twin, +2 for each twin's Con mod). If this Fighter was a Bloodbonded Dvati, they would only have 6 hit points each (10 from the Fighter dice, +2 from the Con mod, divided in half).
At level 5, the same Dvati Fighter with the same Con score would have 27 hit points each (34 from Fighter HD, divided by half into 17, +10 from their Con mod), while if they were a Bloodbonded Dvati, they would have only 22 hit points each. 
Blood Bond. Bloodbonded Dvati share a deeper bond with their twin, feeling each others' pain as their own, to the point where wounds, though lesser, appear on both their bodies. When a Bloodbonded Dvati twin takes damage, they only take half that damage (Rounded up). The rest of the damage is taken by their twin, even across planar boundaries. This transfer of damage can be prevented if the Dvati succeeds at a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw; If successful, the first sibling takes the full amount of damage, and no damage carries over to the second twin. As Psychic damage affects both twins at full power, it cannot be thus split.
Likewise, they may choose to share physical ailments. Whenever they would be subject to anything that would trigger a Constitution saving throw, the effect's duration is split in the same way as above - The first half of the duration (Rounded up) goes to the twin that was the effect's target, and the second half of the duration goes to the other twin. This is also true for reductions to Strength, Dexterity and Constitution; The reduction of ability scores is also divided evenly.
Finally, whenever a Bloodbonded twin receives magical healing, that healing, cleansing of conditions, and restoration of ability scores is also slit between the twins, in the same manner as described above (With the cleansing of conditions wiping the condition from both twins equally). 
Empathic Healing. A Bloodbonded Dvati can expend their Hit Dice to heal others. By touch, while resting, a Bloodbonded Dvati can expend their own Hit Dice and heal the chosen target for the appropriate amount.
Additionally, they may expend their Hit Dice to heal themselves and others in a more rushed manner; As an action, a Dvati can touch a friendly target and expend a number of their own Hit Dice up to their proficiency bonus, healing the target for the chosen amount at a rate of 1HP per round per point of the Dvati's proficiency modifier, until all the healing has been spent. This means a 3rd-level Dvati Fighter could touch a wounded ally and expend two Hit Dice, healing the target for 2d10HP total. The Dvati rolls a total of 15, healing the target for 2 hit points each round for 6 rounds, plus 1 point on the final round. However, the Dvati must stay within 5ft of the target, and concentrate on the healing as if concentrating on a spell. 
Gift of Agony. As an action, the Dvati can force a target to share in their pain with a touch. By doing so, the Dvati makes a melee attack against a target; If it hits, the target takes Psychic damage equal to half the difference between that twin's current and maximum health (Rounded up). The target is allowed a Wisdom save (DC 8 + Dvati's proficiency modifier + the Dvati's Charisma modifier); If they succeed, the damage is reduced by half (Rounded up). This damage is not increased on a critical hit, but the save DC does increase by 2.
If the other twin uses their bonus action to Help their twin with the Gift of Agony, not only does the attack roll gain advantage, but the damage is calculated based on the combined current and maximum health of both twins, rather than just the attacking twin.
For example; A 3rd-level Dvati Fighter, each twin having 19 maximum hit points, has 10 and 8 hit points remaining. If the twin with 8 hit points uses Gift of Agony on a target, on a successful attack roll, the target will take 6 points of psychic damage (19 minus 8 is 11; Half of 11 is 5.5, rounded up to 6), or 3 points on a successful save.
If the twin with 10 hit points remaining used their bonus action to Help their twin with the Gift of Agony, the damage would instead be 11 (19 minus 8 is 11, and 19 minus 10 is 9; 11 plus 9 is 20, half of which is 10), or 5 on a successful save. 
Psychic Vulnerability. Bloodbonded Dvati are Vulnerable to Psychic damage, even despite their ability to divide damage between their bodies, as their minds are linked so strongly. This means mental attacks are especially devastating, affecting both twins at 150% effectiveness, dealing a total of triple damage to the Dvati overall.
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Subrace FeaturesFrail Flesh +, Blood Bond +, Empathic Healing +, Gift of Agony + and Psychic Vulnerability +
SummaryThe default Dvati subrace, Bloodbonded Dvati can share their life essence - And their pain - Between themselves, and even with others. +
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