Bloody Cleaver (3.5e Maneuver)

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Author: ThunderGod Cid (talk)
Date Created: May 3, 2010
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Bloody Cleaver
Amaranth Eclipse (Boost)
Level: 4
Prerequisite: Need one Amaranth Eclipse maneuver
Initiation Action: 1 swift action
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: Instantaneous

One of your enemies falls, and your power is so great that he fails to even halt your momentum. Your blade lashes out to attack a second foe, not satisified with one kill.

You can only activate this maneuver immediately after you have reduced an opponent to 0 or fewer hit points with a melee attack. Upon its activation, you may launch a full attack on another opponent that you threaten in melee.

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AuthorThunderGod Cid +
DisciplineAmaranth Eclipse +
Identifier3.5e Maneuver +
Level4 +
RatingUnrated +
SummaryWhen you drop an opponent in melee, you may immediately make a full attack against another opponent whom you threaten in melee. +
TitleBloody Cleaver +
TypeBoost +