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ThunderGod Cid's Homebrew (374 Articles)
ThunderGod Cidv
Classes Aristocrat, Blood Mage, Devourer, Halberdier, Hivemaster, Hivemaster, Variant, Mystic Blade, Orc Paragon, Ranger, Tome, Ravaged By Baphomet, Ravaged By Juiblex, Ravaged By Yeenoghu, Retriever, Runt, Templar, Tenken, Tenken, Tome, ThunderGod Cid/Meat Shield, ThunderGod Cid/Nomad, Wild Mage
Feats and Traits Asmodeus' Influence, Aspect of the Ant, Aspect of the Beetle, Aspect of the Caterpillar, Aspect of the Centipede, Aspect of the Cockroach, Aspect of the Firefly, Aspect of the Gerridae, Aspect of the Mantis, Aspect of the Mosquito, Aspect of the Pillbug, Aspect of the Queen Bee, Aspect of the Scorpion, Aspect of the Spider, Aspect of the Stinkbug, Aspect of the Tarantula Wasp, Aspect of the Titan Beetle, Baalzebul's Affliction, Bel's Directive, Belial's Dominance, Cleave, Diabolic Disciple, Dispater's Sheen, Exotic Companion, Fierna's Enticement, Flames of Mephistopheles, Great Cleave, Heavy Blow, Levistus' Treachery, Mammon's Greed, Mountain of Corpses, Nightmare Fuel, Quick Draw, Rod of Wonder Victim, Sublime Opportunity, Sudden Recovery, Sword of Glasya, Takedown Control, Tomeforged, Wild Child
Spells, Powers, and Maneuvers Aarnott's Epidemic, Acid Rain, All in the Family, Ancestral Weapon, Art of the Gigantes, Avasculate, Avasculate, Greater, Blade Grasp, Blade of Fury, Blessing of the Nine, Blitzkrieg, Blizzard, Blood Brothers, Bloodlust, Bloody Cleaver, Blossom of Razors, Brand Heretic, Breaking Dawn, Cain's Curse of Covetousness, Cathartic Inferno, Clash of Wills, Cloister, Comet Crush, Consumptive Field, Consumptive Field, Greater, Creeping Chills, Crimson Tide, Cut and Run, Deathbringer Assault, Delilah's Dispersal Current, Deliverance, Devastation Inhalation, Devil in the Mirror, Devilish Catharsis, Devour Soul, Dimensional Transference, Dragon's Breath, Ekbom's Egotistical Episode, Ekbom's Imaginary Insects, Enlarge Item, Entmoot, Epiphany of Steel, Eternity of Torture, Evince Lineage, Eye of the Gods, Faith's Reactive Nest, Field of Blades, Fimbulvetr, Flash of the Scarlet Menace, Float Like a Butterfly, Flying Knee, Foresight, Forlorn Hope, Form Tackle, Fulcrum Cutter, Gaussian Property of Distribution, Gemcraft, Gentle Fist, Glacial Juggernaut, Glare of Submission, Guillotine, Gutwrench, Hag Coven, Hammer and Anvil, Heart of Stone, Heart of a Champion, Hellfire Void, Hellish Fumes, Hero's Coma, Holt's Backhanded Slap, Holt's Clenched Fist, Holt's Crushing Hand, Holt's Energy Booster, Holt's Extra Hands, Holt's Forceful Hand, Holt's Grasping Hand, Holt's Hemorrhaging Hematoma, Holt's Interposing Hand, Home Run Derby, Hurricane Scythe Kick, Ire of the Rising Sun, Iron Body, Iron Grasp, Iron Heart Breaker, Iron Jawed Angel, Iron Sharpens Iron, Ishara's Inactivity Incantation, Ishara's Instant Infarction, Lightning Strikes Twice, Lord Eiji's Sky Castle, Maintenance, Mantle, Masque of Red Death, Meltdown, Meteor Strike, Minute Meteors, Monsoon, Nightmare Steel Cage, No Mercy, No Rest for the Wicked... further results
Types Beholderkin, Construct Subtypes, Draconic, Swarm
Equipment Atlatl, Coffee, Dancing, Variant, Dispelling, Fusillade Gauntlet, Hellfire Rocket-Lance, Hellfire Vibroblade, Intelligent, Jambiya, Kyoketsu Shoge, Quiver of Plenty, Rhomphaia, Shiv, Slingshot, Snap-tong, Three Section Staff, War Fan
Monsters Alkilith, Animate Armor, Armanite, Babau, Balor, Baphomet, Bar-lgura, Bebilith, Cadaver Collector, Cerberus, Chimera, Cloaker, Dagon, Demogorgon, Doppelganger, Dretch, Ekolid, Erinyes, Etezu, Eyeball Beholderkin, Fraz-Urb'luu, Gauth, Glabrezu, Golem, Clay, Golem, Flesh, Golem, Glass, Golem, Metal, Golem, Sand, Golem, Stone, Graz'zt, Harpy, Hellhound, Hezrou, Imp, Juiblex, Klurichir, Kyton, Mane, Marilith, Maurezhi, Molydeus, Nalfeshnee, Obox-ob, Ogre, Orthon, Pazuzu, Quasit, Rutterkin, Shade, Sibriex, Succubus, Tarrasque, Triezu, Troll, Vrock, Will-O'-The-Wisp, Wyvern, Yeenoghu

ThunderGod Cid

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