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Author: Zhenra-Khal (talk)
Date Created: 10/8/2017
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Bodybender [Bending] Prerequisites: At least three Water bends, one of which must be Puppeteer, at least three Earth bends, one of which must be Bend Flesh; At least three Fire bends, one of which must be Electric PuppetBenefit: Upon taking this feat, you add these bends to the Bender of Fire, Bender of Water and Bender of Earth lists for the purposes of what bends you can choose. You also gain the Fleshmender passive bend as a bonus Minor Bend.

Fleshmender (Minor, Passive): You can use your Fleshbending any time you make a Heal check. In doing so, you heal the target for 1 HP for every 1 by which you exceeded the check. You also gain a bonus on all Heal checks equal to one-half your Bending level.
Weave Flesh (Minor): You can attempt to heal a living creature's wounds by weaving its flesh back together. In doing so, you make a Heal check against a DC of 10 + the target's HD. If you succeed, you heal the target for 1d8 per four Bending levels. This ability has a range of Touch. You can also attempt to Rend flesh in the same manner as a melee touch attack, dealing physical damage (Piercing, Slashing and Bludgeoning) equal to what you would've healed, with a Fortitude save for half. When you gain the ability to use Major Bends, the healing/damage increases to 1d8 per two Bending levels.
Strength of Soul (Minor): You can Bend your own flesh, nerves and blood as you move, increasing your strength and speed. While this Bend is active, you gain an Enhancement bonus to your Strength equal to one-half your Bending level, and +5ft to all your movement speeds for every 2 Bending levels you possess. This bend requires a Swift action each round to maintain.
Corpsemaster (Major): Using this bend, you combine your power over blood, flesh and nerves to partially animate a single recently-dead corpse within Medium range. The corpse cannot have been dead for more than 1 hour per Bender level, and is animated as a Zombie with HD equal to the dead creature's HD. The zombie cannot leave the range of this bend, and you must spend a Swift action each round to maintain this bend, otherwise the corpse once again falls dead at the end of your next turn. If you know both this bend and Bloodsteel, you can use the Puppeteer, Blood Chi Block and Freeze Blood bends even when it's not a full moon, but when doing so, your Bending level is reduced by half for those bends.
Bloodsteel (Minor): This bend requires you to know the Gather Water Water bend and the Bend Metal Earth bend. You can attempt to rip the iron from the blood of a target within Close range (Though the target must possess blood, and blood containing metal at that). The target takes 1d4 damage for every three bending levels you possess, but are entitled a Fortitude Trap save for half damage. This process creates one ounce of metal for every 4 points of damage the target took; 16 ounces is one pound, enough to make a dagger-sized piece of metal. Knowing this bend grants you a +1 competence bonus to the DC of the Puppeteer, Blood Chi Block and Freeze Blood bends.
Boiling Blood (Major): This bend requires you to know the Puppeteer bend of the Bender of Water and the Steelsear Forgebend. This functions as Steelsear, except it can be used directly on the blood of a creature instead of a metalline object. The creature gets a Fortitude save instead of the Will save for an attended object.

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