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Author: Rlyehable (talk)
Date Created: 2019-08-28
Status: Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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A Breather is a type of rest.

Quag, the rogue, ran down the hall closely followed by his party. He ducked into a side room and shifted crates and barrels to form a make-shift wall. Rand, the wizard, ask "What do you think?" "Quiet!" responded Quag, carefully listening for footsteps. After a moment he whispered "I think we are good for now, but the citadel has too many guards to stay here too long." Heads nodded and the party slumped down against the walls.

Sometimes it is impractical for a party to rest for an hour. A crowded dungeon or enemy stronghold are two examples where a party is unlikely to be uninterrupted for an hour of rest. A breather is a quick, 5 minute rest to regain hit points. But it is not as effective as the longer short rest.

A person must use an action to start a breather. To complete a breather, the person must not perform any actions, bonus actions, or reactions; and must not move faster than half its speed; for a full 5 minutes. The person may use a bonus action to end the breather at any point. If successfully completed (the full 5 minutes), the person may spend 1 hit die — rolling the die and adding the its Constitution modifier to it and recovering that many hit points.

Once a breather is accomplished, the person cannot gain benefit from another breather until he/she completes a short or long rest.

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