Bringer of Agony (3.5e Feat)

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Author: Rith (talk)
Date Created: September 20, 2010
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Bringer of Agony [Torture, Vile] Prerequisites: Evil Alignment, Intimidate 4 ranks, Craft (Alchemy) 4 ranks.Benefit: You can now brew up gorgon blood, scathe bile, and blister juice with the Craft (Alchemy) skill. Also, you can now use the Intimidate skill use Torture:

Torture -- You can use the intimidate skill to try and force a person to give you information that they would never choose to give you of their own free will, via the use of unbearable suffering and mind-breaking torture. To do so, you spend a time to inflict mortal agony upon a creature (the exact time depends on the situation. For example, it could take less than a minute, as the creature in question spits out the information upon seeing the torture devices), and make an intimidate check to try and force a piece of information out of them (use the tables below to determine exact DCs). A creature who is immune to pain or fear is immune to this use of the intimidate skill.

Intimidate DC Example Information Example Period of Torture1
0 Something the target would have told you anyways. 1 minute.
15 Something that the target was trying to hold onto for shallow reasons 1 hour.
25 Something that the target was keeping secret because someone close to them asked them to keep it secret. 12 hours.
30 Something the target was keeping secret in order to protect their home. 1 day.
40 Something the target was keeping secret in order to protect a loved one. 3 days.
45 Something about the target that they only ever shared with those who were extremely close with them. 1 week.
60 Something about the target that they would never tell anyone, no matter how close they were to each other. 1 month.
  1. This amount of time can vary vastly, depending on the resolve of the target in question.
Intimidate DC Modifier Condition
-1 Target fatigued
-6 Target exhausted
-1 Per previous period of torture

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PrerequisiteEvil Alignment +, Intimidate 4 ranks + and Craft (Alchemy) 4 ranks. +
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SummaryYou have learned to torture people in order to extract information that they would never give otherwise, and you are good at it. +
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