Dark Guard (3.5e Soulmeld)

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Author: the bluez in the dungeon (talk)
Date Created: 10/12/2020
Status: Completed
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Dark Guard 
Descriptors: Darkness
Classes: Incarnate, Soulborn
Chakra: Arms, Crown, Soul
Saving Throw: None

With a quick meditation you make your dark self take a physical form to guard your safety from external attacks.

Your shadow becomes darker and you do too.

You gain a +2 bonus on all saving throws.

Essentia: This bonus increases by 1 for every two point of essentia you invest in this soulmeld.  

Chakra Bind (Crown)

A veil of shadows forms on your head, partially occulting you.

You gain minor concealment (10% chance of missing when attacking you) against attackers that don't have darkvision, +5% per every point of essentia invested in this soulmeld.

When in shadows this miss chance affects also enemies with darkvision. It never affects enemies capable of seeing in magical darkness. 

Chakra Bind (Arms)

A shadowy shield appears on one of your arms. If you already have one, shadows envelops it.

You gain a +1 shield bonus to AC. This bonus increases by one for every two points of essentia you have invested in this soulmeld.

The bonus stacks with all shield bonuses to AC, up to a value equal to the amount of essentia point invested.

If you have a shield decrease the penalty to skill checks by one per every point of essentia invested. 

Chakra Bind (Soul)

Your shadow binds to your soul and becomes animated, raising from the ground as a semi-real creature.

Your shadow protects and aids you, remaining always somewhere near. As a free or immediate action it may use the aid another action to grant you a bonus on skill checks, AC or attack rolls. Use your own modifiers for these aid rolls. If it succeds you gain a +2 bonus on the appropriate roll or value, +1 per every essentia point invested in this soulmeld. Your shadow may do this while being up to 10 feet (3 meters) from you.

You may mentally command, as a swift action, the shadow to positionate itself in a position to confer you (and only you) flanking. If it's no more than 10 feet (3 meters) away from you it may aid you, as previously stated.

The shadow may be damaged, it has half your hit points, it has your AC + your Wisdom modifier (if not already added), your saves and 40% concealment. If destroyed you have to wait one hour before using it again.

As an immediate or free action you may unshape this soulmeld to automatically succed on a save throw or to negate one attack made against you. You may do this even after knowing you have failed the save or you have been hit.

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