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I'm a new user, recently registered on the wiki, and I've played D&D for a few years, mainly 3.5e (started with 4e but it wasn't for me). I created this account to post my classes, feats and other homebrew material I imagined through the years. I will try to make a collection of remade classes.

I already wrote some pages (mostly complete).

Who I am according to a class test


I've come to understand that incomplete articles are very unwelcomed on the site (or at least they were). I have many unfinished pages, mainly classes. I have edited some of them in such a way to hide any incomplete section with the long-term plan of completing them later (mainly leaving out lore and additional content while providing a complete rundown of class features), but not all of them. I understand that the best option would be to put them in a dedicated sandbox so, if anyone cares, please message me in my talk page and say: "bluez, you've gotta put those articles in sandbox or we will take them down", and I will comply, given a reasonable time (I know it's just a copy and paste, I'm lazy). The reason because I did not complete some of my pages is because I started them without a clear picture, trying my best to make something out of them. I know now that this is not the best approach, but I have the intention of completing them all, sandboxed or not, so please keep this in mind.

Advocacy for Metric measures beside Imperial system[edit]

Petition to add Metric measures together with Imperial measures in pages and descriptions on the wiki.


In the Dungeon series[edit]

This is a set of redone existing classes from official material. Generally I take the WoTC version of the class and build upon it, simplifying descriptions and the way features work, if I find them too convoluted. Next I try to heighten their power-level with various sources: my imagination alone (usually the less used), other variations of the class made by someone else (I try not to copy, but to innovate on the concept giving my own spin to it, but this is not in any way always well done), or generally themes and mechanics I found around. I'm not an expert on balance or power levels, as I have played for a short time and not so often, so I lack a lot of knowledge and experience, especially of high levels. Despite this I have come to understand the profound imbalances the official material bring along, and I intend to reduce it, as much as I can. Having said this I prefer to think to campaigns not solely based on fighting, combat or contrapposition as ways to resolve conflict and solve issues. So I don't mind a bit of underpowered features or abilities, as I just think that different classes are made for different campaigns and groups and not all must be compared to wizard's level of power, as balancing is a skill that goes beyond formal rules.

Player's Character[edit]

Homebrew Races and Templates[edit]

the bluez in the dungeon's Homebrew (755 Articles)
the bluez in the dungeonv
Races Agni, Beastman, Boskorg, Brumorno, Corpseborn, Cosmin, Dandyleon, Foo-Inu, Fossor, Gamcicca, Gatomato, Goatia, Grogger, Gyotzi, Half-Boskorg, Half-Orbog, Lacertan, Living Jar, Ludros, Luresca, Magiter, Mapleling, Marijan, Masosado, Meemoak, Mudt, Nababb'ib, Nanduwary, Nebular, Nekroom, Orbog, Parraqito, R'aga, Rafujiin, Rapanip, Revenant, Rhinastal, Selenite, Shadow Tiefling, Shirrec, Shrimple, Snarrgoth, Stercules, Vespertillum
Monsters Axolota, Mana Bug, Minestrano, Shadow, Least, Soulphage Vulture
Templates Ancient Elf, Fossil, Sediarium Mage
Types None
Subtypes Sapblood, Spiritfolk
NPCs Eleutheria of Erebos, Mecha-Wolf Mercenary

Homebrew Classes[edit]

the bluez in the dungeon's Homebrew (755 Articles)
the bluez in the dungeonv
Base Classes Dragondancer, Technomage
Prestige Classes Aghori Guru, Blue Vizier/Al-Zwuri, Choreutist, Crepuscular Visage, Enlightened Spirit In The Dungeon, Erinys, Esoteric Inventor, Faerie Warlock, Geometer In The Dungeon, Iron Buddha, Pumpkinhead, Soul of Erebos, Stalker of Limbo, Stormtamer
Racial Paragon Classes Cosmin Eternal, Ludros Piscator, Nababb'ib Wish Granter, Noble Jar
Racial Substitution Levels Bhuka Guide, Bhuka Quencher, Bhuka Sage, Cosmin Voidfist, Fossor Engineer, Fossor Sapper, Ludros Rivermaster, Osteon Bonemancer, Osteon Osseous Battlemaster, Parraqito Pirate, Soldjar of Fortune, Telum Weaponmaster, Viverrae Whirlblade, Vril Arbalist, Vril Caverager, Vril Drow-Hunter
Alternate Class Features Anointed Vindicator, Celestial Warlock, Champion, Deepdweller Warlock, Drakon, Elementalist Warlock, Favored of Dragons, Favored of Nature, Favored of the Fiends, Fear-Monger, Fiendish Warlock, Gravebound Warlock, Harbinger, Hunter, Incarnum Monk, Iron Pagoda, Ki Trickster, Paleodruid, Pilgrim Cleric, Preacher, Pursuer of Vengeance, Raging Rider, Rustic Mage, Sapphire Soul, Spirit Rager, Starspawn Warlock, Stormsoul Adept, Sublime Monk, Umbral Warlock
NPC Classes None

Homebrew Feats[edit]

Homebrew Skill Tricks[edit]

Homebrew Flaws and Traits[edit]

Homebrew Equipment[edit]

Homebrew Prestige Classes to be canceled

Homebrew Complex Special Ability Components[edit]

the bluez in the dungeon's Homebrew (755 Articles)
the bluez in the dungeonv
Spells Alestorm, Animate Scarecrow, Azure Light, Bloody Spirit, Bonfire's Rest, Cerulean Ward, Cocoon of Quick Rest, Crystalline Beam, Cuttlefish Hypnotic Camouflage, Diving Spider's Bubble, Falling Wall, Fast Reload, Final Resurrect Fossil, Fire Hayball, Firering, Furtive Shadow, Glorious Vision, Grave's Chill, Gravelord's Dance, Greater Resurrect Fossil, Hive Armor, Hood of the Cobra, Infernal Lash, Ink Blot, Ink Splash, Intoxication, Jaws, Lapis Bolt, Magic Beverage, Miasma, Necrowheel, Neutrality, Open Wounds, Party Crown, Poltergeist, Protection from Intoxication, Pukebomb, Razor Grass, Resurrect Fossil, Salt in the Wound, Sharknado, Sky Horns, Suffocating Darkness, Summon Butterflies, Summon Chicken, Summon Fossil, Supercharge Bullets, Tearing Swarm, Torture Room, Wall of Holy, Wandering Soul, White Lady, White Noise, Witch's Warts
Domains Bunny, Celebration, Celestial, Chicken, Contract, Variant, Darkness, Dragonslayer, Firefighter, Fruit, Gastronomy, Gem, Gun, Heroism, Hoots, Mirage, Onomastic, Shadows, Summer
Powers None
Martial Disciplines Ars Venatoria, Hex Eye
Magic Schools 3.5e Magic Schools, Anymancy School, Chronomancy School, Erotomancy School, Gastromancy School
Invocations Black Vines, Candy Beam, the bluez's variant, Caress of Violence, Claw of War, Crown of Crows, Crown of Insanity, Crystalline Cortex, Curse of Transience, Daunting Realization, Deadly Shrub, Dreamer's Dust, Eldritch Craft, Esoteric Cognition, Gordian Knot, Guilt Bite, Horror Vacui, Hot Caramel Cone, Insidious Allure, Land Communion, Leeching Blast, Lunatic Mouth, Malevolent Cultivation, Maws of Madness, Molasses Flood, Pale Blade, Penance Stare, Phalanx of Fury, Shadow Cover, Sound of Silence, Sugar Rush, Tearing Doubt, Thief's Intent, Touch of Hate, Unearthly Seeding, Unstable Reconstruction, Voice of the Antique, Voidcall, Wild Whisperer, Willing Flesh
Soulmelds Aspect of the Sand Hunter, Black Mask, Blazemeld, Bloodlust of the Redcap, Bow of the Arrow Demon, Celestial Halo, Dark Guard, Dark Soul, Desertwalker Step, Erebos' Gown, Fatalmeld, Feralmeld, Floralmeld, Fluxmeld, Giant Maw, Heavenly Keys, Hellish Hivemind, King's Ram, Mantle of the Dust Devil, Pattern of Refraction, Queen's Gambit, Red Nose, Salubermeld, Sand Claw, Santa's Festive Spirit, Sciencemeld, Shadow Silk, Sisiutl Head, Socialmeld, Soilmeld, Solarmeld, Spots of the Desert Guardian, Tanuki Suit, Thunderbird Garbs, Trainer's Lash, Treant Bark, Urbanmeld, Vargouille's Kiss, Water Predator, Zephyrmeld
Vestiges Bathroom Troll, the Filth-Licker, Bergram, the Swine Prince, Father Krampus, the Shadow of Nikolaus, Idar, the Doom Scholar, Jack of the Lantern, the Drunk Liar, La Llorona, the Drowned Maid, Sandman, the Guardian of Somnium, Sombrero, the Day of the Dead, The Rake, Crawling Nightmare
Ki Techniques Agon of Elation, Anarchic Aura, Breaking the Chains, Breath of Relief, Bright Soul, Catastrophe, Celestial Finger, Choreography of the Passions, Echoing Ode to Boldness, Envy's Twirl, Freedom Struggle, Hazy Footwork, Iron Stance, Ki Blast of Rebellion, Liberation, Melancholic Exchange, Mesmeric Ballet, Mimesis Step, Modest Dance, Monk Common Ki Techniques, Monk Ki Techniques, Recitation of Emotions, Revolving Heavenly Spheres, Round Dance of Fury, Sunstrike, Vigorous Slam of the Self

Homebrew Invocations[edit]

Ki Techniques[edit]

Homebrew Spells[edit]

Homebrew Domains[edit]

Homebrew Soulmelds[edit]

Homebrew Vestiges[edit]

Homebrew Martial Disciplines[edit]

Magic Schools[edit]

Things I have in mind[edit]

Add mysteries as category, make a Path for melee combat: Apprentice 1 magic weapon-fang/ancestral weapon 2 Reach + extra damage? 3 ..., Initiate or Master: same as 1 but for greater magic weapon-fang, some stat boosting, ...