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the bluez in the dungeon's Homebrew (485 Articles)
the bluez in the dungeonv
Classes Aghori Guru, Anointed Vindicator, Barbarian In The Dungeon, Blue Vizier/Al-Zwuri, Celestial Warlock, Champion, Choreutist, Crepuscular Visage, Deepdweller Warlock, Drakon, Elementalist Warlock, Enlightened Spirit In The Dungeon, Erinys, Esoteric Inventor, Faerie Warlock, Favored Soul In The Dungeon, Favored of Dragons, Favored of Nature, Favored of the Fiends, Fear-Monger, Fiendish Warlock, Geometer In The Dungeon, Gravebound Warlock, Harbinger, Healer In The Dungeon, Hunter, Incarnum Monk, Iron Buddha, Iron Pagoda, Monk In The Dungeon, Paladin In The Dungeon, Paleodruid, Pumpkinhead, Pursuer of Vengeance, Ranger In The Dungeon, Rustic Mage, Sapphire Soul, Soul of Erebos, Spirit Rager, Stalker of Limbo, Starspawn Warlock, Stormsoul Adept, Stormtamer, Sublime Monk, Umbral Warlock, Warlock In The Dungeon
Feats and Traits Abyssal Sight, Aerial Grapple, Agile Brawler, Allegiance to Patron, Altered Frequency Spell, Analytic Mind, Anger Breath, Anticipate Action, Art of the Hunt, Ascetic Performer, Begone, Fiend!, Blinding Maneuver, Boardshield Style, Boiling Liquid Spell, Boulder Hurl, Calligraphy, Catapult Launch, Contemplative, Crab Dance, Create Geoglyph, Cyclonic Spell, Dagger Finesse, Dancer of the Mirage, Darklurker, Deceptive Strength, Deformity, Deformity, Agile Intestines, Deformity, Digesting Saliva, Deformity, Gaping Crush, Deformity, Gastroshot, Deformity, Malformed Beak, Deformity, Preying Talons, Deformity, Stomach Mouth, Deformity, Wicked Guts, Deformity, Winged Arms, Demonic Fury, Desert Shamanism, Disguised Character, Disguised Class, Disguised Feats, Disruptive Smite, Dodge Improved, Draconic Bloodline Improved, Draconic Occultist, Dragon Surge, Dragonfire Secrets, Ending Strike, Energy Bite, Enlightenment, Envy Strike, Expeditious Dodge Improved, Fast Travel, Fey Circle Magic, Firecraft, Four-Sided Defense, Furtive Assault, Hairstyle Weapon, Harmonic Casting, Harvest Lifeforce, Harvest Season, Harvesting Strike, Improved Shieldsurfing, Incarnum Occultist, Inventory, Invisible, Jealous Patron, Lethal Accuracy, Lightbending, Magmatic Spell, Many Eyes, Melodic Casting Improved, Melodic Fighting, Minimap, Mold Magic, Mongoose Dance, Monstrous Transformation, Moonwing, Muddy Spell, Nature Focus, Nightmare Bound, Nine-Fold Soul, Nuclear Spell, Numbing Spell, Numerology, Oberon's Legacy, Parry and Counter, Patron-Bound Warlock, Peace Devotion, Phantasmagoria, Poisebreaker, Power of Lag, Probability Randomization, Puppeteer, Quest Marker, Ragequit, Reaping Strike, Rite of Kindling, Rock Thrower, Round and Soft Butt, Scorching Spell... further results
Spells, Powers, and Maneuvers Alestorm, Ambusher of Ruin, Animal Senses, Animate Scarecrow, Archer's Mystical Watchtower, Bane of Magic, Blessing of the Mother of the Hunt, Bloody Spirit, Blurred Run, Bonfire's Rest, Close on the Damned, Cocoon of Quick Rest, Crossing Black Cat, Crystalline Beam, Cuttlefish Hypnotic Camouflage, Destroy the Accursed, Diving Spider's Bubble, Elemental Resistance, Elemental Reverse, Evasive Movement, Expert Hunter's Strike, Falling Wall, Fast Reload, Feed on the Weak, Final Resurrect Fossil, Fire Hayball, From Damned to Damned, Furtive Shadow, Glorious Vision, Gravelord's Dance, Greater Elemental Resistance, Greater Resurrect Fossil, Headhunter's Strike, Hexed Mirror, Hive Armor, Hood of the Cobra, Hunter's Strike, Impending Blade of Damocles, Infernal Lash, Jaws, Magic Beverage, Maim the Accursed, Mass Impending Blade of Damocles, Master Hunter's Strike, Mauling Blows, Miasma, Misty Pace, Mutable Hunt, Necrowheel, Neutrality, Nocebo, Obscene Burning, Perfect Hunter's Strike, Pierce Defenses, Pierce Superior Defenses, Pinning Shot, Poltergeist, Predator Senses, Predatory Assault, Protection from Intoxication, Pukebomb, Pursuer Step, Reach Through Curse, Resurrect Fossil, Retributive Curse, Seal of Silence, Shards of the Demonic Mirror, Sharknado, Sky Horns, Slay the Prey, Spilled Salt, Spirit of the Hunt, Strike the Accursed, Suffocating Darkness, Summon Chicken, Summon Fossil, Supercharge Bullets, Swarming Projectiles, Swearing Gesture, Tearing Swarm, Torture Room, Unperceivable Hunter, Unseen Stalker, Vile Attack, Wandering Soul, White Lady, White Noise, Witch's Warts
Variants and Terms Scorched
Equipment Amulet of the Eye, Beast Claws, Bladegrass Coat, Critical Crystal, Drilling, Earthen, Earthen Burst, Earthshaker, Lesser, Eyes of the Naturalist, Fungus Witch Hat, Grating Gauntlet, Hornet Lance, Mater Diana and The Twins of the Hunt, Molar Mace, Moss Boots, Poisebreaker, Porcine Shield, Raptor Earring, Rosethorn, Stinger, Swarming, Tail Belt, Tatooed, Trunk Shirt, Venator's Bycocket, Whitefeather Mantle, Windy, Windy Burst, Wolf Pelt
Monsters Ancient Elf, Fossil, Shadow, Least

the bluez in the dungeon

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