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Author: SecondDeath777 (talk)
Date Created: 7 March 2018
Status: v1.1
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Delayed Spell [Metamagic] "Oh, but dontcha know? I killed you five minutes ago."Benefit: Applying this to a spell causes it to lack effects until you cause it to. This can be used several ways. You can either delay its activation, or delay its effects. If you delay its activation, it's treated like a trap, subject to the same DCs to locate as a magic trap, although it cannot be disarmed. If you delay its effects, it goes off as normal, but seems to have no effect, requiring all targets who are affected by it to make a Spellcraft check greater than or equal to your Bluff or Spellcraft check(whichever is better) to know they were actually affected. You always know if the delayed spell took effect, and never risk later activating a dud. Either way, activating it is a free action usable outside of your turn. A Delayed spell is cast in a slot one higher than normal. Example: Alice throws 6 delayed fireballs at choice locations, choosing to delay activation. She then hides, and waits a few hours for her enemies to begin their approach. Once a few enemies are in the radius of one of the fireballs, she triggers the explosion on said fireball, and the foes are forced to make reflex saves.

Example 2: Bob casts Slay Living on George, choosing to delay effects. George is clearly hit by the spell, but makes it out without a scratch, believing he made his save, but Bob knows otherwise. Bob toys with him a bit more, and just as a particularly mean hit is about to bypass Bob's armor, he releases the Delayed Slay Living, and George, having failed his save minutes ago, drops dead at Bob's feet before the hit can make contact.Special: You may actually delay both, but this requires an increase of two levels instead of one. Also, you may only have one instance of a particular delayed spell (effect) on a creature or object at one time, and you can only have one delayed spell (activation) affect a certain area at one time, regardless of if they're different spells. If two delayed spells overlap you must move them, or choose to let one fail. If they lack an area, the points of origin cannot be within 50ft. If only one has an area, the point of origin of the other cannot be within 50ft of the other's area.

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