Eldritch Soulsword (3.5e Feat)

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Author: Leziad (talk)
Date Created: 10th December 2016
Status: Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Eldritch Soulsword [General] Prerequisites: Eldritch Blast +1d6Benefit: You can shape a piece your soul into a melee weapon you are which resemble a sword, doing so require the same action as drawing a weapon. You may either create two shortswords (one in each hands), a longsword or a greatsword and may switch between these forms as a free action. The Eldritch Soulsword deal magical damage equal to the weapon's form damage plus 1 additional magic damage per two warlock level.

Since it is part of your soul, if the Eldritch Soulsword is sundered you are dazed for 1 round and lose 10% of your maximum hit points. You are always proficient with your eldritch soulsword, it cannot hurt you and has a negligible weight. If you drop or otherwise lose the soulsword you can recall it to your hand as a free action, otherwise it vanish after 5 rounds of not being in your possession.

The Eldritch Soulsword can be enhanced as if it was a weapon in your possession, typically by drawing magic tattoos on your dominant arm. The Eldritch Soulsword retain the same enhancement in all it forms. Special: If you possess the Weapon Focus feat in a specific weapon, you may change your Eldritch Soulsword into the form of such weapon as well. This only apply to weapons you are able to hold, not siege weapons. A Eldritch Soulsword made into a Ranged Weapon create it own 'mundane' ammunition and do not need to be reloaded, although it can only create ammunition worth 1 gp pr less. Expensive or special ammunition must still be loaded in as normal.

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