Enchanted Lamp (3.5e Equipment)

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Author: Leziad (talk)
Date Created: 1st April 2015
Status: Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Enchanted Lamp[edit]

Ohhhh! el diablo no!!!!!!!!!

The enchanted lamp is well, a simple ornated lamp made of brass. It appear completely normal except it deceptively radiate faint transmutation under detect magic. The deception do not stop here, anyone making a knowledge (the planes) DC 15 check will learn that the lamp grant good fortunes and wishes to whoever rub it three time, only a DC 40 knowledge (the planes) allow someone to learn the true nature of the lesser artifact. Worse any creatures knowing about the secrets of the enchanted lamp must make a DC 40 will save, if they fail they cannot attempt to mention the secret in any way shape or form to anyone else and cannot get rid of the lamp themselves unless they give it to a willing creature.

In truth the enchanted lamp is a imperfect containment for a spell of sealing containing a powerful evil. Upon being rubbed three time it will unleash it content to wreck havok on earth for 1 year before being forced right back into the lamp. When the lamp is first used roll randomly for the creature contained within:

Table: El Diablo!
d100 Creature
1-5 The Avatar of Consumption.
6-15 Phew it just a charming little girl! Who happen to be an Ayklay.
16-30 A furious great wyrm warp dragon.
31-35 Three annoyed Concordant KillerMM4
36-45 A Genslatr with a thirst for blood.
46-55 A deceptively powerful Paragon Imp.
56-65 An enraged Balor.
66-75 A scheming Pit Fiend.
76-80 1d4 Lunar Tarrasques. Yes 1d4.
81-85 Ramiel, Lord of Perdition and everone is on his list.
86-90 A malfunctioning wyrmbone golem that consider every inanimate objects as part of it hoard.
91-95 A sour and pissed off great wyrm lethus dragon.
96-100 A corrupted idylean monitor hellbent on destroying the entire universe.

Once the creature is release it will be able to rampage for an entire year before the spell will send it back to containment, if the creature it slain it immediately return to the lamp. If the lamp is destroyed or lost it simply reappear in the nearest curiosity shop.

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