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Author: zagan
Date Created: February 26th, 2011
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Essentia Infusion [Item Creation] By channeling incarnum into an item while creating it, you can increase its effectiveness when you or someone else invests essentia in it later.Prerequisites: Essentia Pool 1, Any Item Creation Feat.Benefit: When creating a magic item, you may choose to make that item into an essentia receptacle. This increases the market price of the item by 10%, with a corresponding increase to the gold and experience cost to create it. Items modified in this way can be invested with essentiaMoI; the maximum amount of essentia that can be invested in the item depends on its minimum caster level, as follows:

Caster Level Essentia Capacity
1st - 5th 1
6th - 11th 2
12th - 17th 3
18th+ 4

Investing essentia into an item increases that item's effective caster level for the purpose of determining its resistance to dispel magic and, for items that duplicate spell effects (such as potions, scrolls, wands, and staffs), it increases the effect of the spell according to this new effective caster level.

Only the creature using the item can invest it with essentia. The essentia remains in the item until either the user divests it, the item is no longer in the creature's possession, or the item is destroyed, such as after using a scroll.

Any creature with an essentia pool instinctively knows that they can invest essentia into the item if they hold it for, at least, one minute. Example: A scroll of fireball has a minimum caster level of 5th, and creates a fireball dealing 5d6 points of damage. If the scroll was created using this feat, you could invest one point of essentia into it, increasing its effective caster level to 6th and, when used, creating a fireball dealing 6d6 points of damage.

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