Hao Tian Chen, Clear Sky Heavenly Demon (3.5e Vestige)

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Author: Sulacu (talk)
Date Created: October 30, 2015
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Hao Tian Chen, Clear Sky Heavenly Demon[edit]

A legendary blacksmith who stands in Heaven, his fierce demeanour makes Gods reverent and his mighthy strength disperses the very clouds.

Level: 8th

Binding DC: 35

Special Requirement: You must have at least 5 ranks in Craft (smithing), and while it isn't necessary for the binding to function, a high amount of Strength and Constitution is highly recommended.


Chen Luo was once a mortal man leading a solitary life on a treacherous mountain. His origins are unclear and lost to history, but he is considered by historians to be the last in a long line of legendary smiths who were said to have forged great divine tools of untold power. Chen became embroiled in a terrible war that spanned an entire continent, where the tyranny of his overwhelming physical strength earned him the name Clear Sky Chen. In the end, he died in anger and regret, unable to pass on his secrets to a worthy successor. However, the plans of Heaven make light of Man's designs, and Chen's immortal spirit continued to look for the fated man who would inherit his hammer.

Special summoning[edit]

The seal of the Clear Sky Heavenly Demon must be forged, not drawn, requiring a DC 25 Craft (smithing) check, 100 gp of first-grade materials, and 8 hours of work. Once forged to form, the still-glowing hot seal must be doused in clear spring water, at which point the incantation must be spoken out loud. For every 5 ranks you have in Craft (smithing), you gain a +1 bonus to your binding check.


Once the beckoning words are spoken, the steam rising from the water fills the area, along with a silvery white light that condenses further and further, darkening into a foreboding black radiance that exudes an intense sensation of physical weight. Eventually, that force, dense enough to make your surroundings shudder, condenses into physical form.


Aside from a fierce and overbearing blackish energy pouring from your body, there are no physical changes, aside from a possible increase of bodyhair if male, and a somewhat more pronounced muscle tone regardless of gender. The actual manifestation of the Clear Sky Heavenly Demon condenses in a vast black, hexagon-faced hammer weighing 100 pounds. The seal you have forged is subsumed within the hammer, becoming a dark-silvery relief on the striking head.


Your body can't fully handle the pouring-in of the heavenly demon's tyrannical energy and intent, causing you to suffer internal injuries. Upon completing the binding, you build up 5 points of bleed. Furthermore, during a round in which you use any of the special abilities associated with this binding (except for simply using the hammer) you take another 2 points of bleed. While the binding remains, you do not recover accumulated bleed except by suffering bleedout.

Granted Abilities[edit]

Clear Sky Hammer[edit]

The vast hammer that appears when you bind this vestige is both a tool and a weapon, and remains with you for as long as you are binded. It can be called forth and withdrawn as a swift action. The Clear Sky hammer functions as a gigas hammer with an enhancement bonus equal to one-quarter your binder level (rounded up, starting at +5 at 17th level). You are automatically proficient with the weapon, though must still make the Strength requirement to wield it perfectly.

While wielding the Clear Sky hammer, you gain a +4 enhancement bonus to your Strength score and a +10 enhancement bonus to Craft (smithing). You may freely substitute your Charisma or Strength bonus for the purpose of making smithing checks. Furthermore, for every 5 ranks in Craft (smithing) you possess, you gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls with the Clear Sky hammer.

All other abilities granted by this binding require the Clear Sky hammer to be wielded.

Clear Sky Domain: Heaven's Shadow[edit]

You emanate a powerful pressure within a 30-foot-radius, causing the area to darken to shadowy illumination. This area becomes difficult terrain and comes under the effect of heavy gravity. You yourself are not affected by this ability.

You may also choose to condense the energies of this domain onto a single target. The emanation disappears, but one single creature within 60 feet becomes affected as per graviton crash. This effect only persists as long as the creature remains within 60 feet of you.

Sky Clearing Bellow[edit]

The path between you and the heavens above will never be obstructed by mere nature. Within 1 mile of you per binder level, no weather can take root except pure clear skies. Any attempts to alter the weather or create storm-based effects in your vicinity can be immediately shattered by releasing a loud skyward bellow as a swift action. This ability may also be used to disperse any mists, fogs, hazes and other forms of airborne miasma within a range of 100 feet, such as obscuring mist, solid fog, cloudkill and other similar effects.

Clear Sky Heavenly Demon's Thunder[edit]

Beseeching the power of your vestige, you raise the Clear Sky hammer in the air, and from the cloudless sky streaks a terrifying black energy that strikes the hammer like fierce lightning. Upon crashing the hammer down onto the ground, three bolts of indra surge forth from the point of impact in any chosen direction along the ground, creating fissures along the path of the bolts as per the earthquake spell, except that they do not close afterwards. The three bolts are considered a single effect; getting hit by two or more of the bolts only causes you to take damage once. Using this ability reduces the time of the binding by 6 hours. If the binding only has 6 or less hours remaining, it ends once this ability finishes.

Clear Sky Secret Teachings: Disorder Splitting Wind[edit]

Your steady hand guides the massive Clear Sky hammer in a haphazard yet finely contained succession of powerful strikes, unleashing mighty power and skill untold. Those who complete nine times nine consecutive strikes can turn even the lowliest of pig iron into the finest steel, and the force of the final, eighty-first strike in the hands of a true master is said to be able to chase the clouds from the sky. It could be said that the complete Disorder Splitting Wind method is the very sublimation of physical tyrrany.

When used out of combat, within the space of nine rounds, you can do any of the following:

  • Temper one hundred pounds of steel or other metal to the highest quality, forcibly driving all impurities from the material. This improves its hardness by 5 points and increases its hit points per inch of thickness by a factor 1½. Any weapon, ammunition, armor or shield forged from material tempered by this ability becomes of Improved Masterwork quality, gaining the Durable quality and further additional qualities equivalent to increasing the Craft DC by +30 without actually increasing the craft DC. You are treated as to have the Improved Masterwork feat while binded, allowing you to add yet more qualities depending on your forging skill.
  • The legendary Disorder Splitting Wind method of forging is capable even of tempering allegedly divine materials. Any such materials treated with this ability may then be forged by you without needing divinity or a special condition to do it. The Disorder Splitting Wind method counts as a wish spell for the purpose of forging or refining special metals like dark platinum or proteum. Doing so will still require a DC 50 Craft check.
  • Duplicate the effect of metal shape (same as stone shape but with metal instead).
  • Duplicate the effects of the fabricate spell (metals only), with an effective caster level equal to your binder level

When used in combat, for the next nine rounds your power will steadily rise. With every attack roll made whether hit or miss, the damage of your subsequent attacks during these nine rounds will increase by a cumulative +2. After the tenth attack within this time, your eleventh will do +20 extra damage. Furthermore, when using Disorder Splitting Wind, you become able of the following special abilities:

  • At the second round and after, you may duplicate the effect of a gust of wind condensed within a 20-foot-cone in front of you as a standard action that lasts for 1 round. The cone emanates from you and travels with you. At third round and after, this effect strengthens to also grant you and anyone behind you effective total cover if the effect passes through this cone to reach you. This ability counts as two attacks for the purpose of strengthening your next attack.
  • At the third round and after, you automatically generate a cylindrical wind wall with a 10-foot-radius around you from the intense force of the hammer constantly striking the air. This barrier wards off projectiles and moves with you.
  • At the fifth round and after, you may concentrate your tyrannical power to destroy any magical or psionic barrier, ward or forcefield as a standard action, dealing up to 100 points of damage to any chosen unattended objects within 10 feet. You smash shields, tear down wards, and the incomparable power of the Clear Sky hammer can even destroy otherwise indestructible forcefields like wall of force and forcecage. This ability counts as three attacks for the purpose of strengthening your next attack.
  • At the seventh round and after, you automatically duplicate the effect of an earthquake centered upon you each round by virtue of the intense power emanating from you.
  • At the ninth round, you finish the Disorder Splitting Wind Nine Times Nine Beats, focusing all accumulated force into a single strike. Any creature hit by this attack takes an additional 2d6 points of damage per binder level in addition to the accumulated bonus damage from previous attacks, and must also make a Fortitude save or be completely obliterated as per destruction. Using this ability ends the Disorder Splitting Wind method.

Once the Disorder Splitting Wind method completes, you become exhausted and it cannot be used again until binding this vestige anew.

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