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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 3-7-18
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Kaiju Subtype[edit]

Creatures of colossal size and power, these beings carry some unique traits common amongst them. They have many origins, sometimes the result of natural causes or other times mutations. Almost all are Colossal or larger, very few are able to speak even if they are intelligent, and they all being destruction in their wake.


A kaiju creature possesses the following traits (unless otherwise noted in a creature’s entry).

  • Immunities (Ex): A kaiju creature is immune to ability damage, ability drain, death effects, mind-affecting effects, paralysis, polymorphing, and petrification. They are also immune to death by massive damage.
  • Living Terrain (Ex): A kaiju creature is practically walking terrain. Creatures three sizes or smaller can make special grapple attempt against the kaiju with the DC being 10 + the kaiju's Dexterity modifier - the kaiju's size modifier.
The attacker is considered grappled, but not the kaiju, and they may scale or walk along its body as if difficult terrain. The attacker gains cover against the kaiju, but at any time the kaiju may make a move action to shake off any crawling attackers. The opposed grapple, balance check, or climb check to remain attached is d20 + the kaiju's Strength modifier + the kaiju's size modifier.
  • Mighty Steps (Ex): A kaiju creature can move over and through the spaces of creatures three sizes or smaller than it without provoking attacks of opportunity. In addition it can make a Strength check to sunder any object or fortification in its way one size smaller than it as a free action. If it fails, it ceases movement.
If the kaiju is walking over land, creatures three sizes or smaller that are in its reach are subject to minor earthquakes from where it moves. The area is considered difficult terrain and forces a Balance check to avoid falling prone DC 10 + the kaiju's Strength modifier.
  • Small Arms Resistance (Ex): A kaiju creature takes half damage from magical and physical attacks and is not subject to critical hits or sneak attacks. Siege weapons deal full damage and can do critical hits and sneak attacks, as do certain special attacks listed in the creature entry. Certain creatures can have their small arms immunity disabled by certain methods listed in the creature entry.

Kaiju Subtype Creatures[edit]

The following creatures have the kaiju subtype:

Table: Kaiju Creatures
Name Description
Axolota A giant axolotl kaiju, which will come to destroy your city!
Clothling, Stormbird

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