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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 6-23-11
Status: Complete
Editing: Mechanical changes on Talk please.
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Light Duty Truck[edit]

A common sight in modern settings, the light duty truck covers both traditional civilian flatbed trucks and most vans. They are a heavier version of the automobile which trades efficiency for carrying capacity, and comes in three distinct flavors; the flatbed which has room for two medium creatures and a 10 ft cubic of space in the back, exposed to the elements, or a two seater van with either 8 cubic feet of space enclosed, or a van with space up to 7 creatures.

Operating a light duty truck is a DC 5 Ride check in most conditions, while poor weather and visibility can add +10 to the check. As the automobile is not sentient, the driver must use their move actions to operate the vehicle. Those inside the vehicle benefit from total cover (or partial cover if the windows are down). The doors can be locked, and can be equipped with good locks.

The vehicle has a move speed of 90 feet with average maneuverability. This functions like a flight maneuverability for the purposes of how quickly you can turn but limited to ground movement. Difficult terrain increases the Ride checks by +5. When going uphill, your speed decreases by 10 feet, while going downhill increases your speed by 10 feet. On smooth road-like surfaces, the overland speed (but not the tactical speed) of the light duty truck doubles, averaging about 102 mph at maximum. The light duty truck has a light load carrying capacity of 6000 lbs, and heavy loads apply their penalty to Ride checks to control the vehicle.

Light duty trucks run on F.U.E.L.. The typical light duty truck can store 20 units of F.U.E.L., and spends one unit every 15 miles. In high tech settings two fusion cells can substitute for 9 months worth of fuel.

Typical light duty trucks have hardness 6 and 90 hp, and take up the space of a Huge creature with AC 10 (-5 dex, +7 natural, -2 size), though it may move through spaces as if it were a Large creature. Add the driver's Dexterity to AC when driven. When the light duty truck is reduced to 20% of its health, its movement speed is cut in half and it only provides partial cover.

Craft Technology DC 25; weight 5000 lb; Price 12,000 gp.

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