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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 4-14-13
Status: WIP
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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The logos malius are the pantheon of "evil" gods who control the world of Maya. They are not worshiped, but instead recognized and prayed against by most. Of course, some may still find favor in their darkness...

The pantheon of the logos malius consist of the recognized "gods of evil", and marked as separate from the tutelary nature gods in their protection over the intelligent and civilized races. They are seen as occasionally working together, but are otherwise worshiped as separate beings with only a vague power structure. First among them is Baal Adramelech, the Burning King and leader among the rebellion. Though once leader, the logos malius rarely work together in these times.

Logos benius and logos malius were once one, the first logos. However, war in heaven lead to the logos malius imprisonment and exile.

Unlike the "normal" D&D deity, the deities of both logos are not oft seen. In fact, it is said that no living man has ever seen them in person as they speak through illusion or messenger, or send their subordinates, the scions. Scions are former mortals who were given the grace of godhood and may be reborn if slain. They serve as the material hand of the gods on Maya. In spite of their non-appearance to the world, the logos malius are said to live in the netherworld, a real place situated somewhere below the earth and accessible only through their prison spheres which the gods were bound.


In the beginning, the world was dark water, without sun or wind, and endless mist. In this ancient land the flow of time was distorted and confused. In its confusion was born a need for balance, and so the first mind, Hiranyagarbha, appeared and began to sort through the miasma. From its studies light was separated from shadow, the heavens split from water, and earth soon followed to fill the space between. Duality and disparity were created, and the world was formed, ending the Age of Mist. Satisfied, Hiranyagarbha desired to keep understanding the world that was before him. It breathed life onto the waters. From it life sprung, and from formless shapes came complex forms, the mightiest being the dragon.

Among all of nature, it was strong and terrifying. Its blood boiled with molten rock, its wings tore at the land with fierce wings, and its breath was long winter. The other forms of life shuttered in terror at the dragons and were subservient to them. Thus was known as the Age of Dragons. Hiranyagarbha saw the dragons and found them wanting, and so it created beings as unto itself, the Logos. 14 logos, each given dominion over the world, were born. They made war with the dragons and slew them, while the dragons pulled on the beasts loyal unto them into a war which enveloped the world. The dragons stole the secret of eternal life from the gods, and in return the gods smote them and sealed them away to live their immortal lives in prisons of divine fire. The beasts and creatures which fought along side the dragons were reduced to monsters and barbarians, and the threat was defeated.

With the dragons disposed, the logos proceeded to uplift their loyal living creatures, granting them the boons of civilization and knowledge, of machine, and of magic. Each god came upon mortalkind with a gift, and all was well. This was known as the Age of the Gods.

However, not all was well. As time passed, strife broke among the first logos. Arguments on how to run society broke out, and Hiranyagarbha was resting from a long creation. The logos split until logos benius and logos malius, and a second war broke out among them. The logos malius fought long and hard for their beliefs, but the logos benius brought chaos among their own, and turned the will of the people against their righteous cause. Demonized and defeated, they were exiled to the netherworld. However the logos malius were wise and crafty, and turned their prison into a second paradise of their own designs. They could not return to the mortal world, but they could still save the mortals by convincing them to follow them and bringing them out of the corrupt influence of the logos belius. Before they left they hid unholy Daoloth stones and religious transcriptions, whispered among the mortal's weak and frail, as a guide map to lead them to their true lords in the depths. One day, the Age of Mortals will end, and the logos malius eagerly await the Age of Return.

Logos malius are here watching us, and their words speak the truth about how the world shall work.

Deities of the Pantheon[edit]

These are the deities (and scions) of logos malius, gods of Maya, as well as Cosmic Egg Hiranyagarbha, first of the gods.

Deity Name Deific Rank Alignment Home Plane Summary
Baal Adramelech Greater LE Lower Realms (Topheth) Baal Adramelech, the Burning King, is the god of tyranny, fear, domination, and fire. Born of submission, he opposes Allmother Hesaret. His scions are his personal guards Perillosa and Phalarisa, ever loyal servants.
Pesta Intermediate NE Lower Realms (Duzakh) Pesta the Whisperer is the god of disease, death, necromancy, and secrets. Born of awe, he opposes Spellweaver Volho. His scion is Lifeshaver Ankou, the grim reaper.
Qandisa Lesser Chaotic Evil Lower Realms (Bran Castle) Qandisa the Replendent is the god of hedonism, passion, obsession, and art. Born of love, he opposes Asase Ya the Bountiful. His scions are members of his Carvakan Harem, those obsessed with six senses of experience.

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