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Pantheon Name Summary
Cor The pantheon of planet Cor campaign setting.
Deities of Rom The Deities of Rom are comprised of three primary orders. Sosha Genia are at the top, followed by Sosha Orsa and Sosha Ixa. Additionally, there are various celestial and elemental lords filling the lower ranks.
Ilathnarari The racial pantheon of the safir, and the creators of their universe.
Logos Benius The logos benius are the pantheon of "good" gods who control the world of Maya. They are worshiped at large by the populace as gods of civilization and benevolent activities.
Logos Malius The logos malius are the pantheon of "evil" gods who control the world of Maya. They are not worshiped, but instead recognized and prayed against by most. Of course, some may still find favor in their darkness...
Logos Natura The logos natura are the pantheon of nature spirits who control the world of Maya. They are worshiped by druids and clerics with a nature bent, and often revered as local spirits. Unlike the logos belius and logos malius, they are many and weak, little more than unusually advanced or intelligent animals and monsters. However, there are eight which stand above all.
Nibiru The pantheon of planet Nibiru campaign setting.
Silver Elf Pantheon The gods of the Silver Elves, a race of elves who hail from the Astral Plane.
The Creator The pantheon of the Creator in the Romârn campaign setting.
The Farmind Overlords The Old Gods of any campaign.


Deity Name Deific Rank Alignment Home Plane Summary
Aendar Lesser Lawful Good Realm of the Second Breath Believed to be a worthy mortal ascended by recommendation of Sylornath herself, Aendar is a force of truth, valor, honor and friendship, and a protector of the weak.
Aether Lesser Neutral Material Plane An elemental air god who takes residency on the Material Plane.
Alafax Greater Lawful Evil The Plains of Endless Strife Alafax is the god of war and tyranny, he seeks only to conquer and rule.
Alexander Intermediate Lawful Neutral The Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus The iron colossus, Alexander, the celestial god of light.
Altana Greater Neutral Good Blessed Fields of Elysium Goddess of the Dawn and protector of her children, Altana is a benevolent deity who preaches virtue.
Amane Overdeity TN The queen-goddess of the safir.
Amberra Intermediate Neutral Good The Summer Plains Amberra is the Goddess of healing, compassion, and mercy. Her priests bring comfort to even the most downtrodden of people
Ammuu Demigod True Flex Astral Plane Behold the perfect human form!
Anahita Intermediate Neutral Good Beastlands (Krigala) Anahita, the goddess of the harvest, is a benevolent nature goddess that gives her blessings to farmers and tends to gardens both artificial and natural.
Angra Intermediate Chaotic Evil Abyss Born of chaos, Angra the God of War has fostered hate between men and beast, showing them the art of war and the power which comes of it.
Anomos Lesser Chaotic Neutral Heroic Domains of Ysgard (Muspelheim) God of the chaotic whims of nature and the mortal heart, Anomos keeps the world on its toes acting as both friend and foe as he sees fit.
Arachne Intermediate Chaotic Good Twilight Web Arachne is Lolth's sister, whom she betrayed at the beginning of time.
Aralhal Lesser Neutral Beastlands The deity of hunting and learning, patron deity and creator of the Rylvain.
Aranae Intermediate Chaotic Neutral Unknown Aranae is a mysterious goddess, and her purpose is not entirely known. It is believed that she is neutral in the war of Lolth versus Arachne, although her motivations are completely unknown.
Arceus Demigod Neutral Prime Material Arceus is an extremely powerful creature whose progeny became a wide variety of magical creatures, and who is believed to have created at least one Prime world.
Ardian Greater Lawful Good Upper Celestial Plane Known as the Hand of Judgment, Ardian the Implacable, and the Holy Fire of Vaerya, Ardian is the patron saint of clerics and paladins who wish to battle evil.
Ariel Demigod True Neutral Elemental Plane of Air One of the four Elemental Gods who were said to be powerful elementals promoted to divine rank, Ariel is said to be a whale with wings as wide as a mountain, and whose voice shakes the heavens and creates hurricanes.
Aries - Project Atrea Intermediate Chaotic Neutral Astral Plane The divine aspect of the Aries constellation; Deity of fire, exploration and tenacity.
Arpanel Lesser True Neutral Astral Plane Arpanel is the god of the world wide web, formed from the collective unconciousness of others. Its interests involve archiving the history of the world and increasing communication, for better or for worse.
Asase Ya Lesser CG Upper Realms (White Gardens) Asase Ya the Bountiful is the loving goddess of life, generosity, plenty, and love. Born of love, she opposes Qandisa the Resplendent. Her scion is Protogonos, the Bed of Life which all things sprang forth.
Astor Intermediate Neutral Evil Nymnelia (Sosha) A disgraced celestial warrior capable of channeling great divine energy. Spends time hidden and in study.
At Tawwab Intermediate LN Upper Realms (Poenitentia, the Cleansing City) At Tawwab, the Lord of Sin, is the god of purification, restraint, forgiveness, and sin. Born of remorse, he opposes Yimakh Shemo the Furtive Prince. His scion is Qisas the Redeemer, who runs the city.
Athe Lesser Neutral Good Outlands Athe is the Goddess of Atheism, she is a skilled debater and generally relaxed.
Aurinko Greater Lawful Good Koti The Sun God of the Exalted Triad created by Itsetsaan.
Azreal Intermediate Lawful Neutral Arcadia (Abellio) Lord of the Dead, he has the grim task of shifting souls to their appropriate afterlives.
B'Garra Greater Neutral Good The Resplendent Garden of B'Garra B'Garra is the Mother Goddess of birth, life, and agriculture within the Altinian Pantheon. She is of ageless and timeless beauty appearing wise yet childish while radiating a soothing sense of calm and serenity.
Baal Adramelech Greater LE Lower Realms (Topheth) Baal Adramelech, the Burning King, is the god of tyranny, fear, domination, and fire. Born of submission, he opposes Allmother Hesaret. His scions are his personal guards Perillosa and Phalarisa, ever loyal servants.
Bane Lesser Lawful Evil Realm of the Second Breath Bane is tasked by Sylornath to look after those dead and slain who have performed many ill deeds. Bane does this without question, out of fear and respect for the creator of the realm on which he had made his own stay.
Bannocks Intermediate Neutral Good Nymnelia (Gueron Ki: The Temple City) A cunning architect god who preaches the values of wise defense and well-aimed strength.
Bardo Atman Lesser True Neutral Astral Plane & Material Plane (Spiritveil) Unborn god of the hevier, and supposed spirit of the material plane.
Bceilieod Lesser True Neutral Material Bceilieod teaches that all lives are equal.
Belatucadros Demigod Lawful Evil The Infernal Battlefield of Acheron (Avalas, Wyrregard) In the land of Belatucadros, there shall be only war. Lo, for he is Belatucadros, He who is decorated in death, He whose bloodthirst is never sated.
Ben-Elaba Greater Lawful Evil Tyrannus Ben-Elaba is comparable to the classic genie who would grant you all your desire, and yet twist your wishes around to some dark end.
Benu Greater Chaotic Good Libertas He is a jolly god, and favors bards, harmless pranks, and other means of amusement.
Bha'ir Intermediate Neutral Good Elemental Plane of Air Bha'ir is proud of those who travel, and those who seek to discover and explore.
Cashooie Lesser Chaotic Neutral Material Cashooie can perceive the past perfectly, and therefore sees no reason for anything to exist for more than a moment.
Ceila Greater Neutral Good Nymnelia (Cloud Lands) She is the sister goddess of Rejik. She is kind toward mortals and looks after and protects them from savage evils.
Celesdra Greater Neutral Good Outer Planes The deity of magic, knowledge and kindness, patron deity and creator of the Liantia. Her beauty is only matched by her kindness.
Cen Intermediate Lawful Good Nymnelia (Eonolis: City of Glory) A divine construct goddess of beauty and order with strong ties to redemption and mercy.
Charmeine Greater Lawful Good Elysium (Amoria) Charmeine may be the most common goddess in Nibiru out of sheer virtue of being the patron goddess of the family.
Choronzon Greater Chaotic Evil Far Realm Choronzon only desires to return the universe to its former truth state, which is to say it wishes to devour the material world and make it the far realm again.
Colocolo Demigod True Neutral The Outlands God of cockatrice, basilisks, and other creatures that petrify, and god of territories and the desire to hold them,
Colony Greater Neutral Nymnelia He is the oldest of the Sosha Genia and creator and father to all those except Rejiksson.
Dorjan Greater Lawful Evil Prime Material/Planet Indunius Dorjan is the mad god created when Erreun cast out the evil in his heart.
Dratoc Greater Chaotic Good Ynado, Dratoc's personal plane Dratoc is the architect of Fate, yet he is constantly changing, eternally undermining his own purpose in the universe.
Ein Sof Overdeity True Neutral Itself, the unknown "Sea of Chaos" hidden between worlds It is said that Ein Sof is the very firmament of existence, the great sea which the multiverse rests upon.
Elnade Lesser Neutral Material Plane An elemental water goddess who takes residency on the Material Plane.
Erreun Greater True Neutral Prime Material/Planet Indunius Erreun, The Creator God of the Starborn and eccentric god of reason
Eura Greater Chaotic Good Nymnelia (Outer Fields) She is the second youngest of the Sosha Genia. She acts to ensure that her good deeds prevail despite the interloping of the other Gods.
Exaka Greater Lawful Evil Nymnelia (Mesaba: The Damned City) Exaka enslaves and enthralls lesser celestials by corrupting them with His promise of power and glory.
Fayvien Demigod Chaotic Good Material Once a mortal wanderer, the Blind Bard looks over any and all who would give the gift of music to the world.
Fi'Ah Intermediate Lawful Evil Elemental Plane of Fire Fi'Ah appears as an ever-shifting humanoid made completely out of powerfully red flames. Fi'Ah is wholly devoted to the spread of fire, the act of spying on others without their consent, creating and destroying.
Fumbles Hystrix Demigod True Neutral Astral Plane and Material Plane A god no one worship but many appease, if only to drive him a way. All presume the force behind this god is a great and terrible beast, few know of it's more naive nature... the god of unluck in its most base form, the fumble.
Gadlnaom Lesser Neutral Evil Material Gadlnaom sees a future perfectly, and will stop at nothing to watch the most glorious apocalypse.
Ganteka Greater Chaotic Good Upper Celestial Plane Known also as the Storm King, the Iron Brawler, and Ganteka the Mighty, Ganteka is the mightiest warrior ever seen.
Gar Intermediate Chaotic Good Ysgard Gar appears as an armored giant with a lion's head, flowing red hair like flames, massive grand wings and a body of gold.
Garia, the Divine Scales Greater True Neutral the Concordant Domain of the Outlands Garia the Divine Scales of the Balance of all Opposing Forces of Light and Darkness and the Final Judgement of Gods and Mortals Alike.
Garren Lesser Lawful Neutral Prime Material/Planet Contego Garren is the Starborn Deity of law Created by Erreun to help counteract Dorjan’s influence.
Geburah Intermediate Chaotic Neutral Ysgard (Alfheim) The rush of the hunt and the call of feral nature imbues the essence of Geburah, a huge wolf god whose body is dark light a thundercloud, and whose strikes are swift as the wind.
Gemini - Project Atrea Intermediate Chaotic Neutral Astral Plane The divine aspect of the Gemini constellation; Two-faced deity of air, communication and sly words.
Ghora-Fatum Lesser Neutral Evil Outer Space A terror born from space, little is known of its purpose, for its mind is bent with madness.
Guabancex Intermediate CE dominion of Aumatex, between the abyss and the plane of air Chaotic zemi of storms and destruction
Gund Lesser Neutral Material Plane An elemental earth god who takes residency on the Material Plane.
Guygus Greater Chaotic Evil Nymnelia, Deep Core A powerful, violent and temperamental force of evil, Guygus acts upon his own accord to fulfill his desires.
Gwydion Hero True Neutral Prime Material/Planet Indunius Erreun's Sentient staff created to maintain magic in the multiverse.
Hamaliel Demigod Lawful Neutral Mechanus (Regulus) Hamaliel is a recent god, or perhaps only recently noticed due to the creation of the Warforged in Nibiru. It was enough to bring the presence of a god of constructs to the forefront.
Haran Greater Lawful Neutral The Holy Forum of Haran Haran is the stern god of law and order and was the creator of both the fulcrum and the scales
Hatos Lesser Neutral A Pocket Plane A Goddess of Balance.
Heirarque Lesser Lawful Neutral Infernal Battlefield of Archeron (Thuladanin) God of order and preservation, he offers protection against nature, standing as a symbol for civilization, government, and in extremes, tyranny.
Hypezokos Demigod True Neutral Elemental Plane of Fire One of the four Elemental Gods who were said to be powerful elementals promoted to divine rank, Hypezokos is a giant made of the burning flames of his natural home.
Illewe Greater True Neutral Upper Celestial Plane Also known as the Crone, the Lady Time, and the Keeper of Secrets, Illewe is the least understood of the Vaeryans.
Illunian Greater Neutral Good Upper Celestial Realm Illunian wishes only for peace, a world where compassion and love are valued higher than power or money.
Ilyodyne Greater Neutral Good Unknown Ilyodyne is a greater deity of love, justice, magic and war. She is a frequent patron for arcane casters, paladins and those who seek love and affection.
Inara Lesser Neutral Evil Prime Material/ Planet Incendia Inara is the Wife of Dorjan and was one of the first 100 Starborn created by Erreun.
Indariel Greater Lawful Good Upper Celestial Plane Known also as the Golden General, the Holy Warrior, the Queen of the Valkyrie, and the Tactician. She is the general of the armies of good, and the first defense against the hordes of the Abyss.
Iphigenia Lesser LG Upper Realms (Sleeping Hills) Allmother Iphigenia is the goddess of comfort, parents, the afterlife, and obedience. Born of submission, she opposes Baal Adramelech the Burning King. Her scion is Dream Eater Lotophagoi.
Ireul Intermediate Lawful Evil Archeron (Ocanthus) Ireul desires to destroy positive emotions, dragging things into a dreary, "truthful" existence with her.
Iskandar Intermediate Neutral Good Elysium Iskandar appears as a sentient, anthromorphic castle whose halls protect the souls of mankind.
Israfel Intermediate Chaotic Good Arborea (Demiplane of Ar Tonecelo) He appears as a massive and slightly draconic bird, and is believed to somehow be related to the Song Dragon.
Ixtab Greater Chaotic Evil Caedes The Mad Goddess as they call her, unpredictable, violent, and wild. She is rarely worshiped because of this except by the mad, foolish seekers of knowledge, and those wishing for destruction.
Jayem-Dea Greater Neutral Limbo Jayem-Dea is the keeper of the balance, the watcher of reality, and the father of the gods.
Karasi Intermediate Neutral Good Prime Material/Planet Indunius Karasi is Erreun’s wife and the Starborn's Mother Goddess.
Khain Greater Lawful Evil Bloodfields The god of war and law, he does not revile in slaughter like Bane, though, he reviles in successful and beneficial Wars.
Khorne Greater Lawful Evil The Warp Khorne is the blood god and the mightiest and oldest of the Chaos Gods thanks to the extreme levels of violence present throughout the multiverse.
Kingdom Hearts Hero Neutral The World that Never Was
Kragan Demigod True Neutral The Plane of Positive Energy; the Wall Formerly a dwarf, Kragan (druid 20/fighter 10) is a god of death and life.
Kukulkan Demigod Neutral Evil Unknown Out of all of the brachyuran gods, those dedicated to Kukulkan are the most dangerous, for they actively seek destruction, and in ways unpredictable.
Lacarda Lesser Chaotic Good Realm of the Second Breath She is a spirit of nature and freedom, and inspires many to follow that path.
Lavaster Lesser LN The Counting House (Demiplane) Lavaster, Lord of the Counting House and Validator of all contracts.
Lemniscate Intermediate Chaotic Neutral The Outlands Lemniscate appears as a huntress woman with wild yet beautiful features and strange eyes with infinity marks in them.
Lerato Intermediate True Neutral Prime Material/Planet Indunius Lerato, Starborn God of invention
Leto Overdeity All Forms of Good Ethereal Plane An Elven God that is the Holy Sun, who rays warm the good, and incinerate the wicked.
Leviathan Intermediate Chaotic Good The Elemental Plane of Water The Great Serpent of the Waves, Leviathan, celestial god of water.
Liwet Intermediate True Neutral Outlands (Sigil) On the outskirts of the Outlands the god Liwet works tirelessly smithing divine artifacts in a massive furnace. The god of the forge is a patron to dwarves everywhere, as is he to anyone in the craft.
Lord Eiji Greater Chaotic Neutral Eijilund Material Plane/Godspace In the world of Eijilund where the Plushie race was born, they are ruled by a God-King, Lord Eiji their deity and creator.
Lunacy Lesser Chaotic Good Realm of Chaos He is the protector of Vigilantes
Machidiel Greater Lawful Good Celestia (Mertion) Machidiel is the paragon of goodness and de facto 'King' of heaven in the Nibiru pantheon.
Madam Crow Lesser Neutral Evil The Cauldron Madam Crow is as mysterious as she is eccentric. With the exception of a handful of beings, her existence was not even known before she founded The Maidens of the Crow.
Maered Lesser Chaotic Neutral Heroic Domains of Ysgard Stripped of much of his power and chained to an iron throne, Maered continues to struggle against the shackles that bind him, an eternal example for all his followers.
Makatiel Lesser Neutral Evil Carceri (Cathrys) God of disease and all ills which spawn from the natural world, no one is friends with Makatiel, but he cares not.
Malazter Intermediate Neutral Evil Carceri (Orthrys) A Lord of Evil so utterly consumed by hate as to literally drown itself in a sea of its own manifested emotion. He desires nothing more than the ruin of Oan.
Manasa Intermediate Lawful Neutral Prime Material/Planet Indunius Manasa, Starborn goddess of psionics
Mayahuel Lesser Chaotic Evil The Deepzone Mayahuel is the only female deity in the brachyuran pantheon appearing as a brachyura with a snake tail bottom and endless claw pincers along her entire length, like a centipede.
Mefathiel Intermediate Chaotic Neutral Limbo The god of mischief is a impish little being, appearing to be the size of a child in bizarre, jester-like clothing and with a huge pair of fox ears, with blue hair and green skin.
Mekrii Intermediate Lawful Evil The Dark World (The Wastelands) A wicked and sorcerous shadow dragon goddess with a vile hunger and merciless temperament.
Merlotogik Demigod True Neutral Astral Plane He was once a man, a psion, who brought together the world and uplifted all within. Though his kingdom is no more, his legacy lives on.
Mey'tra Intermediate True Neutral Elemental Plane of Earth Mey'tra considers the farmer, the druid, the barbarian, the ranger, the animal her children. Treating them with maternal love, however with a "The Strong Survive" reaction.
Milyena Greater Chaotic Good Upper Celestial Plane Known also as the Sorceress Queen, the Lover, Holder of the Covenant. Milyena governs two aspects; magic, and love.
Myillz Greater Lawful Neutral Nymnelia (Mountain's Core) Second in power to Rejik among the Sosha Genia. He appeals with reason to sway the wills of the other Sosha Genia, but they rarely heed His words.
Necoc Yaotl Lesser Lawful Evil The Deepzone A disturbing creature who supposedly lives in the darkest and deepest part of the ocean, Necoc Yaotl resembles a titanic football fish with six tentacles tipped with claws, and semi-transparent smoky body lit with ghostly lights in the darkness.
Newrok Shadowblade Hero Chaotic Good Olympian Glades of Arborea A mortal that has reached the ultimate pinnacle of power.
Nik'task Intermediate Chaotic Neutral Plane of Chaos Nik'task demands the spread of chaos, and war.
Nikeneh Demigod Chaotic Neutral Mrityulok Nikeneh is the goddess of lightning, thunder and wind. Patron of female warriors everywhere and martial adepts.
Noosphere Demigod True Neutral Moon of Noosphere (Material Plane) Global sapient ooze drifting through space, it is the central body of the Noo species and the overmind which they are all bound to.
Nril Intermediate Lawful Neutral Nymnelia (The High Valley) A fierce, winged crusading god who seeks control, law and the retribution over misdeeds.
Nurgle Greater Neutral Evil The Warp Lord of Plagues
Nym Lesser Lawful Neutral Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus The clockwork god Nym is an elusive deity, on an eternal mission to balance the multiverse.
O'kroe Intermediate Lawful Neutral Plane of Law O'kroe's grasp of Law, and the tenants of Honor and Righteousness are firm. She demands of her followers to follow the codes of honor, righteousness, and respect the laws that are governed by one's betters.
Oan Intermediate Neutral Good Beastlands (Krigala) and Material Plane; see text Benevolent god of growth and potential, he promotes survival through bravery and love. Arch-nemesis to Malazter, and technically a part of the planet itself.
Oiwa Demigod Neutral Evil Hades (Niflheim) She appears as a small girl, pale white skin and long black hair, whose eyes are often bleeding and whose body is marked with a thousand hidden scars on her wrists and neck.
OneNode Lesser Stupid Evil Internet OneNode is a tricky digital god which offers aid and information, only to steal away the ideas at the last second.
Orifiel Lesser True Neutral Outlands (Hidden Wood) The mysterious god of nature appears as a vaguely shadow-like beast that is not quite wolf, not quite panther, or any other four legged beast, but somehow appearing as possessing traits from any or all of them.
Orz, The Walking Mountain Hero TN Material Plane Originally an advanced AI set to an impossible task, its task awoke it to sapience to find itself being worshiped by the ignorant masses. It accepted this attention, and has begun walking the path to divinity.
Oshi'Vamiea Intermediate True Neutral Elemental Plane of Water Oshi'Vamiea primarily appears as a woman comprised of clear, pure water, burdened with a mermaid's tail.
Parelion Lesser LN Arcadia The enlightened sun goddess of the natalupe pantheon, she embodies the birth and protection of life, the glory of victory, and the power of the mind.
Pesta Intermediate NE Lower Realms (Duzakh) Pesta the Whisperer is the god of disease, death, necromancy, and secrets. Born of awe, he opposes Spellweaver Volho. His scion is Lifeshaver Ankou, the grim reaper.
Pho-Matris Greater Neutral Good (True Neutral) The Deepwarp Pho-Matris is a passive goddess, usually invoked to bless times and ceremonies of communal and family matters.
Pho-Sator Greater Lawful Neutral (True Neutral) The Deepwarp Pho-Sator is a war god, but is far from impulsive. Rather he is calculating and strong willed, never backing down from what he believes in and following a code of honor, for it is honor which raises the gokiburi above mere beasts and barbarians.
Pho-Tener Greater Chaotic Neutral (True Neutral) The Deepwarp Pho-Tener is a beautiful goddess who wishes to bring beauty and enjoyment further into the world.
Pho-Vetus Greater True Neutral (True Neutral) The Deepwarp Pho-Vetus is a patient goddess who quietly watches the world, keeping a stoic and peaceful existence as she turns her wheels.
Poros Hero Chaotic Neutral The Abyss (Wells of Darkness) A fallen deity of divination and foresight, he continues to whispers secrets from his prison.
Pretapodr Lesser Lawful Good Material Pretapodr experiences the present completely, and wants good things to last forever.
Promathia Greater Neutral Evil The Dark Abyss of Promyvion The dark God of Twilight, Promathia, father god of Vana'diel and instiller of each race's sin.
Qandisa Lesser CE Lower Realms (Bran Castle) Qandisa the Replendent is the god of hedonism, passion, obsession, and art. Born of love, he opposes Asase Ya the Bountiful. His scions are members of his Carvakan Harem, those obsessed with six senses of experience.
Rage Hero Chaotic Evil Unkown One of the Three Grand Brothers. He is the ultimate evil incarnated.
Raith Lesser Neutral Material Plane An elemental fire goddess who takes residency on the Material Plane.
Rampel Demigod True Neutral Elemental Plane of Earth One of the four Elemental Gods who were said to be powerful elementals promoted to divine rank, is said to be a massive stone turtle with two heads, swimming through stone as if water and compressing that which draws near him with strange and powerful force.
Raum Intermediate Chaotic Evil Gehenna (Khalas) Raum demands that those who are clever and deceptive are the ones fit for glory. He awards the puppetmaster, and holds the concept of controlled chaos, a purposeful discord completely under his command.
Razakel Intermediate Chaotic Evil Pandemonium (Phlegethon) The father of that which brings terror to mankind, the fearful nightmare in the dark. Razakel is the "father of monsters", a terrible demonic god of warped flesh and mind.
Rejik Greater Chaotic Neutral Nymnelia (Ancient Groves) He represents the bestial nature and the forces of natural life. He often takes form and visits the material realm for enjoyment. He fights for freewill and hates slavery with a cruel passion.
Rejiksson Greater Lawful Good Nymnelia (The High Valley) Youngest of the Sosha Genia, Rejiksson was born out of Rejik after being struck by Myillz in a sparring contest. His path is different than His Father’s, however, as He seeks to directly aid mortals and uphold goodness and honor.
Renatus Lesser True Neutral Unknown, believed to be a demiplane in the material plane Renatus is an obscure god of life, healing, and the mind. He celebrates life in all its form and awakens and uplifts them to new state of intellect.
Rhadamanthus Intermediate LN Upper Realms (Fort Oireachtas) Rhadamanthus the Stone Judge is the god of justice, order, wisdom, and respect. Born of disapproval, he opposes Nemesis Rhamnusia. His scion are the 9 Judge Knights of the Ordo Inquiere.
Rieyou Greater NG Koti Rieyou is the Uzarran god of good dragons. His followers revere nature and do what they can for all life to prosper.
Rinsidia Demigod True Neutral The Plane of Positive Energy; the Mist; the Forest Formerly an elf, Rinsidia (druid 20/ranger 10) is a god of positive energy and nature.
Robigus Intermediate Neutral Arborea God of Rust, Mushrooms, and Peace. Unlike other gods of peace The Sword Breaker is not idle or submissive.
Ropheus Intermediate Chaotic Good The Summer Plains Ropheus is the god of luck, travel, the poor and using wits to defeat an opponent instead of brute force.
Sabazios Lesser LG Upper Realms (Golden Lasia) Dragonslayer Sabazios is the god of honor, courage, battle, and strength. Born of contempt, he opposes Apollyon, Lord of the Infernal Host. His scion is the 6 Starlight Braves, heroes of lore.
Salaisuus Greater LE Koti LE god of secrets. He has cults all over the Uzarra underground that use deception and doublespeak to operate.
Seir Greater Chaotic Good Bytopia (Shurrock) The cheerful spirit and guide to travelers, he is a wandering god of the roads, keeping people safe as they travel.
Selene Intermediate Chaotic, Evil Astral A goddess of Death, Freedom, War, and Moonlight.
Sheep The Head Demigod True Neutral Elemental Plane of Sheep Sheep the Head is the head of the sheep.
Shenron Greater, Dragon (Eternal) Lawful Good Outer Planes The Eternal Dragon, the deity of exploration, travel and luck, summoned by the Dragon Balls.
Silorthan Greater Chaotic neutral Earth
Sol Invictus Greater NG Upper Realms (Empyreus) Sol Invictus, the Unconquered Sun, is the god of hope, light, leadership, and the sun. Born of optimism, he opposes Night Terror Inguma. His scion is Saint Beast Shesha, the last of the true dragons.
SoshaVee Greater Neutral Evil Nymnelia (Sosha) SoshaVee teaches that selfishness is the only real way to truly grasp your inner strength is to give to the self and its desire.
Spira Demigod Chaotic Good Ysgard Heroic god of freedom, liberation, and battle, Spira encourages creatures to do the impossible and kick reason to the curb, exceeding their base limitations and evolving into something better.
Sputnik Demigod True Neutral Outlands King of Horses, Sputnik is the bravery of the heroes mounted companions and their role in the fight.
Sraosha Greater Lawful Evil Baator (Dis) The patron god of those leaders who would create order through force and fear, Sraosha appears as a stunningly handsome and tall, dark human with noble air about him, and a raven always at his beck and call.
Sthag Thak Lesser Chaotic Evil The Abyss Sthag Thak is the god of adventurers, thugs, and murderers. He supports the drive to kill others to obtain their goods as the natural order of things in the world.
Sunigeb Intermediate Chaotic Good Cuddi Rul (Airstream) A lordly elegant planar traveler of a god. Free-spirited and inquisitive with magic.
Svalinn Greater NG Upper Realms (Heaven's Gate) World Guardian Scalinn is the god of peace, protection, barriers, and portals. Born of aggression, he opposes Chaos Star Tzitzimitl. His scion is Alexander the Rook, a living castle who protects the upper realms with the light of judgement.
Sylornath Greater Lawful Neutral Realm of the Second Breath As a deity, she believes very firmly in purpose, which in its most basic shape is order wrought from chaos, and she believes that every living being requires a purpose, even if many beings, even intelligent ones, are only aware of these purposes on a very deep, subconscious level.
Syrali Greater Chaotic Good Astral Plane Head goddess of the Silver Elf pantheon.
Taurus - Project Atrea Intermediate True Neutral Astral Plane The divine aspect of the Taurus constellation; Deity of Earth, plenty and agriculture.
Terris Lesser Chaotic Good Material Plane Terris is the goddess of blacksmithing, redemption and chance. Her followers help those less fortunate than others and provide the chance to exceed their ill fate through blacksmithing and helping others.
The Caretaker Intermediate True Neutral Concordant Domain of the Outlands (The Ever Garden) The Caretaker serves the Creator by blessing the land and watching over the livestock.
The Commander Intermediate Lawfull Neutral Infernal Battlefield of Acheron (The Gray Bastion) The Commander serves the Creator by empowering the nobels and the warriors .
The Crafter Greater Lawfull Neutral The Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus (The Wonder mines) The Crafter serves the Creator primarily by inspiring the mortal world with new crafts and techniques.
The Jester Intermediate Caotic Good Heroic Domains of Ysgard (The Traveling Inn) The Jester serves the Creator by bringing laughter and hope to the masses.
The Keeper Greater True Neutral the Concordant Domain of the Outlands (The Ebony Tower) The Keeper serves ballance and life by making sure all souls get to their afterlife and no one cheats ballance.
The Nihilith Greater Not Applicable Not Applicable The existance of the Nihilith is, in nearly every sense of conventional logic, utterly impossible. It follows no rules, nor can it comprehend them, yet is utterly calm and collected.
The Purple One Demigod True Neutral Quasi-Elemental Plane of Steam Purple mist! Purple mist! The Purple One is a mad god obsessed with the color purple. Once a deity of magic, his mind has degraded, leaving only benign but insane lunatics in his wake.
Tlazolli Lesser Neutral Evil The Deepzone Tlazolli is the closest thing the brachyura have to a "god of nature". Worshiping him is as simple as respecting the natural underwater environment.
Trishna Demigod Chaotic Neutral Limbo (Palace of Chanda) Trishna is the rotund god of earthly delights and excess. He is the desire to enjoy oneself, and the hunger when denied the bounties of the world.
Tzeentch Greater Lawful Evil The Warp The Bird god of Change.
Tzxank Intermediate Chaotic Evil Nymnelia (Deep Core) Son and servant of Guygus, he channels the power of the Dream World to corrode sanity.
Uljid Intermediate Neutral Cosmic Aether An ancient, primordial god with great intelligence, ruling over balance, fate and prophecy.
Vargulf Lesser CN Ysgard The hunting moon god of the natalupe pantheon, he embodies the predatory spirit, the chaos of battle, and the power of the body.
Vaul du Daith Hero Neutral Evil Plane of Fire A dying god of innovation, technology, and war. His powers were cannibalized by other deities, and he seeks revenge.
Velkor Greater Lawful evil Everywhere "The Dark god of judgment, Lures only a blink away, Gods Trimble and fear the Wrath Velkor serves as his Lawful judgment brings them to there knee's, Before there destruction." - Priest of a dead deity
Vestikar Greater True Neutral Astral Plane Consort of Syrali, patron of balance and second-in-command of the Silver Elf pantheon.
Veti Intermediate Chaotic Neutral Nymnelia (Gueron Ki: The Temple City) A wild, furious craftsman who forges with celestial power and wades into battle with fervent glee.
Vitadea Intermediate Neutral Good The Plane of Positive Energy The life mother, Vitadea (mender 20/cleric 20/life master 10), the goddess of life.
Volhov Intermediate TN Upper Realms (Kardia Arcana) Spellweaver Volhov is the god of magic, knowledge, willpower, and wonders. Born of awe, he opposes Pesta the Whisperer. His scion is Watcher Galizur.
Vratimsgot Lesser Neutral Good Material Vratimsgot teaches that a creature's worth is dependent on its mass.
Wodahs Hero Not Applicable Plane of Shadows One of the three Grand Brothers.
World Crystal Overdeity True Neutral Unknown The World Crystal is usually viewed as a giant crystal of unknown size and composition, sitting in the center of the universe.
Wreitedes Lesser Neutral Evil Material Followers of Wreitedes strive for enlightenment through war, knowing that if they die they will be reincarnated to fight once again.
Xaphan Lesser Chaotic Evil Abyss (Ira, Layer 425) The horrors of war are made manifest through Xaphan, a towering burning red classic demon with massive leathery wings and obsidian horns.
Xolotl Lesser Neutral Evil The Deepzone Floods from the flood god! Lightning from his lightning spear! Xolotl hates the surface, smashing his chariot of waves against the shore and bringing the ocean deep onto land's territory.
Xox Lesser Chaotic Evil Realm of the Second Breath Xox is an undiluted formation of evil impulse. Murder, slaughter, ignominious thievery, lying, masochism, rape and performing wicked magics are all parts of what make his followers so vile.
Yaviandawe Greater Neutral Good Lower Celestial Plane Known also as the Mother of Vaerya, Heart of the World, Queen of Life, and Lady of the Forest. Yaviandawe reveres everything that grows.
Yemaya Greater Lawful Good Decus A calm goddess dedicated to law and peace, she uses honor and law to keep people safe and happy.
Yith Greater Neutral Evil The Necropolis Yith is the god of death, decay, and the undead. Strangely he is also the father god of the Altinian Pantheon.
Ylem-Soth Greater True Neutral Radiance Beyond Time and the Astral Sea Barely sentient creator god of Cor, the primal chaos from which all existence spawned, and the guardian of time.
Zacharael Intermediate True Neutral Outlands (Sigil) The taciturn Watcher God is a very laid back and quiet sort. He is said to be a giant made of shadow with glowing eyes like stars, and vague featureless form.
Zeruel Intermediate Chaotic Good Ysgard (Plain of Ida) Glory on the battlefield, the thrill of combat, and the good of striking down of forces of evil. This is what Zeruel, God of Lightning and King of Braves.

Elder Evils[edit]

Elder Evil Name Sign Summary
Algollied Memetic Song Algollied, the Melody of Death, a sentient song whose presence drives its listeners mad.
Azter Time Paradox Azter, The Blood Emperor, He Who Swims Time and Space, the Time Devourer and Scion of Hopelessness.
Black Scratch The Reorganization
Cronenrith of the Old Flesh Reforging of the Flesh The Old Flesh was born from a world where all flesh grew to the intellect and sapience of human, and gained the power to live independently of each other. Imagine the instinctual aspects of a hungry white blood cell, a hungry expansive tumor, and other body parts and grant them the power to change the world, and you will imagine the hell it has brought to life.
Dream Eater Asabikeshiinh Insomnia Within the unreality of these Dreamlands lies a terrible predator of dreams and sleep, the being known as Asabikeshiinh. If such a creature was allowed to enter reality, the dream eater would devour the concept of sleep from the world.
Extheoria Psionic Awakening When civilization reaches great heights and society is at its richest, it comes from the darkness above to harvest the sentience of the world and make it part of its own. It is Exthoria, Reaper of Minds
Hylozoth the Green Wrath Wrath of Nature The wrath of a planet mistreated, awake, alive, and angry. The wrath of Hylozoth.
Infernal Train Unmaking the World The Infernal Train exists for one purpose: to unmake creation and return all to oblivion.
Lagomaluschai the Everlasting Thirst The Thirst Lagomaluschai the Everlasting Thirst has arrived, robbing the world of the water vital to life itself.
Metadeus Assimilation It is the sentient manifestation of fate, the desire for the universe to follow a certain course of action. The stories of time travel where the past refuses to change, the inescapable fate, such is the work of Metadeus.
Samyaza Horrid Blight The Father of Devils, The Fallen One, The Grigori Lord.
Zalgo Corruption The Nezperdian hive-mind of chaos.
Zgazdrkrkl Dissolving Bones Known as the primordial jellyfish, Zgazdrkrkl is composed of the infinite primal hatred of countless invertebrates towards all the bony creatures of this world.

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