Major Hand (3.5e Feat)

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Author: Ganteka Future (talk)
Date Created: 29 September 2016
Status: Mage yer hand
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Major Hand [General] "Hold on, let me mix you a drink... from here."Prerequisites: Ability to cast mage handBenefit: You can cast mage hand (and greater mage hand) without expending a spell slot. You may cast and concentrate as a swift action for these spells. You can lift double the weight with these spells than you normally could and may now lift unattended magical objects. You gain the ability to perceive tactile sensation through these spells, though never so much that your are pained or damaged. You can manipulate objects at a distance as though they were your hands, but you take a –4 penalty on any check and you can't manipulate swiftly enough to make attacks unless you possess the Ranged Legerdemain ability. You may manipulate a number of objects up to the number of hands you have (though you are still limited by the total weight for all objects manipulated). Special: If the user has the Ranged Legerdemain ability she may use it at will. When using it, she does not increase the DC by 5 and may take 10 if she could normally for the check. She may user her Ranged Legerdemain ability with the range and max load of her modified mage hand or greater mage hand spells.

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