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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 10-4-14
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Memory Flame[edit]

They say it is not the destination, but the journey which matters in life. All creatures continue to move forward to their inevitable goals. But these journeys tax the spirit, and stopping to rest refreshes mind, body, and soul for the trip ahead. Sadly, not all journeys end at their intended destination. Cut short too early, the traveler's spirit finds themselves unable to leave. No matter how many times they walk away they always return to the point where they rested for the last time.

In the places where a strong willed traveler rested and perished, their burning spirit catches the air aflame. A bonfire forms, fueled by nothing and giving off a warm pale green light that is both comforting and saddening all at once. They serve as a light source not unlike a continual flame, but those that give up something of theirs to the flame can unlock it's true potential.


Characters with ranks in Knowledge (religion) can research the memory flame to learn more about it. When a character succeeds on a skill check, the following lore is revealed, including the information from lower DCs.

DC 10: The memory flame is the place where a wandering traveler died on their journey, leaving a ghostly fire in their place. In that sense, it is not unlike a ghost, though it does not move. The fire is eternal and cannot be quenched until whatever wrong created the flame is brought right.
DC 15: Those who burn something of value within the normally warm flame will have the valuables turn to ash. Yet this ash remains a memory of one's belongings and the time spent here, and represents a longing to return to that point.
DC 20: Creatures can gather the ashes from multiple memory flames, if they can find them. Though they can only have one handful of ash from each flame, the act of using the ash returns them to the flame and once more allows them to burn and form a new memory.


Memory flames occur whenever a traveler dies on their journey, with the flame being the last place they rested. On creation the flame scorches the surroundings, forming a small bonfire of ash and soot, and then grows cool (for a flame), releasing a gentle eerie pale green light. The fire is cool enough not to burn flesh, but if one wills it to burn an object of value it will consume it utterly, even if such substance could not otherwise be burned. Only things which cannot be destroyed by conventional means or things with no value, like artifacts, cannot burn.

The size of memory flames vary, but usually no larger than your normal campfire. In theory the flame can be quenched by fulfilling the desires of the spirit who made it, but often such requests are both unknown and long since rendered impossible.

The memory flames are often in out of the way locations, such as in a cave or some other makeshift shelter. It's unknown if such is required for a memory flame to form.



Location Activation[edit]

Gaining the benefits of the memory flame requires sacrificing 500 gp of valuables to the flame. The material components are consumes and transformed into ash.

In the rare case that a memory flame is quenched, ash will still teleport you back to the area, but you will be unable to burn at the flame for more ash.


Any number of creatures can benefit from a memory flame, but they may only have one handful of ash per memory flame at one time.

Special Ability[edit]

As long as you have a handful of that ash, at any time you may throw it up over your head (a standard action) to duplicate the effects of word of recall (self only) back to the location of the bonfire. This provokes attacks of opportunity. You can have multiple ashes from different memory flames at one time, but you cannot acquire more ash from a memory flame if you already possess one handful. The teleport effect cannot cross planes.

In addition, resting within 30 ft of a memory flame causes you to heal naturally at twice the normal rate (twice your HD in hp, and 2 ability points recovered each night).


The ash created is an instantaneous effect and will last until used.

Ability Value[edit]

500 gp.

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