Metamagic Expertise (3.5e Feat)

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Author: Sulacu (talk)
Date Created: May 4, 2017
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Metamagic Expertise [Metamagic] Prerequisites: One metamagic feat. Must be able to cast 3rd-level spells.Benefit: Whenever you prepare or cast a spell with metamagic effects added, you may extend its casting time to 1 round in order to gain a free metamagic level.

A prepared spellcaster may use this feat to freely add metamagic costing only 1 spell level to any spell that he prepared without metamagic.

This feat may not be used in conjunction with the following metamagic feats: Heighten Spell and Quicken Spell. Example: Using this feat, an empowered spell requires a spell slot only one level higher, or casting a widened spell requires a spell slot only two levels higher.Special: Spells that already require 1 round or more to cast do not benefit from this feat.

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AuthorSulacu +
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PrerequisiteOne metamagic feat. Must be able to cast 3rd-level spells. +
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SummaryYou may add one free metamagic spell level to your spell by extending its casting time to 1 round. +
TitleMetamagic Expertise +
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